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Niobe Second

Joined: 31 Dec 2009
Posts: 165

PostPosted: Mon Jan 04, 2010 6:56 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Red Raven wrote:
I would stongly recomend learning more about colours and symbols before useing any more spells as using a spell you do not understand can be dangerouse or simply not work the best spells are the ones you make your self and to do that you need to know the language of magick. walk before you run most witches under go a 1 to 2 year aprenticeship before they cast there first spell.
Red Raven

I use my candle magic book

heres what its says about colors can you tell me if its wrong cause since i'm unsure about colors it says your can replace any color with white


    The Goddess
    Higher Self
    (substitutes any other color)


    Repels Negativity


    Special Favors
    To Influence Friendships


    The Goddess
    Astral energy
    Female energy


    Third Eye
    Psychic Ability
    Hidden Knowledge
    To Influence People in High Places
    Spiritual Power


    Element of Water
    Good Fortune
    Opening Blocked Communication
    Spiritual Inspiration


    The Element of Earth
    Physical Healing
    Monetary success
    Mother Earth
    Tree and Plant Magic
    Personal Goals


    Planetary Good Will


    Element of Fire
    Fast action
    Career Goals
    Driving Force
    Blood of the Moon


    General Success
    Property Deals
    Legal matters


    Professional Growth
    Business Fertility
    Career Maneuvers
    Money Goals


    The God
    Promote Winning
    Power of the Male


    The Element of Air
    The Sun
    Logical Imagination
    To Accelerate Learning
    To Break Mental Blocks
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Niobe Second

Joined: 31 Dec 2009
Posts: 165

PostPosted: Mon Jan 04, 2010 10:00 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Spell for Improved Memory and Concentration

Begin on a Thursday, perform for nine consecutive days.
Light a yellow candle and concentrate for a moment on its yellow appearance. Then say the following five times.

"O cheerful yellow, Penetrate my mind, Improve my memory
Give me powers of great observation.
May I remember all I seek to recall
May my concentration be Perfect in all things big and small."
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Red Raven
Resident Forum Magickian

Joined: 16 Sep 2005
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Location: Queensland, Australia

PostPosted: Sat Jan 09, 2010 8:37 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi there not the colours I would use but its a matter of them being relavent to the individual and where they live and how often they are used by other people. for examle in America green is often used in money spell because the money is green in America so it is easy to make the conection in Australia money is not green so its not so easy to make that conection. keep a diary of what spells you do and what worked and what dident work.
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Niobe Second

Joined: 31 Dec 2009
Posts: 165

PostPosted: Sun Jan 10, 2010 6:21 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I decided to compile and compare the formulas with
the formulas that i use myself -- even though that meant
revealing some of my own forumlas because i felt that doing
so might help students of this branch of magic.


Mix equal parts of
Lovage Herb,
Grated Lemon Peel or Lemon Flowers.
A small piece of lodestone is added to each bottle.
Add 2 Tbls. of this mix to 2 oz. of oil.
You can add tincture of benzoin to keep to any oils listed to keep
them from going rancid.


Lovage Root Chips (for love)
Cinnamon Chips (for money)
Lemon Peel, grated
Essential Oil of Sweet Orange
Essential Oil of Lemon
Piece of Lodestone
Piece of Pyrite
Top with carrier oil
(e.g. almond oil which has been dosed with Vitamin E to
prevent rancidity. I use a "glurp" of same to each gallon of
almond oil and mix well.

And here is a third Attraction oil, very good to the nose,
but with less tradition behind it, since it only symbolizes
love-attraction and not money-attraction, whereas the typical
Attraction oil of hoodoo usage draws both money and love.


Blend equal parts
Rose oil
Lavender oil
Vanilla oil
Sandalwood oil

Touch to pulse points when in the presence of the one you
want to attract.


dragon's blood resin
myrrh resin
cinnamon oil
indigo color
gum arabic

No instructions are given, although I suppose you steep the
ground resins in the alcohol till dissolved, then add the
cinnamon oil, indigo, and ground gum arabic. Filter and

For "indigo color" i presume Herman Slater intended to use
synthetic dye; true indigo requires a complex process of
repeated oxygenation and steeping to produce a blue tint,
which would darken the orange and rusty reds of the other
ingredients listed.


Slater's formula is useful, but of course, real,
authentic Bat's Blood Ink is made by slitting the
throat of a bat and using its blood to write with.
But most people don't like that idea, so they use a
convenient substitute. Any high quality red ink with
Cinnamon and Myrrh essential oils or scent added is
appropriate to use as Bat's Blood Ink, in my experience.


There are many recipes for Black Arts Oil. Here's a quick one:

half a dropper essential oil of patchouli
half a dropper essential oil of black pepper
a pinch of valerian root
a pinch of black poodle dog hair
a pinch of black mustard seeds
a pinch of spanish moss
a pinch of mullein
a pinch of powdered sulphur
nine whole black peppercorns

Blend into one half-ounce carrier oil such as almond.
Colour dark brown.


2 parts Frankincense
1 part Benzoin gum.
Add 2 tablespoons of this mix to 2 ounces of oil.


Frankincense Tears
Benzoin Gum, crushed
Essential Oil of Frankincense
Essential Oil of Benzoin
Rose scent, which can be one or more of these:
Essential Oil of Roses (Rose Otto)
Essential Oil of Rose Geranium
Rose Fragrance (synthetic)
Rose Petals
Top with carrier oil
(e.g. almond oil which has been dosed with Vitamin E)
You can also add Vitamin E oil for the same purpose. I use a
"glurp" of same to each gallon of almond oil and mix well.


Start with whatever combination of essential oils of
Oriental Grasses you normally use for compounding Van Van
oil concentrate

(e.g. citronella grass, lemongrass, gingergrass, palmarosa
grass, khus khus grass, and vetivert grass, singly or
together). Cut a bunch of broomcorn straws (from a natural
broom, or from broomcorn plants, if you happen to grow them)
and place the straws in a bottle. Add a goodly squirt of Van
Van oil concentrate and a small lump of frankincense gum,
then top with your own (or any commercial) preparation of
liquid oil soap (e.g. Murphy's Oil Soap). Dilute Chinese
Wash in water before use, of course.


Try pure essential oil of sweet pea. It draws people
to you. Diluted with perfume diluant and used on the
clothing it will help you pick up girls in bars. It is
very nice, but it draws all kinds of people, and you
have to pick which ones you want to stick around.


lemon oil
color: red


Recipes vary from person to person. They are
generally floral in tone and usually red in colour.

Scents used in such an oil may include sweet pea and
narcissus (usually only available as synthetic fragrances,
not as essential oils), rose (available as a real essential
oil -- called otto or attar of roses -- but so expensive as
to be prohibitively costly for most people, who therefore
use a synthetic fragrance instead), rose geranium (a real
essential floral oil that has a very good rose scent), and
other floral synthetics, such as wistaria, honeysuckle,
violet, and the like.

Herbs mixed into in the finished, fragranced oil may include
catnip leaf (to entice a lover), saffron stamens (for
love-drawing), rose petals, (for love-drawing), damiana leaf
(to increase passion) and/or patchouli leaf (ditto). Queen
Elizabeth Root (used to attract men) may be added to the
mixture if the person using it is a female or a gay male.

One difficulty many folk-magicians have with floral scents
as a basis for magical perfume oils is that so many of our
favourite flowers do not produce a great deal of essential
oil. When this is the case, the oil is very expensive.

But that is not the greatest hurdle we must overcome. Some
flowers, no matter how lovely they smell, do not produce
stable essential oils at all. Whenever that is the case,
essential oils from these flowers are unavailable at any
cost and synthetics are the only recourse one has.

The question then becomes one of deciding whether to go with
an artificial fragrance that mimics a given floral scent to
a greater or lesser degree -- or to forgo that scent in
favour of one that is available in actual flower-derived

Is the magic in the herb itself -- or in the aroma?

How do we decide?

We all agree that attar of roses is beyond the financial
reach of most working people.

We all agree that rose geranium oil comes from a geranium --
not a rose. But it SMELLS as much or more like certain types
of roses than synthetic rose oils do.

