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PostPosted: Sat Sep 03, 2005 8:49 pm    Post subject: Crystals Reply with quote


Mother Earth has provided us with a wonderful being call the crystal. Crystals have special souls that lives within their physical body. A crystal's soul dedicates it's life to be of service, healing and transformation to mankind. There are many types of crystals. Each one has special healing and awakening properties. Many healers use crystals combined with their healing credentials to assist and heal illness, emotional trauma and spiritual crisis's.

We believe that crystals are beings with a soul and conscious like us humans. They have a spirit inside them. However, we believe that crystals carry pure energy. They do not have an ego like us. They have moved passed that. They have learnt to just exist. I believe that they are very high up on the evolution chain.

Clear Quartz, the Amethyst and the Rose Quartz.

I have found the quartz crystals to be the most strongest in the mineral family when used in healing. Quartz is used in science for the use of clocks, computers, lasers and radios. It creates an electrical charge called piezoelectricity. Quartz crystal is able to store and amplify energy within it structure and send it back out. This has been proven scientifically. It can also hold an electrical charge within it's form. When we use a certain crystal and it's healing properties on the body it can help bring about positives changes and promote healing. The crystal acts as a channel that sends positive healing energy into the body.

Because quartz is a channel and record keeper of past and hidden knowledge, it is also able to record new knowledge and create energy that transmits outwards. You are able to program any crystal with the knowledge and healing that you need on any area or level in your life. For example when you use the Quartz crystal on someone who has a tumour say for instance in their leg, you would be able to place the crystal in your hand and hold it over the area where the tumour is. It would only focus on the tumour and would direct all the power of the crystal energy in that area. This is very much like laser surgery. You would be able to blast away at the poison and remove the blockage that is causing the tumour. The poison is absorb through the body, through the sweat glands, the bowel and bladder. But first you have to cleanse and then charge the crystal up with this intent. You need to meditate and holding the crystal you have to get to know the crystal. Clear Quartz, Amethyst Quartz and Rose Quartz all have these qualities, but each crystal works on different levels in the way that they amplify and heal an area.

The Clear Quartz has a powerful laser like effect that can heal with great amounts of healing energy. Clear Quartz is usually used for illness in the form of disease, tumours and for the use of clarity and understanding. In fact clear Quartz can be used on any problem or illness that arises on a physical and mental level in the body. The Clear Quartz can also cleanse and eliminate blockages from the aura and chakras.

The Rose Quartz deals with the emotional and spiritual levels of consciousness. It is a gentle crystal that gives off gentle healing energy. Rose Quartz deals with the emotions be it love hate, anger, worry and so on. Working with this crystal helps to heal and deal with emotional problems. This is good if there is severe emotional trauma within the person. If the problem is leading to physical illness you can cure it much easier by removing the emotional block first. In one healing session you could help to remove all the problem and thus promote faster healing all round.

Amethyst Quartz deals with the mind on a spiritual level and can help open a person up to their beliefs, dreams and goals. Amethyst helps people to be open to their intuition, making sure that their judgement is sound and that their actions are honest. It also helps people regain their memory or improve their memory capacity. This is good when someone is trying to learn and study. Amethyst is also good for someone who is trying to build up their psychic abilities, as it helps to open you up to the other levels of consciousness. You can help them open up their third eye. Amethyst is also a valuable tool when working on the Aura and the chakras. It can help heal and repair damaged auras and chakras especially if they have past-life issues. People who are artistic in nature but are having a block can gain assistance with the use of the Amethyst. Also the Amethyst can help someone find their creative and artistic side. If you had someone who suffered from severe mental anguish, working with the power of this crystal would help to isolate the problem and remove the blockage in a gentle and easy way. Amethyst is a loving and gentle crystal that works on a spiritual level, making you feel connected to the earth and the universe. Also you feel closer to the universal awareness that created us. The Rose crystal and the Amethyst can help bring people together in a loving and unified way. If you do a healing with both these crystal you can help make a person open up to love and shut down to feelings like pain, fear and worry. You can also help them recognise their own self worth and the belief that they are a whole person in mind, body and spirit. There are so many types of crystals available which all have healing powers.

