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Remote Viewing: A Power Tool for Optimizing Life

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 28, 2009 2:34 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

As with our lives we are free at every moment with every breath to
choose what we wish to believe, see and do. When information comes to
each of us which brings us an opportunity to make a better choice than
we would have without the information, this is the choice point which
sets in motion the outcome.

Just because information is presented, doesn't mean anyone has to
accept it or act upon it. If someone comes along, say a mentor or
teacher, who has insights which help us to understand and choose
something which is likely to create better outcomes, we usually benefit
from listening, learning and acting accordingly. If we choose to
to listen...we get a different outcome. This is our choice and choice
in this moment is our only true power.

An example might be when the pioneers were coming across the plains to
make their new homes in the West, there were trappers and fur traders
who had been to the west and knew things about where to go, which
trail as better than the others, and when would be good time to travel
with what supplies.

This information was presented and everyone had choices to make
which they got to live with for better or for worse.

Generally the information received was helpful and guidance
which improved the lives of those whose journey spanned
a continent through many great challenges.

No one had to listen to or receive the information from those who had
seen farther than they had seen.

There were times when the information wasn't enough and the pioneers
had to work through whatever crossed their paths anyway.
Sometimes, not often but occasionally the information wasn't beneficial
because the person giving the information may have been inaccurate.
Non-the-less, those making this journey had to choose which
information to use or not use...they had to make their best choices
and then go with courage and be brave while they worked through the
challenges and the outcomes of their choices.

When they didn't ask for information, they went it alone without
guidance which was available had they searched it out. Then they got
to deal with the consequences...either way they got to live with the
consequences of their choices. Their own destiny was in their own
hands as they made their choices, gathered the best information
available to them and applied this information while they learned
through the clear and accurate data which flowed to them in every
moment with what was happening on their journey to the west.

When we use intuition as one of the great tool we all have available
to us in our lives, we are simply gathering more data with which to
make our choices on our life journeys. We may not be immigrating
across a continent to settle in an untamed land, yet we are on our own
life journeys with all the inherent challenges, opportunities, rewards
and opportunities. This is the richness of life.

Using the tool of Remote Viewing one can gather data about probable
outcomes in their lives as they are currently living them...their
Current Life Trajectory. This is their probable life path with the likely
outcomes inherent in the givens in their life currently. At any moment we
all can choose to see more than we wished to see before and begin a
process to change the givens in our lives to whatever we choose to
pursue and will have success to whatever degree which is available to
us given the givens of who we are, when it is and what we really have
available to us.

At any moment all of these are variable and we are free to choose
according to here and now with what is in our lives.

With this expressed, there is a probable timeline which is likely to
proceed not as a limit, but as a likely outcome because we tend to do
what we do as humans unless we act upon our current life in a new way
and choose to create a new outcome which we believe will be a more
beneficial outcome or at least one we wish to experience more than the
one we were experiencing for whatever reasons.

We are free to choose to smoke, drink excessively, take drugs of a
non-beneficial nature if we wish. Each of these will have impact in
some form upon our life trajectory. Until one chooses to do and
experience things from another point of view free of these addictions,
one is likely to experience challenges which are likely going to
impact their health and wealth in some form...are we free to make
these changes?...absolutely.

If one could truly receive information which may help them make the
changes which bring about a new life experience then it is useful to
get this data. When the new data is used then changes to bring about
an Optimal Life Trajectory will naturally follow unless one rejects
the data and continues on the Current Trajectory Path instead of
activating and creating the Optimal Life Trajectory.

This type of information or data can be gathered using Remote Viewing.
Once the data is gathered, it can be effectively applied to create
your Optimal Life Trajectory. Freedom and Choice are fundamental to
the richness of life experience we all like to enjoy. Remote Viewing
is a powerful tool to help receive more data than otherwise available
to the possibilities and probabilities available to us.

Remote Viewing is a powerful tool bringing insight to our current
moment in time by accessing the non-local reality through intuition
and gathering data with the intent to improve one's life experience.
All data is presented and the application of this data is up to each

The margin for error is a matter of seeking out those who have brought
data through for people who found this data useful and powerful in
their lives. It is well to seek out those who have successfully
accomplished this task for many who have prospered because this data
was presented to the client, received and acted upon to a successful
outcome. There are many skill sets needed to enhance you
life...Remote Viewing can be a powerful tool to gather data which will
be the most beneficial about the likely outcomes before in relationship
to the Optimal Life Trajectory available to you if you can "see" the
higher path with as much clarity as available to you.

Quantum Physics has presented us with in-depth understanding about how
our very reality creates. We are very interactive using our thoughts,
feelings and beliefs creating what we desire to experience and the
learning to optimize these results.

There are many good sources out there which stand strong in bringing
in insights beyond the life experience or scope the person currently
has… This information is in the super consciousness of the universe.

Remote Viewing is such a powerful tool because it is based on a long
and firm foundation of science at the Cognitive Life Sciences
Laboratory out of Stanford University along with many, many other
ongoing research and scientific studies. When the remote viewers use
verifiable targets to practice on which establishes a base of accuracy
from which we can be reasonably comfortable with the viewers ability
to bring in clear and accurate data about a person, place or event
anywhere in time and space. Many of these targets are verifiable and
these are the training targets which establish and teach a remote
viewer to view clearly and accurately using feedback with a known
target. When a viewer advances to the point where they are accurate
most of the time then they can advance to bringing in data for others
who wish to benefit from intuitive data which is available to them
about their particular area of interest.

Again, Remote Viewing is a powerful tool which can bring in
information in the form of data which can then be used along with all
other available sources of information or data to enhance ones life
and optimize their life experience. All of life is dynamic and
responds to the changes in our focus and awareness. There are
insights and information which can be used to Optimize our Life
Experience when a person chooses to receive this information and make
it useful as an empowering source to enhance and optimize their life
experience. And at any moment we can choose to experience something
else, though we are likely to do what we do and continue to do so,
whatever that is due to the nature of being human. And in every
moment we can choose to do something different or perceive our lives
differently which brings new experience of who we are and what we are
about. This makes being who we are much more interesting Optimal Life
Trajectory. Remote Viewing is best when used as another powerful tool
in our tool chest of life skills. - Professional Remote Viewing Consultants - Time Sensitive Optimal Life Trajectory Offers (Only DAYS Left!)
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