So... is a good, natural rose geranium essential oil
magically more effective than an artificial rose scent? Or
is substitution of any kind an automatic obviation of the
magical working? Shall only wealthy people have access to
the magic of rose oil?

I tend to choose natural essential oils over synthetics or,
if i must, mix them half-and-half. But that's just me ...
your mileage may vary.


2 parts of Rue Herb
1 part of Guinea Pepper
Add 2 Tbls. of this to 2 ounces of oil


Burnt knotted shoelace
color: black

Confuses those who are trying to cast a spell on you. Breaks
all forms of hexes. Acts almost instantaneously. Works
better when hex is new, but it is a good idea to keep some
on hand for emergencies.

Next, here are two formulae that i personally think are
good for sowing confusion and dissent.

Causes enemies and opponents to lose their way
essential oils for stock formula:
1 part Vertiver
1 part Marjoram
2 parts Patchouli
herbs for all products:
Guinea Pepper Grains
Poppy Seed
Black Mustard Seed
Top with carrier oil
(e.g. almond oil which has been dosed with Vitamin E)

Enemies and opponents fight each other instead of you
essential oils for stock formula:
1 part Patchouli
1 part Essential Oil of Capsicum (dilute! dilute!)
herbs for all products:
Guinea Pepper Grains
Red Pepper
Black Pepper
Poppy Seeds
Black Mustard Seeds
Top with carrier oil
(e.g. almond oil which has been dosed with Vitamin E)


Burnt ashes from palm leaves
Holy water
color: Black

Another very powerful powder used for hexing an individual
you dislike. Sprinkle on burning incense while repeating his
name nine times. Use with extreme caution.

This is one of the more bizarre formulae. It carries obvious religious implications, but they
are BACKWARDS from common practice.

In Catholic families, it is common to carry home palm leaves
from the church services for Palm Sunday (the Sunday before
Easter). These are kept in the home all year. The next year
they are burned to ash. Just as the ash from burned Pal
Sunday Palm leaves is used by the priests to mark the
foreheads of parishioners for Ash Wednesday, so are the
burned ashes of the home-kept Palm leaves used for
protection of the home and the person. Mixing them with Holy
Water from a church, would provide a carrier medium -- but
not a POWDER, as any child should understand. Adding beer,
another water-based fluid, will not create a POWDER either.

The addition of Myrrh hearkens back to Biblical formulae,
but the Lavender is simply Slater's "gay love" trademark.
(Many of the recipes he and his close associates devised
contain Lavender

Whether the Myrrh and Lavender are used in the form of
essential oils or dried plant matter is probably not
important, because no matter which form you use, they cannot
be added to beer and Holy Water to make a "Powder" -- and in
any case, the idea of using Holy Water and the ashes of Palm
Sunday leaves as ingredients for "Damnation" is simply
ridiculous, and probably offensive to Catholics as well.


dragon's blood resin
cinnamon oil
bay oil
gum arabic
rose oil


This formula is interesting, but of course, real,
authentic Dove's Blood Ink is made by slitting the
throat of a white dove and using its blood to write
with. But most people don't like that idea, so they use a
convenient substitute. Any high quality red ink with
rose scent added is appropriate to use as Dove's Blood,
because most of the time this magical ink is called for,
it is used to write love-talismans and pacts, and rose is
one of the primary love-essences.


dragon's blood resin
gum arabic


"If Dove's Blood Ink used to be made
with the blood of Doves and Bat's Blood Ink used to be made
with the blood of Bats, what did Dragon's Blood Ink used to
me made with?"

The answer is that "Dragon's Blood" does not refer to the
life-fluid of mythical beasts -- it is the name of the dark
red sap or dried resin from a species of palm tree, the
Dragon Palm.

This formula, given above is quite good, if
you want to make your Dragon's Blood Ink from scratch.
However, if ink-making is too much trouble for you, any high
quality red ink with chunks of Dragon's Blood resin added to
it is appropriate. Most of the time this magical ink is used
to write luck- or protection-talismans and pacts, and the
resin itself is also carried on the person or burned as
incense for the same purpose.


Drive-Away salt, also known as Get Away Salt,
is essentially Hot Foot Powder made with
ordinary table salt replacing the talcum powder.


Gum Mastic
Orange peel
color: Brown

A special blend which allows you to relax while others do
your work. Sprinkle on any person you wish to gain control
over. Lets you dominate their thoughts.

In some ways, this is a "hotter" version of a famous old
Attraction Powder formula. You could substitute
cinnamon for cassia if needed.


Red Pepper
color: Blue

Toss on any person who is angry over something you have
done. Eliminates all feelings of animosity. Also good for
overcoming hatred.

One thing about this formulae is that it
always smells nice -- and this one surely

The ashes seem to symbolize an end to flames -- but i
am unsure why it calls for red pepper in an anger-calming
powder. Generally, red pepper is used to heat things up and
to create discord. And think about it -- if you go around
throwing red pepper powder on angry folks and it gets up
their nose or in their eyes, they'll be mad as hell!

idk why that
odd ingredient was added, but i would recommend something sweeter,
like powdered sugar, in place of the red pepper in this


> 2 c. distilled water
> 1/4 c. vodka or grain alcohol
> 6 drops essential oil of lavender
> 2 drops essential oil of clove bud
> 8 drops essential oil of bergamot
> Mix all ingredients in a sterilized glass container. Seal the bottle
> and store in the refrigerator for two weeks for the scents to blend.
> Use within two months if refrigerated, two weeks if not.

No offense to the author of the first recipe.

None taken, for sure! -- i was not the author of those recipes
-- i was simply passing along commercial (not new-age or
home-made) formulas for Florida Water and Kananga Water.

i would like to point
out that the recipe given above is too weak even
for toilet water -- 2 cups of water to 1/4 cup vodka results
in a mixture that must be refrigerated for preservation and
then will only keep for two months. That is not the way
perfumes are handled in real life -- we all know that a good
perfume will keep its scent for decades, unrefrigerated.
Some ancient Egyptian perfumes sealed in tombs were found to
be still fragrant after millennia!

Also, i think that the use of Vodka is not a good idea. I've
tried it, myself -- it's so darned easy to get -- but, as i formulary when giving recipes, spirits of wine supply subtle fragrances of their
own which Vodka lacks -- and Vodka supplies a rather icky
(to me) "eau de potato" fragrance that can contrast
unfavourably with the subtle delicacy of floral oils.

this recipe is obviously NOT "the original Eau de Cologne"
I have three commercial formulas for
Colognes, including one also said to be "the original," and
i'll gladly post them if anyone wishes to pursue this
further. For now, suffice it to say that Eau de Cologne is
similar to the Florida Water version #1 i gave in my post --
that is, it is a complex blend of a variety of floral and
spicy scents (not just 3 scents as above) and it is
alcohol-based, not water-based.


(No specific quantities given)

This oil is intended to bend another to the will of
the magickal practitioner, this oil is well suited
for anointing candles or fith faths (voodoo dolls)


(No specific quantities given)

Makes other people do your bidding. Use to break any
hexes; used to order evil spirits to return to their
sender. Said to be extremely potent.

although not without its own flaws,
has been used as a source-book by many people working
in the Neo-pagan tradition.


First, for more information on one way Bend-Over is used in
actual hoodoo practice, see my web page on Spells of Female
That will give you some idea of its value in love and sex
magic; but there is more to the formula than this.

Next, let's look at the ingredients given shall we, and see how (or rather IF) they relate to
the work at hand, namely to bend someone to your will. The
ingredients they list are


These scents may be okay for use in AROMATHERAPY-style
domination, but magically speaking, the herbs in that list
have long been assigned other meanings in MAGICAL herbology.

Rose is used for love magic. Real essential oil of roses
(rose otto or attar of roses) is so expensive that most
people use either essential oil of rose geranium or
artificial rose oil as a substitute. Rose has nothing at all
to do with raw power or domination.

Frankincense is a spiritual scent and is also used for
power. It could be used in Essence of Bend-Over, but it is a
little on the "nice" side for it to carry the entire weight
of true domination work in this formula.

