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Psychic Powers - list & description of various abilities

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Joined: 14 Sep 2005
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 13, 2005 3:13 am    Post subject: Psychic Powers - list & description of various abilities Reply with quote

Psychism is not a power.
It is the ability to sense and interpret energy. Just because you can 'see' the train coming does not mean you can stop the train. Hopefully, however, you can get off the tracks.

Psychism is natural.

That does not mean that it is easily understood. Many begin their psychic exploration through games but it is not a toy. The warnings which come to us through the ages should be well heeded. If you just want to become more accepting of the intuitions you receive from time to time, that would be like a walk in the park. This excursion into nature is usually without the need for extreme caution. Digging deeper into the psychic energies through your own will is like going hiking in the mountains. This is also natural, but there are things which you will need for your journey and to ignore them is to travel at much greater risk.

It is wise to be cautious.

One reason for this is because 'if you don't know what it is, then it could be anything.' This can lead to very strong reactions to what you sense or feel and the actions you take because of those reactions can, at times, undermine you in all areas of your life. Also, how you interpret the 'shadows' within your sensing is strongly based in your personally rooted belief system. If you are caught within the net of good vs evil, then every darkness will be interpreted as a demon trying to catch you in their web. If you are attracted to drama, then your interpretations will be dramatic. What in truth is just sensing a problem with a car rapidly becomes interpreted as a high speed car crash with injuries.

All that being said, psychism is a natural part of personal growth and inner development. It is also a wonderful way to explore yourself. Come see us on Undernet and learn more about the psychic experience.


Telepathy is the ability to read thoughts, usually surface thoughts. Telepathy is fairly common to some degree. The most common type is between close family or friends and manifests as answering questions before they are asked, knowing when a family member is thinking of you, or thinking about them and they call. Slightly less common is the ability to read the surface thoughts of strangers. Even less common is being able to read the deep or subconscious thoughts of people, friends, family or anyone else. It is not, however, completely unknown. If you have the disconcerting habit of knowing everything about a person when you meet them, you are at least a highly gifted telepath. In crowds this may manifest as "white noise" or constant buzzing in the ears (brain), accompanied by a feeling of pressure on the brain. This is due to the constant noise of all of the thoughts of others that one is unable to block. Many highly gifted telepaths are unable to live in highly populated areas, and an apartment complex is a nightmare. They are also prone to intense headaches. This gift may or may not be related to proximity. For strangers, it is usual that the person must be close by (though not always the case). Family seems to be instantly accessible, due to the non-local nature of the gift, speed of light laws do not apply. Strong thought, as in a disaster or violent attack, may be picked up without prior knowledge of the person at all, if they are in the vicinity or there are enough people concentrating on mentally screaming at the top of their lungs. This gift also manifests more strongly if one really desires something (a strong focus of will or emotion). To block out the noise, shielding must be practiced constantly, and the person should put up permanent shields around their home. To develop this gift, one should focus on an individual and relax, allowing whatever impressions one is receiving to come through. Write them down. This is best developed with close friends or family. Telepathy can manifest in three ways. A sending telepath can not "hear" the thoughts of others, but instead broadcasts his/her own thoughts to anyone even remotely sensitive. A sending telepath can influence others, without being aware of it, by strongly desiring something. A danger is that one who is a sending telepath, without any of the other gifts, has a tendency to be self-centered and demanding, and petulant when they don’t get their way. A receiving telepath can "hear" but can’t send, others don’t pick up their thoughts. This person might believe the voices, thoughts, or impressions of ideas to be internally generated, and might doubt his/her sanity. As is often the case, the thoughts are incongruous, and seem to come from nowhere, but the individual can not distinguish the internal thought from the external. Most common is one who can both send and receive, and the response is usually enough to convince the person that s/he is not crazy, though the gift might be hidden out of a fear of being unusual, especially if the person’s church mistakenly equates the gifts with possession. The "voices" or impressions gathered by the telepath are relaying accurate, verifiable information based on the consensual hallucination we call reality. Ask. The information is usually pretty mundane, and the telepath, upon thinking about it, can learn to tell that the thought did not originate in his/her own brain (for example: "I need to remember the ice cream" when the individual is allergic to ice cream and is talking to someone on his way to the store.) If one is hearing voices counseling them to murder or warning that the toaster is influencing our thoughts by controlling the television, then some mental health care is definitely in order.
(Related Gifts: Mind Healing {20-30% of the population})


