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Crystal of Note: Schorl - Black Tourmaline

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 08, 2009 12:20 am    Post subject: Crystal of Note: Schorl - Black Tourmaline Reply with quote

A much overlooked crystal that I use, is also one of my greatest friends..

Black Tourmaline, also known as "schorl", was for a long time, a lesser known part of the tourmaline family. It has an incredibly complicated checmical structure as a crystal which is NaFe2+3Al6Si6O18(BO3)3(OH)4 to be precise.

It is the most common species of tourmaline, and accounts for 95% or more of all tourmaline in nature.

Now, the real point of this post, is to attribute the most important propertie of this magificent crystal, is ability to syphon dark energy out of a subject through intention and meditation.

I use this crystal to attract, and trap "hitchhikers". Which it is exceptionally good at. It attracts and wraps dark energy around it, which then has to be sent to source, or it will return in a few hours back to the subject.

In the early days of me and my wife experimenting with our new found love, psychic ways, my wife is a very deep and powerful channel, and we have done some experementation to arrive where we are today. Not many people can understand the energies that we work with, without 1st playing with them to find where you gift lie.

In these early days, we kept opening doors for entities to come into my wife as a channel, shes very open, but we were not performing much protection. On arrival, the tarot cards that my wife was reading turned into something of a dark experience, as the energy being pushed out of the cards, took on a dark and very negative aspect. My wifes mood became angry and we realised this was not just her present.

I suspected something was up by her reading a full deck of cards, and she was only drawing major arcanum cards from the deck, all of them one after another. Way to powerful to be a coindidence, which was being matched at the same time by anger and spite from my wife. VERY VERY out of character.

The process I use with the tourmaline, is from my soul memory, and has never been taught to me, the only addition of the stibnite to the process was from my best friend, who has only been my friend for the last three years, but he has been a crystal healer since birth. He is very gifted.

Anyway, I digress, so, I did my usual stibnite at her heart, and the black tourmaline at the end of her hands, and each time I completed the process of 5 odd minute guided meditation and pushed the golden light to the ends of her hands where the tourmaline was, the shorl crystals both rolled off her hands quickly before she could move the light there. I kept putting them back in her hands, and we kept repeating the process until eventually, they stayed put and the energy arrived at the crystals and I sent it to back to source. It was quite a powerful presence that pushed the crystals off her hands each time I tried to move it to there.

Once the process was complete, my wife felt way different, and I have used this process to extract feelings of depression out of my self, and its efffective to a point of feeling so different after, that it's noticable.

The crystals have to be not just a black tourmaline, but one of the crystals stucture variants with the rod formations repeatedly right up the length of the crystal, and placed in the centre of the palm with the rods facing directly up, and hence why there were suseptable to being pushed off her hands.

The process of clearing the crystal after, is done through meditation as well, as it is the highest form of control over the energy. The energy removed / syphoned / pushed to the crsytal is wrapped around and attracted to the the tourmaline, and will stay there for anything from 30 mins to four hours, but after that if you don't send it on, it will work its way back to the subject.

Hope this has been intersting for any readers, and I am open for comments on it.

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 11, 2009 2:59 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

This is one of my best friends too. Very Happy
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