Honeysuckle is primarily used as a fragrance, and, being
floral, it is a frequent ingredient in love potions. The
plant itself is a vine that has no strong magical
connotations that i know, and what's stranger, real
essential oil of honeysuckle is unstable, so most makers use
the artificial, synthetic aroma. Looking at honeysuckle from
the perspective of the "doctrine of signatures," one could
say that it grows upon trees and somehow dominates them, but
it certainly does not make them bend to its will -- and
other vines of similar twining habit, such as periwinkle,
are always used in love-and-marriage formulas, because of
their clinging natures. In short, honeysuckle might be good
for love-domination (as an ingredient in Follow me Boy Oil,
for instance, but it would hardly be expected to work on
your boss!

Vetivert is one of the five "Asian Grasses" that is used (in
a very small proportion) in Van Van Oil and, as such, it is
a spiritual cleanser and luck-changer. It is not
particularly associated with efforts of will or domination.

So this recipe for Bend-Over, although very commonly
encountered in the Anglo-Saxon world of aromatherapy and
playful spell-cookery -- and despite its wonderful fragrance
-- is not exactly what i'd call a powerful aid to domination
or willful control of another's mind or activities through
the doctrine of sympathetic magic as developed by

A look through any good magical herbal will reveal that
there are three herbs often recommended for control and
domination. They are

calamus root
licorice root
bergamot leaf or essential oil of bergamot

Calamus root produces an essential oil and it is also
available as chips or powder, which can be steeped in a
carrier oil.

Licorice root is available as chips or powder, to steep
in carrier oil

Bergamot is a citrus-relative. Its essential oil must be
diluted in a carrier oil because some folks are
skin-sensitive or allergic to it in strong concentrations.

Calamus root is white and licorice root is a deep
yellow-brown. When the two are placed with essential oils of
bergamot and calamus root and a few grains of frankincense
in a carrier such as almond oil that has been tinted a rich
yellow-orange, the result is impressive both visually and
in terms of fragrance. What is more to the point, magically,
it will also fulfill the requirements sought in such an oil.

You can add all the artificial honeysuckle and rose fragrance
you want then, and you'll be on the right track.


Fast Luck Incense/Oil/Floorwash/Powder/Bath
color: green or copper

Double Fast Luck Incense
Same as Fast Luck with powdered dollar bill added
color: green or copper

Authentic hoodoo recipes for Fast Luck Oil are very, very
well known. They do not contain what it says they do.

I am going to start with the more well-known of the two
formulas, which is called "Red Fast Luck."
This is the formula one would get if buying Fast Luck Oil
today from a manufacturer.


Oil of Cinnamon and Oil of Vanilla, with Wintergreen. Used
as above to bring luck.


Cinnamon (in powder and chip form) is widely used in
African-American folk-magic to draw business and bring
money-luck, hence its use as an essential oil makes good
sense in this formula. Vanilla appears in numerous formulas
for love-luck, so again, one is not surprised to find it in
Fast Luck. Wintergreen is an oddity, though -- it has very
few magical ascriptions, and it seems to function, in my
experience, primarily as a fragrance that mediates and
blends the rather contradictory aromas of Cinnamon and
Vanilla. In any case, without it, one does not get the
characteristic "Fast Luck" smell.

it does not tell what makes it informant's Red Fast
Luck Oil red, but i was taught to colour it with Alkanet
root, a few flakes per 1/2 oz. bottle. If you use too
little, it stays pink; too much makes it bloody-brown. The
colour does not develop instantly, as it would from a
synthetic dye, so work carefully and add more root flakes
only if your first batch doesn't colour up red in a day,
after a thorough shaking. Alkanet root has magical
properties of its own, namely it draws luck and protects
your money, and the red colour indicates increased
love-luck, so it is a better colourant for Fast Luck than
any synthetic dye could ever be. I also add crushed pyrite
to my Fast Luck Oil, for money-drawing purposes.

To make Fast Luck Oil, simply add the formula above to a
carrier oil such as Almond Oil. Essential oil of Cinnamon
can be irritating to sensitive skin, so wear protective
gloves as you work, don't rub your eyes or nose, and dilute
the product to a useable strength before applying it to
anything you might touch.

Next we come to it's other Fast Luck recipe. Frankly,
although someone may have genuinely given this formula,
i personally have never bought any Fast Luck products made
according to this recipe. For reasons explained below, i
think there may have been some confusion in the mind of
Hurston's informant, or perhaps Hurston herself got the
formula attached to the wrong name.


Aqueous solution of Citronella. It is put in scrub water to
scrub the house. It brings luck in business by pulling
custmers into a store.

10 per cent Oil of Lemon Grass in alcohol. (Different
doctors specify either grain, mentholated, or wood alcohol),
used for luck and power of all kinds. It is the most popular
conjure drug in New Orleans.

Those who work with these essential oils know how similar
Citronella and Lemongrass smell. Folks with botanical
knowledge will also realize the close relationship between
Citronella, Lemongrass, Vetivert, Palmarosa, and Gingergrass
(in fact, Gingergrass is simply the lesser quality second
pressing of Palmarosa grass!). As the Van Van recipe
indicated, the addition of Vetivert (Khus Khus), Palmarosa,
and Gingergrass was to be in very small quantities compared
to the Lemongrass and Citronella, which means that both
Chinese Wash and Van Van Oil smell predominantly of citrusy
fragrances, with smoky undertones. It is possible that
someone Hurston talked to had mistaken this ubiquitous New
Orleans formula-family for Fast Luck ... or, as i said,
Hurston herself might have made the error. In any case, the
Fast Luck i know is the Cinnamon, Vanilla, Wintergreen one.

Now, as to "Double Fast Luck" -- here is a
strange twist to things. A powdered dollar bill is added(why
not? although filings from a silver dime would be more
likely in hoodoo, and crushed pyrite even more apropos),(or your country's currency)
and then he colours the oil green or copper.

It has, i believe, confused DOUBLE POWER (add more
ingredients) with DOUBLE LUCK (make the item work two ways).
The two concepts are quite different in hoodoo conjuration,
and the formula is only a doubling in POWER of its
already highly inaccurate formula, it is not two-way or

True Double Luck formulas work for both money and love.
Thus, Double Fast Luck should work for money and love -- in
a hurry.


Use a tall, thin bottle. Fill it halfway up with a basic red
Luck oil. Top it off with an alcohol-based Luck perfume that
has been coloured bright green. The red oil (symbolizing
love and passion) will separate from the green perfume
(symbolizing monetary wealth). To use, shake the bottle
until a temporary purple emulsion is created and sprinkle it
out. It will separate between uses.

The above, i believe, will give complete satisfaction to
those in search of Double Fast Luck.



Thanks, John.

The major difference between our recipes for Four Thieves
Vinegar is that i have been told that it must have four
spices in it, one for each thief -- the four additives being

garlic (crushed or whole),
red pepper (crushed),
black peppercorns (whole), and
black mustard seed (whole).

Also, in the Ozarks, it was taught to make it with apple
cider vinegar, not red wine vinegar. This is probably a
regional variant based on the fact that wine vinegar is
uncommon in the Ozarks. In California, we have plenty of red
wine vinegar and i like that much better as a base; however,
either way, it tastes great!

In addition to providing personal protection from disease
and magical attack, Four Thieves Vinegar is used to send
away unwanted people or to make a family quarrel and fall
out among themselves. It can be sprinkled or dashed against
an enemy's doorsteps, but it can also be served to an enemy
family as a condiment, which to me justifies the "thieves"
part of the name -- it is a sneaky way to protect yourself
while you get them out of your life.


Erzulie Freda is the Vodou lwa (something like a
"goddess") of love, luxury, and wealth. I'd like to give
you all a "recipe" for a bath made to please Erzulie Freda
and attract love and wealth into your life. And no, you
don't have to "believe in Vodou" and this won't make
anything scary happen to you - but it might make that new
boyfriend or girlfriend warm up to you, or make your spouse
much more affectionate in a hurry!

Obtain as many as you can of the following ingredients.
If you can't find each and every one of the ingredients
don't worry, do what you can.