Empathy is similar to Telepathy but revolves around emotions instead of thoughts. Empathic ability can also manifest in sending, receiving, or both. A sending empath may not have much sense of what others feel, because the can usually change an unpleasant response into a more favorable one. The receiving empath is in danger of being swamped by the feelings of others, and may not know whether the feeling is internally or externally generated. To be an empath is to be able to sense what others are feeling, and influence what others are feeling is the most common manifestation. This may or may not occur along with telepathy. If one is an empath, feelings and emotional atmosphere play a strong part in every aspect of one’s life. Crowds are almost unbearable. The individual may feel angry/depressed/elated/in love/enraged in a matter of a few moments as the gift ranges out and picks up whatever is there. A feeling of being on a roller coaster, and of smothering in a sea of feelings may accompany this. On the other hand, the person seems to gravitate to the individual in the room who needs help dealing with an emotional problem. An empath makes an excellent counselor and is usually the one to whom friends bring their problems because "s/he really understands." Dianna Troi on Star Trek NG is an empath, and they have done their homework. A trained empath responds like Counselor Troi (Fiction? Another example of science fiction masking science fact.) Again, this gift may or may not be related to proximity, and often family members and close friends may be "sensed" no matter how distant they are.
(Related Gifts: Mind Healing, Physical Healing {5-10% of population}, Communication with Plants [green thumb], Communication with Animals.)


Psychometry is the ability to pick up images, histories, and impressions from objects and places, by holding an abject, like a sweater or a ring, one Sees or senses information about the owner or most frequent user of the object. This Gift is usually combined with one or more of the "Clair" Gifts. Occurs in varying degrees in 15-20% of the population, 5% strongly. Police psychics are usually psychometrists.

Clairvoyance ( clear seeing )

The person can See visions of things occurring in the present both on this plane and on the etheric. Combined with other Gifts, the person may experience foggy or clear "movies" of things that have happened in the past or will happen in the future. This can often occur in dreams. This Gift occurs in 10-15% of the population and is usually associated with a trance or trance like state. To control trance, vigorous movements, splashing cold water on face or drinking it, or some type of physical activity is recommended. It is NOT good to trance while driving or operating machinery. This Gift, if one has it in full measure, can be disconcerting and there is very little, other than the above, that one can do to control it.

Clairaudience (clear hearing)

The person with this gift can "hear" conversations or information being transmitted vocally on this plane and on the etheric. With other Gifts, one may hear things from the past or the future.

Clairsentience (clear sensing)

The person knows and feels things about places--a room, house, building, field, etc. Usually senses "what happened". The stronger the gift, the more sensitive one is to the environment.


The ability to sense, see, and /or hear things that may happen in the future. Usually combined with one of the other Gifts. Sometimes manifests in dreams that come true, visions, flashes, hunches, or just "knowing". Occurs in some degree in about 50% of the population, 10% strongly.


The ability to see, sense, and/or hear things that happened in the past. Same description as above. Also increases the likelihood of "seeing" past lives and connections with others.


The ability to move object with the mind. Once thought rare, this gift usually manifests in adolescents going through puberty and is responsible for about 95% of the poltergeist phenomena. This Gift can also manifest disguised as "the Klutz", someone who, usually when emotionally stimulated, objects around them fall over, break, etc. (they walk by the table but do not touch it, yet something spills). Between 1-5% of the population can manipulate solid objects after this time, 5-15% can manipulate energy (electro-magnetic) sources. Someone so gifted needs to learn emotional control, since the gift tends to manifest in the presence of strong emotions - guilt, anger, fear, etc. Concentration improves conscious control.


