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Just a story.

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 09, 2011 9:38 pm    Post subject: Just a story. Reply with quote

My Sun sign is Scorpio. The Scorpio, being the most passionate, powerful and possesive of all the signs is said to have three phases of life, governed by the Scorpion, the Eagle, and the Phoenix. The Scorpion brings aggresion and instinct. Evolving to the Eagle brings insight and the thirst for mastery, and upon ridding themselves of judgement by replacing it with compassion, manifest the virtues of the Phoenix, upon which they either perish in their own flames, or transcend and transform.

My life goal has been told to me to be the release of judgement. My life goal is to become the Phoenix. I achieve this, I do not know when, and die in 2083.

Last night, I achieved the Eagle. I've been studying New Age philosophy, psychic powers, systems of belief, God and Jesus, and have come to conclude my Truth, which I accept to BE.

I've been asking, nay, demanding to fall in love for some years now. This morning, I had one last test at school, after which the profesor informed us that we have to bring our index (little booklet with all our grades) to him by 1:00 to get our grade. I didn't have it, so I went home to get it. This was before 11:00. The bus I take home, broke, and as such I had to wait another 20 minutes for a second bus. By the time I had huried home and back to school, it was already 1:30, and he had left. Since I was already in the city, I asked my sister if she wanted to hang out. She denied me even though we had already made plans, which confused me.

I had been noticing many girls alll day, but on my way home my mind told me to cross the street. I did, and there was nothing of interest. It merely delayed me. As I approched the bus station to go home, the bus quickly departed before I could get there, which I also found odd. Strange things were happening today, and I felt there was a reason.

Almost home, the bus I was riding on broke. It simply stopped for a few minutes. By this point, I was tired and frustrated by all the shenanigans and the time I had wasted travelling. I moved to get off the bus and walk the rest of the way home, and it instantly started working again.

As we pulled in to the bus station near my home, I saw her.

My soulmate.

The girl I had been asking for my entire life. She was perfect, exactly my definition of an attractive woman (with which many of my peers disagree), she had a warm soul, beautiful hair and eyes. She saw me, and smiled with a Love that shined deeper than any woman I have ever seen, even amonst those that told me they loved me. From a single look, nothing remained in my soul, apart from Being. Perfection.

She kept turning back to look at me, almost confused with how it could be possible. I could tell, there was an instant connection, even amongst the crowd of people.

I didn't talk to her. I looked and smiled, and she smiled and looked back, again, then we continued walking, then again. I kept going towards my home, then turned around, then turned around again. I was so uncertain of everything in that moment. Fear had overtaken me.

I went home, punched a wall, then cried myself to sleep. I haven't cried in years.

I had seen my Soulmate, undeniably, and didn't have the balls to go talk to her.

Just a story.
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