Florida Water [floral cologne]
Fresh basil
Rose petals
One small can of evaporated (NOT condensed) milk
Vanilla extract
Coconut milk
Orange leaves
Fresh lettuce
Fresh aloe

The fresh herbs and the lettuce should be thoroughly
crushed in a basin of water which is then strained as it is
poured into the bath. The Florida water, champagne, a few
drops of vanilla extract and coconut milk can be poured
dirctly into the bath water. Scatter the rose petals on the
water's surface.

Light a white or pink candle and bless the water before
you bathe. Keep the water pleasantly cool, or at least not
too hot. Frolic in it, splash and play. Ask Erzulie Freda,
the Spirit of Love, to refesh you and cleanse you, and to
give you happiness and abundance.

When you get out of the tub, dry with a clean, newly
washed and dried white towel, one you haven't used since it
was last washed, you know? Put on a little cologne or
perfume, and dress yourself in spotless white. Tie your
head with white or pink.

The use of Florida Water Cologne for this purpose seems
idiosyncratic to the above source. In my house, for that
type of bath you would want something very sweet, and
Florida is too spicy/musky due to the bergamot, clove,
cinnamon, and lemon in it. We would use Pompeiia Perfume,
Rose Cologne, Rose Water, or other sweet scented perfume
instead of the Florida Water.


color: Red

An excellent formula for men only. Very effective when used
on a red female figure candle.

This is one of the more unusual concoctions. The
aroma is great. In African-American hoodoo tradition,
however, cinnamon and sassafras are used for money-drawing,
so one might consider this to be a gigolo's formula as well
as a man's love-drawing oil. Remember that cinnamon oil
needs to be cut with a carrier oil before it can be applied
to the skin -- and even then, i think it should be used only
as a candle-dressing oil and not as a genital-dressing


John the Conqueror Oil traditionally consists of broken
pieces of John the Conqueror root (Ipomoea jalapa or I.
purga) steeped in Almond or another vegetable carrier oil
that has been tinted purple (or yellow); it is customary to
add essential oils as fragrance to suit. The oil can also
be made with powdered I. jalapa root. Some folks strain it
afterward; i don't.

To enhance the actual wierd scent of John the Conqueror root,
from which no essential oil can be extracted, i compound a
"woodsy blend" scent, such as cedarwood and vetivert, which
smells quite a lot like the John the Conqueror root itself.
This fragrance is NOT part of the "magic" in the oil, but it
does serve as a re-enforcer of what the real root smells

Let the root fragments and/or powder sit in the oil blend at
least a week before use -- a month is better. The root is
traditionally left in the bottle as it is used. If you are
making up small bottles (e.g. a dram vial or 1/2 oz.
bottle), you should put two or three pieces of root in each
bottle. If you work out of a large stock bottle (e.g. 4 oz.
or 16 oz.) be sure to refresh the root with new pieces each
time you top up the bottle.

BEWARE commercial John the Conqueror and High Conquering
oils! They rarely have the root in them. I will not name my
competitors whose products are made thus -- but all you have
to do is LOOK IN THE BOTTLE: If there is no root in it, and
it was made in a factory, it's very likely a fake.


Courtesan's Pleasure
Mix together a handful each of the fresh or dried herbs:
lavender flowers
crushed comfrey root
Put the mixture in an earthenware crock and pour 1 quart of
boiling water over it. Let stand covered for 20 minutes, and
then pour the clear portion into the tub. Get in and just
relax for 15 minutes. Take the phone off the hook, light
some candles, and dim the lights...Mmmmmmm.

Waterfall for Two
Take one ounce each of the following:
rose buds
acacia flowers
orange buds
jasmine flowers
bay leaf
Add 1/2 teaspoonful of musk
Bring 1 quart of water to a boil and add 1 ounce of the
mixed herbs (save the rest in an airtight jar for your next
liaison). Lower the heat and let simmer for about 10
minutes. Then turn off the heat and half fill your tub with
warm water. Strain the mixture and pour the clear liquid
into the tub. Add 25 drops of ambergris tincture and get
into the tub. Then, invite your True Love to come and soak
with you. If this doesn't get him in the mood...check his

Magic Massage Oil
6 drops of rose essential oil
4 drops of jasmine essential oil
4 drops of bergamot essential oil
8 drops of sandalwood essential oil
blended in 50cc of a massage oil base (I would use sweet
almond oil). Begin by massaging yourself until the aroma,
warmed by your body, gets to him. Then start to massage him.
Let him massage you. Soon the magic mixture will have the
two of you singing love's old sweet song.


Mix equal parts of
Add a piece of bayberry to each bottle
Add 2 Tbls. of this to 2 ounces of oil

It is unclear in the above recipe for Money Drawing Oil if
what is added is bayberry leaf or bayberry root, or if the
frankincense, myrrh, and sandalwood are the essential oils
or the actual plant parts (gums and wood chips).


Here is an easy-to-make recipe, from my own collection. I
got this formula from a friend.


Bayberry Root
Bayberry Oil (usually only available as a synthetic)
Pyrite Chips
Top with carrier oil
(e.g. almond oil which has been dosed with Vitamin E)


If you want to make your own quick subsitute for Peace
Water, mix a little Olive Oil with Florida Water and Spring
Water and shake it up before use. Not much oil, just a
little. The idea is to spread oil upon troubled waters, you

Also, there is another item that some folks call Peace Water
-- but more properly is called MARIE LAVEAU'S PEACE WATER or
FIVE HOLY WATERS or SEVEN HOLY WATERS, depending on how they
prepare it.

equal parts
Holy Water from a church
Spring Water
River Water
Rain Water
Ocean Water
-- five waters altogether, with no fragrance and no oil.

containing equal parts
Holy Water from a church
Spring Water
River Water
Rain Water
Ocean Water
Cologne (Florida Water or Hoyt's Cologne)
-- seven waters altogether, with some fragrance.

Marie Laveau's Five Holy Waters is used for the same
purposes as alcohol-water-and-oil blend recipes called Peace
Water, and i think that's how the name got transferred to
it. I have no idea if Marie Laveau used it or invented it --
or if "Marie Laveau" is just a name that got put on the
combination of five waters -- but she did live in New
Orleans, where there is a river and an ocean, so she could
have made it. I could make it too, come to think of it,
because i live near an ocean, but i have never offered it
for sale and no one has ever asked me for it. It's very
old-fashioned, and Catholic, to boot.

Don't buy so-called Peace Water that comes in a plastic
bottle and is thick and off-white, like hand lotion. That's
all it is -- hand lotion. Labelling hand lotion "Peace
Water" is something that dates back to the 1980s or so; it was
first encountered it in L.A. in cheap botanicas back then.
It is gross.


color: Red

A highly stimulating oil used to entice anyone you deeply
desire. Impossible to resist.

The carnation oil in this would be, perforce, a synthetic
fragrance, because carnations, while delightfully aromatic,
yield no essential oil. The use of peppermint in (primarily
male) sex-drawing formulae is not unique to Herman Slater --
a popular recipe for "erection cream" also uses this scent.


Chili Powder
Black Pepper
Iron Filings
Bitter Aloes

Use when you desire to break any relationship. Creates
animosity between lovers and business associates. Forces an
eventual separation.

This is probably the most traditional hoodoo-style
formula in Neo-Pagan collection. You can
substitute ground-up lemon peels for the cinnamon (the
latter is more commonly found in money-drawing formulae,
while the former is one of the "cut and clear" scents) but
other than that small quibble, i think this is a good one,
and heavily symbolic, too, because Galangal, a.k.a. Little
John Chew or Court Case Root might land the couple in
divorce court!



Van Van is essentially a lemongrass - citronella - palmarosa
- gingergrass - vetivert blend. The five species are closely
related Asian grasses, long cultivated for their fragrant


Some people think that because it is named Van Van, this oil
must contain vanilla, but such is NOT the case.

Not only does Van Van never contain vanilla, the "rosa" in
palmarosa does NOT refer to roses, the "ginger" in
gingergrass does NOT refer to ginger roots, the "lemon" in
lemongrass does NOT refer to lemons, and the "citron" in
citronella does NOT refer to citrons!!! These are all simply
common names for species of ASIAN GRASSES.

To further complicate matters, vetivert, the last-named of
the above Asian grasses, is also known commercially as
khus-khus but it is not related in any way to the Moroccan
food product called cous-cous, made of wheat and chickpea
flour ... and chickpea flour is not in any way derived from

It's a common trap. Don't fall into it.