Authors Details: Leonie Faye
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White Eagle

Joined: 17 Nov 2005
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Location: Israel

PostPosted: Thu Nov 17, 2005 8:10 pm    Post subject: The Mineral Kingdom Reply with quote

Hi there precious, just read your email. This is a subject close to my heart, the crystals are multidimensional beings, they are far more advanced than we are and in fact it is they who are assisting us in our ascension, considering we are changing from carbon based bodies to crystalline bodies one can understand the connection. All crystals have a deva and an elemental within. The precious Deva is the one who brings all thoughts into materialization of form in our reality, our physical body also has a deva, all form in our reality is brought about by a deva, this is their task. Different crystals contain different elementals, fairies, gnomes, elven, elfs etc. Regarding their having a soul, you might find it of interest to know that many of us are also of the crystalline kingdom, one learns further along the path that our soul is made up of 9 parts, the other 8 parts/aspects are all us residing concurrently in different levels of reality/dimensions this is called our multidimensional self. I know my other 8 soul aspects and in fact work with them during different tasks, will tell you of two of them, one is a Rose Quartz and her/my name is Metara, she is actually from Venus (as you might know the majority of the crystalline kingdom was seeded from other star systems) then another soul aspect of mine is a sylph, this is an air elemental and the name here is Lemuerre and she looks like a fairy. So this is how we can see how the crystals have a soul and in fact how many of us are one and part of the crystals. I myself have a lovely collection of these sisters and brothers of mine but I work differently with them during energetic tasks and that which I facilitate in that they are one with me, all it takes is intent, and so when able to see my vehicle it will appear as though I have another etheric vehicle made up of the energies of the crystalline kingdom and they and the group of Divine Ones who I co-create with work as one. In fact I also work with crystals that are not on mother earth but are on another planet, I have worked with them in a previous life, I call them forth and they then surround me for the work needed to be done. I find the best way to get to know a crystal is by holding it in your hand, I tell the crystal that I love it, I personally then intend aligning and attuning my energies to the crystal and what takes place first of all is that you receive a beautiful attunement from the crystal and then one can start chatting or asking questions. I first started out working with the precious Lemurian seed crystals and the precious Lemurian Laser Wand crystals, these are the ones who do the surgery you mentioned these were used in the ancient temples in Lemuria. There is a wonderful site that also has information at and if you look up the Atlantean Temple Quartz on top you will see there is a channeling by precious Saint Germain on crystals. Also another interesting channeling is at the site of a beloved friend and if you click on channels and then go down till you see Kuthumi channeling crystals and DNA you can see our connection to the crystals. A very powerful crystal that I AM working with of late together with all the others is what you could call a crystal of miracles and blessings, it is the Tibetan Quartz which you can find at the above crystal site, it tones the OM tone, the sound of creation. So it is with the assistance of the crystalline kingdom who are assisting us to raise our energetic vibrational frequency patterns. Also wanted to mention that I have never programmed a crystal myself, I personally am of the opinion that there is no need to do so and it is also out of respect for them. Each one as you stated has their own unique gift to offer us.

Love you and embrace you in Pure White Source Light, Fredaricka
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Joined: 16 Aug 2005
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 17, 2005 8:44 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hmmm, I've incarnated in Biological, and Mechanical bodies. And I have an irkling that I may incarnated in a crystal. But you belive humans, or at least the beings that are to be living on this planet in the times to come are going to be in crystaline form. Interesting.

Does that mean you simple are crystal? (I know I've had memories of being an unmoving tree before) or does that mean you still travel, and still move but your essence is lodged in a more crystaline form?

With my work with crystals, I have had experiences with certain ones having an essance. But I know its also possible to find, or clear crystals (move or duplicate their/its consciousness) into another crystal. Is doing such things "Immoral" in your perspective? I mean is it somehow destroying the being within, or are they like all things just moving from one clear/dead body to another?

I guess I always considered that the beings inside of the crystals where just aspects of a soul inserted into them.....

Thank you for your insight.

