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Take me with you-Poem for my angel.

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 01, 2010 12:01 am    Post subject: Take me with you-Poem for my angel. Reply with quote

The tragic night you left us I was one month old. Oh how I wish that I could have met you, I blame myself even though I know that I could have never stopped it. I was alive when you left me....Maybe if you saw a baby girl with pale skin and blue eyes you would have known that she was to love and honor you until her last day. And that she would have given her whole world for you. Somwhow I will show you that you are my night sky. Seventeen years after you left me I weep for you and even though I am so much older than when you left me I will always be your precious baby girl. I stay awake at night and wonder how you would have reacted if we met. Even though I was so young I would have stopped you if I could. I would look into your eyes so blue and let you know that you are the whole world. And I do not feel worthy of your love because your love is as deep as the ocean and as vast as the night sky. And everytime I look at the stars I wish that you were by my side. And when I stare at the moon that night I will wonder if you stared at the same moon and thought that somewhere in a faraway place there was a baby girl that would grow to love you unconditionally. And when you see that moon remember that you are loved for you can see it clearly, now. Your face was my lullaby in the harshest nights when I had no hope. Your spirit was a part of my soul. The thorned roses I hold for you pierce my heart and leave me bleeding for you. My tears water the earth you were sprinkled on and my heart has a dagger in it from the times I tried to ease this pain! And when I am down and I see your face I will do what I dream. And I will move forward because you would have wanted me to. And on the cursed night you left me I would not sleep wanting to join you. As the tears slowly soak my pillow would you look down to me and hold out your hand? Although I know you would want me to stay on this cruel cold world where you are absent although I know you are always with me. On cold nights I shiver and ask you to hold me tight and never let me go and to take me with you. At midnight I waltz with you, arms around your invisible shouders. As we spin across the night sky we become one. Waltzing with destiny. I am Juliet and you are my Romeo because I am clutching the dagger to my heart because I love you so. At night I bed you to take me up in your arms and fly me up to heaven with you for this night is too long and the strength to go on fails me because I want to be your eternal bride. But one thing is for sure. When the world comes crushing down and the mountains crumble. I will look up at the moon and you will know that I am forever your baby girl.
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