These days, palmarosa oil and gingergrass are difficult
to obtain, but they can be found if yoiu are persistent.

The ingredients for Van Van Oil have always varied from
maker to maker, but the absence of any one or two of the
Asian Grass oils will not hurt the results much, for usually
the blend will focus on citrusy lemongrass and citronella,
with only a hint of musky vetivert, floral palmarosa, and
spicy gingergrass.


10 per cent Oil of Lemon Grass in alcohol. (Different
doctors specify either grain, mentholated, or wood alcohol),
used for luck and power of all kinds. It is the most popular
conjure drug in New Orleans.

Here's a better variation, made up as an oil:


16 parts lemongrass oil
8 parts citronella oil
1 part vetivert oil
1 part palmarosa oil
1 part gingergrass oil if you can get it

Mix together and let sit for at least week. This is your
stock oil. Do not apply it directly, for like all uncut
essential oils, it can be a skin irritant to some people.

In each 1/2 oz. bottle of VAN VAN OIL to be made up, place

a pinch of dried lemongrass leaves
a pinch of crushed pyrite crystals
one full standard dropper-full of the above stock blend

Fill the bottle with undyed almond oil as a carrier

This is an old, authentic formula for VAN VAN OIL and i
vouch for it in every way.


A highly simplified, cheap version of Van Van Oil is
sometimes found under the name Henry's Grass Oil.



lemongrass oil
a pinch of dried lemongrass leaves

Put a dropper-full of the essential oil and a pinch of the
dried leaves in a 1/2 oz. bottle and fill the bottle with
undyed cooking oil as a carrier.


this was sent to me by my good friend Memosa who I share and exchange spells with the last bit of this artical I removed cause it held many Death Oils and Death Spells I felt it should not to be share cause if it it fell into the hands of ppl that dont take this seriously they may bring harm to themselves and others I most also say use common sence when using any of these and remember that what ever wish on others may come back to you with that said good luck

I thank my friend Memosa for sharing this with me
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List Of Essential Oils

Adam and Eve Oil
A primal scent compounded for love-drawing and finding one's perfect mate.

African Ju Ju Oil
An all-purpose magical formula alleged to derive from an African recipe.

Algiers Oil
From the Algiers district of New Orleans; a Fast Luck type formula.

Attraction Oil
Alleged to attract money, love, luck, success, or whatever you desire.

Aunt Sally's Lucky Dream Oil
To encourage the remembrance of lucky number dreams for betting.

Banishing Oil
To remove unwanted people or conditions; far milder than Hot Foot.

Bat's Blood Oil
For enemy work, and to signify the sealing of a pact or promise.

Bewitching Oil
Adds mystery, fascination, and sexual allure to love spells.

Black Arts Oil (also known as Dark Arts or Mystic Arts)
Believed to be a powerful aid in destructive spells and pact-making rituals.

Black Cat Oil
A popular dressing oil among gamblers, also used as a form of "reverse bad luck."

Blessing Oil
Used to bless a baby, for new ventures, new homes, and for healing.

Boss Fix Oil
If your boss isn't right with you, bring him around to favour your cause.

Break Up Oil
Used by those who wish to break up a pair or lovers or a married couple.

Cast Off Evil Oil
Alleged to rid one of bad habits, wicked influences, and evil companions.

Chango Macho (Shango, Xango Sango) Oil
For invocation of and petition to the African Yoruba Orisha Chango

Chuparrosa (Hummingbird) Oil
For love and luck -- and especially for luck in a sincere and lasting love.

Clarity Oil
To put an end to confusion and unknowing; for insight and true vision.

Cleo May Oil
Used by women to attract quick love and by prostitutes to draw clients.

Come To Me Oil
Designed to attract a new lover of the opposite sex.

Commanding Oil (also known as Commanding Power)
Said to give the power to bring another under your command.

Compelling Oil
Used by those who wish to compel another to make good on a promise.

Confusion Oil
Said to bring confusion and befuddlement to those who are working against you.

Controlling Oil
Alleged to grant the user control over the actions and thoughts of another person.

Court Case Oil
It is claimed that this will influence both judge and jury to decide in your favour.

Crossing Oil
Used in so-called enemy work or tricks to bring on crossed conditions.

Crown of Success Oil
Many people anoint the head with this for financial, school, or career success.

Crucible of Courage Oil
Alleged to increase one's personal determination, courage, and bravery.

Cut and Clear Oil
Used in rituals to rid yourself of any remaining link to an ex-lover or ex-partner.

Damnation Oil
Utilized when cursing a wrong-doer to suffer in Hell for his or her crimes.

Destruction Oil
Burned on candles and used to dress doll-babies for the destruction of enemies.

Devil's Oil
Used by those who wish to harm others or to do mischief to them.

Devil's Shoe String Oil
To tie down and restrain the devil and also human enemies.

Dixie John Oil
Used for help in family, love, and luck. Contains genuine Dixie John Root.

Dixie Love Oil
A Southern-style love-drawing formula for men or women

Do As I Say Oil
Said to give one the power to command others to obey.

Domination Oil
For those who wish to rule others and control them.

Double Cross Oil
Used to dress gifts that are actually intended to harm another.

Dove's Blood Oil
For love, and to signify the sealing of a pact or promise

Dragon's Blood Oil
For luck, protection, and to signify the sealing of a pact or promise.

D.U.M.E. Oil
"Death Unto My Enemies" -- burned on black candles to harm other.

Essence of Bend-Over Oil
Used by those who wish to impose their will upon others.

Fast Luck Oil (also known as Luck In A Hurry)
Alleged to bring luck in a hurry in matters of money, love, and business.

Fear Not to Walk Over Evil Oil
Believed to protect from any tricks that have been laid down around one.

Fiery Wall of Protection Oil
Said to protect one from all the harm that enemies can devise.

Fire of Love Oil
For passionate desire; as a flame burns, so does love burn

Five Finger Grass Oil
For success in all the things that your five fingers can do.

Follow Me Boy Oil
Southern style formula, said to make a man follow you like a dog.

Follow Me Girl Oil
Southern style formula, said to make a woman follow you like a dog.

Good Luck Oil
An all-around, all-purpose luck-drawing oil from love, money, and success.

Healing Oil
For relief of sickness and sorrow; to mend emotional and physical problems.

Hindu Grass Oil
For cleaning out old messes and cutting ties to past events.

Hot Foot Oil (also known as Drive Away or Moving)
Many claim this has helped to drive unwanted persons from their lives.

House Blessing Oil
Used in dressing homes for family happiness, health, and prosperity.

I Can, You Can't Oil
Alleged to hold another person back so that you can get ahead.

I Dominate My Man Oil
Used in attempts to gain complete mental control of a male lover.

I Dominate My Woman Oil
Used in attempts to gain complete mental control of a female lover.

Indian Spirit Guide Oil
Used by those who call upon Blackhawk or other Native ancestor spirits.

Inflammatory Confusion Oil
To cause people to misunderstand one another so much that they quarrel and fight.

Influence Oil
Worn by those who seek to influence the thoughts or actions of others.

Intranquility Oil
To cause someone to suffer from troubled sleep, a restless mind, and wandering feet.

Japanese Lucky 7 Oil
A blend of seven luck-bringing scents for calling on the Seven Luck Gods of Japan.

Jezebel Oil
Used in the curse of Jezebel; also used by prostitutes to attract wealthy customers. Contains genuine Jezebel Root.

Jinx Oil
Said to help one person put a jinx on another.

Jinx Killer Oil
Believed to break jinxes, curses, crossing, or hexing.

John the Conqueror Oil (also known as High John)
Alleged to increase personal power and mastery, draw money, and restore nature.

King Solomon Wisdom Oil
Said to grant the user the wisdom of King Solomon when making decisions.

Kiss Me Now! Oil
Said to rapidly bring about a sexual affair or increase desire in marriage.

Lady Luck Oil
Popular with gamblers and those who take serious risks in life.

Lavender Love Drops Oil
Designed to attract a lover of the same sex.

Law Keep Away Oil
Used by people who wish to conduct their business in private.