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White Eagle

Joined: 17 Nov 2005
Posts: 3
Location: Israel

PostPosted: Fri Nov 18, 2005 8:01 am    Post subject: Crystal beings Reply with quote

Hi there precious Zygos, I AM sure that you are aware that our physical body is not all that we are, and when learning that there are 8 other soul aspects who are us but in different shapes and forms it is understandable that some would feel an afinity with the crystals, it is with the expansion of consciousness that we start remembering who we are and who we are part of, our higher selves. So it is very possible that you have a soul aspect that is of the crystalline kingdom. For those who have been studying for a while yes we are told that we are changing from carbon based to crystalline based and this is in order to raise our energetic vibrational frequency patterns so that we may reside in a higher dimension. All are being worked on at the moment with these internal changes this is to bring us back to the Adam Kadmon lightbody vehicle which is the perfect prototype vehicle for residing on the 5th dimension. I AM also a crystal in that one of my soul aspects is a crystal, a rose quartz. I see our soul as being our divine blueprint and each of our aspects have received certain tasks that are to be done, so I have my tasks, my crystal self, the rose quartz has her tasks as my other soul aspects have their tasks, when we begin to learn of our soul aspects we then integrate with them and merge with them and can do some of our tasks together with them, each has their unique gifts/talents as we do and this is then the integration of the self, it is only after having merged with our soul aspects can we merge back with our soul, this will then mean that our tasks that we promised to do are completed and one will incarnate here on Mother Earth or elsewhere with a new set of tasks and so it goes. Regarding the trees, if we understand that all is energy in motion it is just that at the moment with our physical eyes we are not able to perceive this, then it is understandable on other planets that the tree beings in fact are not stuck in one place like on earth but roam about, the tree beings are very intelligent consciousness and without them to clear our atmosphere of all the poisons we would not live very long, so here it is the physical body of the tree that is rooted in its place however the tree being is definitely energetically able to go where ever it wishes and when we reach the stage of seeing energy in motion we will be able to see this, it is the same with the physical body, the planetary energy tasks I do my physical body/vehicle is sitting in a chair however my etheric body can go and does go where ever it is I AM doing the energetic task on the planet. Talking about duplicating their consciousness, it is not for me to decide whether it is immoral or not, it is for you to decide, however each crystal has their own consciousness so basically what you are doing is placing two consciousnesses together in one crystal. Many crystals have the energies of the Masters, galactic and cosmic masters that they have projected into the crystals and this is in order that those who feel an afinity to a crystal will be working with that particular Ascended Master from a certain planet as the crystal will have much to teach a person about themselves, i.e. the person. A lot of us in previous incarnations were the ones who seeded the crystals and we have come back in order to work with them, some of us are guardians to the crystals and as such one can see where respect for them is needed. Our physical vehicle is indeed just a garment that we discard when moving on, however if someone took you for instance and wished to place another consciousness in your physical garment well it certainly would create a bit of chaos within you trying to figure things out. On the other hand there are books which teach you how to make your own crystals and it is here then that you can ask one of your crystals that you bought if they could place a duplicate of their energies/essence into this newly made crystal. So some crystals are aspects of a soul, one of them could be your soul, others are projections of energy of Ascended Masters in the crystal. And not to forget that there is the precious Deva who brought into form the crystal and of course the elemental residing within the crystal, so one would need to take them into consideration when wishing to move them from one crystal/garment to another. You see time is speeding up, you can get a better picture of this at this site and that is why our bodies are being worked upon in order that we may acclimitize ourselves to the finer frequencies. Trust this has been of assistance. Love you and embrace you in Pure White Source Light, Fredaricka
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Joined: 02 May 2006
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PostPosted: Tue May 02, 2006 10:08 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I wear all three crystals that you mention and found that was quite curious to me because I have worn them for those reasons. Thank you for the information.
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Joined: 28 Jan 2007
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PostPosted: Sun Jan 28, 2007 8:40 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

This stuff has me interested for quite a while now & I'm thinking of purchasing a crystal.

I don't know any online place to buy one though. Can anyone recommend me such a place (that is no obvious scamsite)? That would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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