This is the "Firestarter", the ability to light and/or control fire or heat with the mind. This is luckily the most rare of all of the gifts (1-5% of population). This also tends to manifest with strong emotion. The firestarter may often not be conscious of their gift, but will have a history of fires happening around them (The kitchen when they were a child, a house down the street, etc.) Do not confuse this with pyromania! The Gifted person needs to learn to direct heat into the earth, as holding it in can cause damage. Concentration and emotional balance are essential.

Medium (channeling)

The ability to see, hear, and communicate with non-corporeal entities. Includes Spirit (Astral) beings, non-local entities, discorporated humans, and other manifestations. Usually combined with other gifts. Once rare, this gift seems to be appearing in more of the general population, having increased from about 5% to 30% within the last ten years. UFO contactees tend to manifest this Gift after contact. Because a Medium is extremely sensitive and susceptible to outside influences, it is vital that s/he be shielded at all times.

Catalyst Telepath

The ability, conscious or unconscious, to "wake up" or unblock the Gifts in others. Also the ability to tell who is gifted and who is headblind, though this may not be conscious. Gifted people of all varieties tend to recognize each other and usually feel uncomfortable around the headblind. This gift occurs in 5-8% of the population. CT’s are very Sensitive and tend to have other Gifts in full measure, making them nervous and shy or forcing the development of natural shields.


The ability to work directly with the energies and the Earth’s magnetic forces and change them. Very rare once, this Gift also seems to be increasing. These people (5-10%) are very aware of the energy of places in the land and can tap directly into it, sometimes altering a negatively charged current to a positive one.

Related Gifts:

Someone who grounds any energy sent their way. One can not work energy in circle with a grounder.

Null Field
Psychic gifts and energy go dead in the presence of a null field. Some of the most avowed skeptics are actually nulls, Gifts won’t work in their environment.

Sensing substances in the earth, like water, metals, also ley lines.

Bard Gift
The ability to utilize, increase, and return the energy of an audience such that their emotional states are altered to what the Bard is sending. In a strong Gift, the audience will see visions of the subject matter of the song or instrumental piece. Occurs in about 20-30% of performing artists, 10% in strong degree.
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Joined: 01 Jan 2006
Posts: 33

PostPosted: Mon Feb 23, 2009 7:31 am    Post subject: missing one Reply with quote

I noticed that there was one gift that was not mentioned. Cryokinesis, it is the opposite of pyrokinesis, making objects or the area around colder. I have no idea about percentages, but it is a pretty interesting gift.
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Joined: 02 Mar 2009
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Location: london england

PostPosted: Mon Mar 02, 2009 9:33 am    Post subject: empathy Reply with quote

empathy is very much my strong point...

i am an emotional empath...picking up the emotions of others..

a physical empath...picking up their actual headaches etc

and intellectual...knowing what they are going to say next..

all three combined can be a bit of a pain....but i have learned over the years to cloak and to block...
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Joined: 08 Mar 2009
Posts: 7

PostPosted: Sat Mar 14, 2009 7:43 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I wonder if one is able to develop his very own psychic ability if he tries to do so?

Like developing the power to put magnetic field on an object... just a random thought there Razz
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Vampiric Royalty

Joined: 04 Feb 2009
Posts: 67

PostPosted: Sat Mar 14, 2009 12:46 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

jason99954 wrote:
I wonder if one is able to develop his very own psychic ability if he tries to do so?

Like developing the power to put magnetic field on an object... just a random thought there Razz

Sure..I always had a mental state that nothing is impossible.I always wanted to burn houses down..
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Joined: 02 Feb 2009
Posts: 136

PostPosted: Sat Mar 14, 2009 1:18 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

i am an emotional empath...picking up the emotions of others..

a physical empath...picking up their actual headaches etc

and intellectual...knowing what they are going to say next..

all three combined can be a bit of a pain....but i have learned over the years to cloak and to block...

I have this "problems" too. I pick everything i get. How do you block this? I try very hard, but there is still something missing.
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