Lodestone Oil
Its live magnetism is alleged to draw love, luck, and money to you.

Look Me Over Oil
Used in glamor spells to attract attention, particularly from men.

Love Me Oil
Said to draw passionate love from a specific party of the opposite sex.

Lucky 13 Oil
For lottery and bingo play; uses unlucky conditions to generate good luck.

Lucky Buddha Oil
To attract luck and wealth through the help of Hotei, "the Laughing Buddha."

Lucky Hand Oil
A popular hand rub with gamblers, who say it brings in the winnings.

Lucky Mojo Oil
An all-purpose lucky incense.

Lucky Number Oil
For catching lucky numbers to bet.

Magnet Oil
Alleged to attract things to you.

Mandrake Root in Oil
Contains American Mandrake; a Native American formula to draw love and money.

Marriage Oil
Used when hoping for marriage and also to bless a marriage.

Master Oil
Said to powerfully aid one's ability to control situations and people.

Master Key Oil
Used by those who are seeking occult and spiritual mastery.

Money Drawing Oil
Said to draw money in games of chance and in business.

Money House Blessing Oil
Combines Money Drawing and House Blessing for a prosperous, happy home.

Money Stay With Me Oil
It's not how much you get, it's how much you can hold on to!

Moses Oil
A spiritual oil used to dress seals.

Nature Oil
Said to increase the user's sexual vitality.

Pay Me Oil
Burned on candles when attempting to get back money that is owed.

Peaceful Home Oil (also known as Happy Home)
Alleged to calm family members and bring happiness to the home.

Peony Root in Oil
Used in protection, health, longevity, and luck work.

Power Oil
Believed to increase your personal strength and spiritual power.

Prosperity Oil
To increase your income and lead you to a better life.

Protection Oil
To keep away all harmful influences.

Psychic Vision Oil
Alleged to enhance spiritual insight and induce prophetic dreams.

'Q' Oil
Used by men to find passion and love.

Queen Elizabeth Root in Oil
A favorite Love Root, also called Orris or Iris Root.

Reconciliation Oil
To forgive and forget past problems, fights, and break-ups, to fall in love again.

Restless Oil
To keep others in turmoil, to trouble their sleep, to disturb their minds.

Return To Me Oil
To bring back a friend or lover who has walked out or left.

Revenge Oil
For exacting justice upon someone who has done you wrong.

Reversing Oil
Used in sending jinxes and curses back to the one who sent them.

Road Opener Oil
To break old blockages and open the way for new opportunities.

Rue Oil
Contains genuine Rue (Ruda, Ruta) Herb; for protection from the evil eye.

Run Devil Run Oil
Said to drive the Devil and his imps away.

Safe Travel Oil
For safety while on a journey and for a happy welcome home.

Separation Oil
To drive two people apart, or allow you to depart from someone.

Solomon Seal Root in Oil
For the wisdom, strength, and beauty of King Solomon; for work with Talismans.

Spanish Moss Oil
Used for wealth, in "war" work, or to dress doll-babies.

Spirit Guide Oil
Encourages the coming-forth of helpful, beneficent spirits.

Stay At Home Oil
To keep a spouse from spending too much time away from the family.

Stay With Me Oil
Alleged to hold the lover you have and to ensure marital fidelity.

Steady Work Oil
Believed to assist in gaining and maintaining regular employment.

Stop Gossip
To shut the mouths of false friends and those who speak ill of you.

Three Jacks and a King Oil
Very popular with those who play at cards and other games of chance.

Tobacco Infusion Oil
Used in court case and spiritual contact work.

Tranquility Oil
A peaceful, soothing scent for calmness, gentle thoughts, and quietude.

Uncrossing Oil
Said to remove crossed conditions, break a jinx, or put an end to bad luck. Each bottle contains a Broken Chain.

Van Van Oil
Used for opening the way and dressing mojo bags; increases the power of amulets. (This oil is especially popular to anoint a Rabbit Foot Charm.)

Victory Oil
Used when seeking triumph over rivals or enemies.

Wealthy Way Oil
For prosperity and plenitude.

Ok so these are a few of the ones I've looked up. If any one has any more please do share feel free to add one.

In a later post i well be adding a how to use, how to make your own and where you can buy some.
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Magic oils, generally called conjure oils, ritual oils, hoodoo oil, dressing oils, and anointing oils, have been a part of hoodoo rootwork practice for as far back as oral histories and written records exist. It is very likely that their use combines African traditions of healing, Native American plant lore, and information derived from medieval European herbals, grimoires, and "books of wonders" such as those attributed to Albertus Magnus.

Some of the occult symbolism in the old herbals is based on the so-called doctrine of signatures, whereby the shape, texture, or colour of a plant is a sign of its occult uses. Other magical ascriptions are extensions of the ways that certain herbs are used in folk medicine. Thus Violet Leaves, which look like hearts, are worn in the shoe because they are alleged to attract a new lover, while Angelica Root, which contains phyto-estrogens and is a standard folk remedy for women's reproductive health problems, is carried in a conjure bag or woman's nation sack to protect mother and child from harm.

Hoodoo root doctors traditionally name magical oil compounds for the conditions they are believed to cause or to cure. Thus Crossing Oil is thought to bring about crossed conditions and Uncrossing Oil to set matters right again. Likewise, Essence of Bend-Over bends someone to the will of another, while Reconciliation heals rifts between estranged lovers. This is quite unlike the naming conventions followed by potion-makers in the European-American tradition. Among ceremonial magicians and neo-pagans, ritual oils are often given Zodiacal and celestial titles such as Scorpio Oil and Moon Drops, or they bear the names of deities like Artemis, Jupiter, and Pan. Yet despite the differences in terminology, the intentions behind ritual oils and conjure oils are similar in both traditions. Jupiter, for instance, is said to grant wealth, as is Money Drawing Oil, while Pan promotes lust, just like Kiss Me Now!. In many cases, the herbs and scents in a hoodoo oils are similar to those in neo-pagan potions created for the same purpose; in other cases, such as Hot Foot, which drives away enemies by "poisoning them in the feet," the African origins of the formula are so dominant that there are no corresponding European-style formula.

In hoodoo terminology, touching a drop of oil to your finger and then placing it on yourself or another person is called "anointing." Drizzling oil, rubbing it, or touching a drop of it onto an inanimate object is called "dressing." (Other old synonyms for dressing are "preparing" and "fixing.") When a man rubs John the Conqueror Root Oil on his penis, he is anointing himself; when he rubs it on a red penis-shaped candle or a John the Conqueror Root, he is dressing them.

A "Dressing oil" (the term comes from the leather goods trade) refers to any oil used in dressing or fixing candles, mojo hands, leather, furniture, money, and other such items, while an "anointing oil" (a term that comes from the Bible) refers primarily to use on the body.

An "anointing oil" is definitely intended to be skin-safe for people (barring allergies), because the term is taken from the Bible. For instance, in Exodus 25, it is said in verse 6 that the Lord requires: "Oil for the light, spices for anointing oil, and for sweet incense" -- with the implication that the anointing oil is not the same as lamp oil or oil for the lights. This is further underscored in Exodus Chapter 29, verse 7, where the manner of using anointing oil is clearly stated: "Then shalt thou take the anointing oil, and pour it upon his head, and anoint him." That 7th verse is about as clear as it gets: the anointing oil of the Lord was safe enough to pour on the heads of old bald-headed Moses and Aaron.

"Condition oil" is a term found only in hoodoo and conjure practice; it refers collectively to all anointing and dressing oils that are utilized in rites, rituals, or spell-craft to address or remediate an unwanted condition or to bring about a desired condition.

"Formula oil" is another way of saying "condition oil" -- that is, a conjure oil, hoodoo oil, anointing oil, or dressing oil made according to a conjure doctor's proprietary formula.

Now, why are some hoodoo condition oils traditionally called "dressing oils" and others traditionally called "anointing oils"?

Well, it is my understanding that those conjure oils and hoodoo oils specifically intended to be used on the body or which are derived from or have analogues among the alcohol-based perfumes (e.g. Jockey Club Oil, which derives from Jockey Club perfume, or Cleo May oil, which has as an analogue Cleo May perfume) are generally referred to as "anointing oils" or "perfume oils," while conjure condition oils that do not have such analogues or are not thus derived, but which have specific uses in candle rituals for certain conditions and are not worn on the body of the practitioner (e.g. D.U.M.E. oil or Hot Foot Oil or Crossing Oil, tend to be called "dressing oils." The distinction is a fluid one, however (pun intended!) and you will find people referring to the condition oils collectively as "dressing and anointing oils" or, more simply, as "condition oils."

In hoodoo practice, dressing oils are often used as anointing oils and vice versa because most folks don't have the money to spend on TWO oils for the same purpose -- and so all such conjure condition oils are made skin-safe. This does not mean that dressing oils or anointing oils are diluted to the level of massage oils, however. Massage oils are much lighter in fragrance and therefore only lightly touched with essential oils. Incidentally, you can cut any dressing or anointing oil to massage oil strength just by adding sweet Almond oil or Jojoba oil. This will save a bit of money for you, because you'll get three uses (dressing, anointing, and massage) from the same oil) and it will result in your having the ability to work sneaky tricks by giving massages with condition oils as you silently call your desires into the person whom you are massaging.

Many folks who use conjure oils that are reputed to improve personal conditions or bring about spiritual improvements prefer to anoint with them. Thus, Psychic Vision is primarily an anointing oil, as are Blessing and 7-11 Holy Type Oil.

Conjure oils alleged to attract good fortune are used primarily for dressing objects. For instance, among gamblers, the money set aside to play is often dressed with Money Drawing, Money Stay With Me, Three Jacks and a King, Lady Luck, or Fast Luck Oil prior to betting. People who are working love-drawing spells burn candles dressed with Come To Me, Love Me, Attraction, or Follow Me Boy oil. Van Van Oil is by far the most popular all-purpose dressing oil. It is especially linked in folkloric practice with the lucky rabbit foot charm. And, of course, mojo bags and their contents are usually dressed with a condition oil or with alcohol, or both.

In actual practice, most hoodoo oils are used both for anointing the person and for dressing charms, candles, or mojo bags. Since many of them have very pleasant scents, they can even be treated as a form of perfume. Thus, a person who feels under slanderous attack from an enemy may dress his doorstep with Fiery Wall of Protection and also wear the oil as a personal scent if he has to meet with the gossiping enemy in a social situation. Conjure oils commonly used for dressing as well as anointing include Crown of Success, King Solomon Wisdom, Cast Off Evil, John the Conqueror Root Oil, and the various formulas used in love spells, like Come To Me, Kiss Me Now!, and Lavender Love Drops. Even Money Drawing and Lucky Hand Oil are used for personal anointment by players who feel that this will give them a winning edge.

Methods of anointing and dressing the body with hoodoo oils vary from one practitioner to another, and certain forms are only used with certain named types of oil. Here are just a few of the methods i know -- but please understand that none of these are hard and fast rules; rather they merely reflect instructions given to me over the years by various root workers with whom i have conversed:

When using an anointing oil for Uncrossing or jinx-breaking, rub the body downward from head to feet. Expel bad tricks put on the person by rubbing them down the legs and out the feet and toes. The same is done when bathing someone for Uncrossing.
When anointing oneself in love spells or money spells to draw luck to you, rub the entire body upward from soles of feet to armpits, then from palms of hands to armpits, then up over the head to the mould of the head. This may be administered to the self but is more often a treatment given by a root worker.

When using King Solomon Wisdom or Crown of Success oils, anoint the head only: place oil on thumb, index, and middle fingers of dominant hand. Starting at the bridge of the nose, brush outward, above and parallel to the eyebrows, with thumb and middle finger, then brush upward from the bridge of the nose along midline of scalp with index finger. This form of anointing is accompanied by appropriate magic spells.

Anoint the mould of the head (the under-side of the back of the head, where the skull joins the spinal column) with Blessing Oil for healing, power-enhancing, and other life-changing magic spells; use your palm and make a massage-like squeezing-rubbing motion, end with an upward brush of the palm.

When dressing the genitals with an oil such as Come to Me, Follow Me Boy, Love Me, Stay With Me, or other named formula intended to draw, keep, or enforce faithfulness in a lover, anoint the penis from tip to root, or anoint the vulva from perineum to clitoris; this draws the person closer.

When dressing the genitals with oil such as Cast Off Evil, Break-Up, Get Away, or any other named formula intended to break up with a lover, anoint the penis from root to tip, or anoint the vulva from clitoris to perineum; this sends the person away.

Anoint the palms of both hands right before you go to play, when using money-drawing or gambling oils such as Lady Luck, Fast Luck, Money Drawing Three Jacks and a King, or Special Dice Oil.

There are hundreds of named conjure oil formulas and they address hundreds of named conditions -- but sometimes the condition or situation with which you are dealing is not quite covered by one oil.

Let's say, for instance, that you are seeking regular employment at good wages. You'd probably select Steady Work oil ... and if you were a lawyer hoping to do well in court, you'd probably choose Court Case oil. So, if you were a lawyer hoping to get a job at a big firm, where you'd have regular employment AND be expected to do well in court, you could mix up a custom blend of Steady Work oil, Court Case oil, and a dash of Crown of Success oil to aid in your long-term career goals of fame and recognition.

Likewise, if you owned a small business and wanted more customers, you might choose Money Drawing oil, and if you were an exotic dancer hoping to get noticed, you'd do well with Look Me Over oil ... or, since an exotic dancer relies on men for money, you could also choose Cleo May oil, a favourite among working women who make their money from men. But if you were really clever, you could mix up your own custom blend of all three ritual oils: Money Drawing for good business in the bar itself (even though you don't own the establishment), Look Me Over for having attention directed toward you personally, and Cleo May for getting male customers to give you big tips.

No matter what kind of job you have, if you want your boss to treat you better, you can use Boss Fix oil, and if you want the other folks at your workplace to stop backbiting you, you will find an ideal formula in Stop Gossip oil -- so if you have both a tough boss and a bunch of squabbling hens for fellow workers, and you want to be made a manager and get a year-end bonus as well, then try mixing up a special batch of Boss Fix, Stop Gossip, Commanding, and Pay Me -- and let the chips fall where they may, asking in prayer that no one will oppose you, hold you down, or stand in your way.

When it comes to mixing and blending conjure oils, feel free to try as many combinations as you like. You may create a wonderful and new oil -- and one that is all your own -- as a result of your experimentation.
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Niobe Second

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 11, 2010 10:01 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

This is a personal spell that I wrote awhile ago but have put off using and contemplated using it. I have come to the conclusion yes I will be using it soon.

May It Come Back To You

Cast at night on a full moon. (I choose to do this under a full moon cause I'm a Cancer and fell more powerful under the full moon. You may choose any time you feel more powerful.)


-Break Up Oil (if thats your case then use it if not it may be left out)
-Destruction Oil
-Inflammatory Confussion Oil
-Revenge Oil
-Reversing Oil
-Cayenne Papper
-Nettles (Can be left out)
-Black Candle (if casting on more the one person then use more)
-1 Rusty Nail
-A Picture Of Your Target (Or targets/ if you dont have one then use visualiztion)
-A Clay Pot Or Something To Start A Fire In
-Small Jar
-Piece Od Prach Paper

Anoint the Picture and candle with the oils. Take the candle/s and engrave the persons full name (as you may know names carries power) with the rusty nail and light it (all time time repeating, " May it come back to you.")
On the piece of prach paper write the following:

" For all the harm you've done.
may it come back to you.
For the ones you've hurt.
May it come back to you.
For the pain you've caused.
May it all come back to you."

"May you feel confused and empty, used and abused.
May others take advantage of you as you have done to others.
May all you've accomplished with your lies and betrayal fall apart.
May all your lies become undone.
May other see you for who you are.
May you watch unable to stop it as everything slips through your fingers like water."

"Let my cries for justice be heard.
May no innocent be harmed.
I curse you (the persons name.)
May all the harm you've done come back to you'
As I ask so let it be.
Let it all come back to you."

Take the picture and light it on fire place it in the clay pot.
Take the piece of paper and light it on fire too. Look up at the moon and repeat the words thinking of how this person wronged you and others.
Take the ashes and place it in the jar take the melted candle wax and add that too to with the rusty nail. Close it and anoint the jar then bury it very deep. Some where it will not ever be distured.
Go back and plant something over it as it grows so well the spell.

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Red Raven
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 15, 2010 7:59 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

You probable know more than you realise and just need to have more cofadence in your self and your abilaties.
when you look at a spell ask your self why did they use that oil or that colour in the the spell and then try to work out how they formulated that spell.
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Niobe Second

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 17, 2010 12:30 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


Things you will need: 1 gold candle 6 green candles 9 white candles
Pine oil (for anointing the candles) salt
The spell is to begin at one minute past midnight sun time on the night of April 30
(May 1), July 31 (Aug 1), Oct 31 (Nov. 1) and Jan 31 (Feb 1) In other words, on the first
minute of the cross quarter day. Spell:
All candles must be dressed with pine oil and then arranged as follows:
Gold candle in the center.
Green candles in a circle around gold candle.
White candles in a circle around green candles.
At one minute past midnight on the appointed day, trace a salt circle around the
outermost circle of candles, light the gold candle first, then the green candles,
moving deosil (clock wise), then the white candles, moving deosil.
Circle the altar three times, chanting:
"Orbiting Jupiter trine the sun, bring money on the run."
Do the chant 3 times. Sit quietly for a few minutes and visualize your monetary needs.
Then snuff (do not blow or pinch) the candles in reverse order
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Niobe Second

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 17, 2010 12:34 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


Take a white houshold candle and light it without a word.
Walk counterclockwise around your bedroom three times.
As you do this, project simple protective phrases into the walls, floors, and windows such as:
"keep me safe" etc.
Next, walk clockwise three times in silence, meditating on positive, restful phrases.
Finally, blow out the candle, whisper the word "sleep" and turn in for the night.
Note that this spell does not need to be repeated to continue working.
Instead, simply light the candle for a few minutes each night, then whisper "sleep" again
before getting into bed. When the candle is completely spent, repeat the original spell
with a new white candle.
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Niobe Second

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 17, 2010 2:53 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

This is my personal spell

To call a (known) lover to you.
Also known as the butty call spell.

To be done under the full moon midnight.

- 6 Red candles small
- 6 White candles small
- 2 Pictures (one of said person and one of you.)
- Come to me oil
- Return to me oil
- Cleo oil
- Clay pot (to burn picture in, the aroma therapy one are great too.)
- Dark little jar

Anoint the white candle and the picture of your self in Come To Me Oil and Cleo Oil. Anoint the red candle and his piture with Return To Me Oil. place the candles 5 in apart take to 2 pictures and place them together face to face (stuck together) cover or put it in a dark place. Every night for 5 nights resite the following:

"From far bring him near.
How I really dont care.
Hear my voice remember my name.
As you sleep in your dreams I remain.
I call to you to came to me.
With all the desire you once felt for me.
Once you awake its (your name) you must see.
No phone calls, no texts will do
The warmth of my body is all for you.
I call you (his full name) my cries you must hear.
My message is more then crystal clear.
I call you (his full name) with burning desire.
In each others arms we'll quench this fire.
So I ask so let it be.
I call you (his full name) to come to me."

Every night move the candles closer together until they are side by side. on the 6th night take out the pictures and burn them and resite the following:

"Feel the desire as it burns in thee.
Feel the passion that radiates in me.
Hear my cries, my screams, my plea.
(His full name) lets let this desire free.
As I ask so let it be.
(His full name) come to me."

Add the ashes and oils to the jar and bury it upside down in soil close to where you live.
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Niobe Second

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 18, 2010 7:35 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Red Raven wrote:
You probable know more than you realise and just need to have more cofadence in your self and your abilaties.
when you look at a spell ask your self why did they use that oil or that colour in the the spell and then try to work out how they formulated that spell.

you hit the nail right on the head i have a nack for getting this but when it comes to the bottom line I always lack the confidence to make the finally steps so i guess my next step is to write a confidence spell like see how that goes
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Niobe Second

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 24, 2010 7:23 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


You Need: 3 black candles black thread one black pen a piece of paper an empty glass jar
This spell will not hurt your bully, it will just make them leave you alone.
Do this spell at midnight on a Saturday of a waning moon
(a period of time between a full moon and a new moon, the light is decreasing.
The opposite is the waxing moon, when the moon is moving from a new moon to a full).
Set the candles in a big triangle shape, big enough so that you can sit in the middle.
Light the candles. Write the bully's name on the paper, and draw an "X" over it.
Fold it three times. Say:
"I bind you (say their name)
so that you cannot hurt me anymore,
both physically, and emotionally.
Get out of my life, leave me alone.
I bind you (say name) I bind you."
Then tie the thread around the folded paper, and pop it in the jar. Screw on the lid.
Snuff out the candles (never, NEVER blow out candles after a spell, it pushes the
magick away). The next day, bury the jar off you property, or you can hide it in a closet
where it will not be found. If the black candles you used are small enough, you can put
them in the jar (do this at the end of the spell, not after you have screwed the lid on).
If not, burn them later until there is nothing left of them.


You can just write their name and wrap it in black cord, ribbon, thread, yarn,
with intention, or freeze it in an ice cube tray.
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Niobe Second

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 24, 2010 7:29 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Binding spell

A binding spell is used to stop someone from harassing you. If you can't do anything on a practical level to make them stop, a binding spell may be useful. It is best worked on a waning or dark Moon.

Note: This spell is not designed to cause harm, simply to prevent harassment.

Cut two layers of black cloth in the rough shape of the person you wish to bind and sew together to create a small poppet. Leave part of the head unstitched.

Fill the poppet with earth, a piece of smoky quartz and a piece of amethyst. Also include hair or nail clippings, or a photograph or sample of handwriting of the person you wish to bind.

Create a sacred circle, the an altar candle and a black candle. Hold the poppet out in front of you and say:

"Creature of cloth thou art,
Now creature of flesh and blood you be.
I name you (Name of the person you are binding).
No more shall you do me harm,
No more shall you spread false tales,
No more shall you interfere in my life
Nor in the lives of my loved ones.
By the power of the Gods and by my will,
So mote it be."

Draw an invoking pentagram over the poppet. Now take some black ribbon or wool and begin to wrap the poppet like a mummy, leaving no space unwrapped and say:

"I bind your feet from bringing you to harm me.
I bind your hands from reaching out to harm me.
I bind your mouth from spreading tales to harm me.
I bind your mind from sending energy to harm me.
If you continue to do so, let all negative energy be cast directly back at you!"

Tie off the ribbon and hold the poppet in front of you. Visualize all the negative energy this person has sent you being cast back at them.

Wrap the poppet in a piece of black cloth and tie with a black ribbon. Say:

"Great Mother, I have bound this person
From harming me and my loved ones.
By the powers of three times three,
By Earth and Fire, Air and Sea,
I fix this spell, then set it free,
'Twill give no harm to return on me,
As I will so mote it be!"

Let the candle burn out while the poppet sits at its base. Then take the poppet and the remains of the candle and bury them in the ground or toss them in the ocean. Walk away without looking back.
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Niobe Second

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 24, 2010 8:11 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


The following are the ingredients for a Witch's Protection Bottle and it works in two ways.
It not only protects you, but it will deflect the harm towards you back to the originator.

-A jar
-Nails, pins, razor blades, metal scrapings any small sharp objects
-Piece of paper


Get a glass jar such as a Mason jar, or even a baby food jar, anything that has a lid to it.
Fill the jar halfway with small sharp objects such as pins, metal scrapings, broken glass, razor blades, etc. Be careful when you are filling the jar! Once the jar is half full with these objects, fill the jar up with a holy water mixture of salt and water, write (protect (your name) from any and all harm that may come) add this too the jar.
Put the top on the jar and be sure it's secured.
This jar should be buried in the ground at least twelve inches deep.
As long as the bottle remains in the ground, you will be protected from harm that is sent your way. If you bury the jar somewhere away from home, and you wont know if it will still be there in a year (City Witches don't always have backyards!), then be sure to repeat this process each year.
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