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Twin flames or soul mates?

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Joined: 10 Aug 2011
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PostPosted: Wed Aug 10, 2011 11:10 am    Post subject: Twin flames or soul mates? Reply with quote

i heard about this man seven years ago but i did not see his face when i was a kid(maybe 12 YEARS OLD and hes 31 and i am 20 now).as i said i hardly saw his face and didn't even know his name but after years i saw him again and at that exact moment i blurted out that he's the man i saw years ago and he was the man whom i saw years ago!
but after his arrival in my life i ve noticed that whenever i choose a boyfriend it unexpectedly gets over in just months.i look 4 long term relationships but each time the affair gets over in 4-5 months even though every things smoothly between my bfs.those bfs turn villains for me and my interest goes back to this man and i remain single.and this is happening ever since he came into my life.i get strange dreams abt him in which i see him celebrating or something odd i get desperate to inquire abt him and then i know that hes accomplished big or had a concussion which not many pple know.
he lives in USA nd has a family yet i don't know why but he draws me towards him even when i gave up on him.i ve noticed that there are a lot of similarities between the slope of our shoulders,our palms(his are bigger) and palm lines,the way we sit with,i have this tendency to clap my hands once when i am very happy and so does he.the way we always cross our arms,our thinking,our tastes like favorite colors and stuff also match.except that hes blue eyed and i m brown eyed and hes fairer than me though we both have yellow undertone in skin and hes 6.3 in height while i m 5.3.pple say that we are twin flames.what do you think?
hes married which is why i want to forget him but theres no matter ow hard i try i can never get over him.
we have never spoken or interacted like friends as we lived in different countries(now same place where i see him) yet since i feel a lot for him.whenever i see his childhood pictures i feel very happy to see him as a kid and sometimes i also get a little emotional on seeing how old he is now.i also feel as if my heart will burst open whenever i see him smile and whenever his image crops up in my mind i smile and i get goosebumps.its like i know him.whenever i look at him in pictures and stare into his eyes its like my eyes get heavy and i get absorbed in them as if i am getting in them.i feel a lot of love and respect for him whenever i see him.and i don't feel like making boyfriends anymore.i feel very attached to matter how hard i try to forget him or get upset coz hes attached the unhappiness regarding him goes away and i am back to feelings for him are still strong.we have lots of things in common like the way we sit,the way we think,our slope of shoulders,attitude,school life,lots and lots of similarities which is just too noticeable and uncanny.why is this so?what is this?a soul connection,true love or soulmate?
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Joined: 28 Nov 2011
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 23, 2011 10:15 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hello Divarandy3,

From what I read, it sounds like you have a lot of emotion surrounding this man.

It was a bit difficult for me to understand what your relationship has been with this man, but from what I understood you do not have any kind of current relationship with this man as you two live in two different places, however you continue to have a profound emotional longing for this individual. Would I be going to far saying that you feel a need for him?

From my own experience, what I have learned is that sometimes we become emotionally attached to, and long for certain individuals (or objects) in our lives, as they hold some kind of energy which we desire for ourselves, and often they can hold some kind of representation to us... ie. a father or mother figure, a dream partner, etc. Sometimes it can be confusing, and can take a while to understand the type of attraction you have. I would suggest doing this if you haven't already.

What I think of soul mate is that the compatibility between the two bodies of energy fit and compliment eachothers' development well. Whether or not there is only one mate for each soul, for an entire life time and beyond, I do not have the answer to this, as growth and development must be considered, which would most likely change who your soul mate would then be, unless ofcourse you were growing at a synchronized rate... Perhaps a soul mate does not necessarily have to even be a lover, but it could include anyone, or many people, in your life who hold soul mate-like traits.

We feel a soul-connection to eachother when we see, and are seen by another soul... a mirror relection of a part of ourselves within another stimulates the collectivity we all are a part of. It is something our human souls are hungry for especially in this time, within our busy digital world. We are all searching for fulfillment, and often place the expectation of it externally, within objects (person, place, thing). It is a beautiful thing to be able to experience this with another, however I would recommend to you, or anyone, that you first make the connection to your own soul, and feel the fulfillment which you hold in your power. It is vital that we hold love within our inner selves first, before we can truly give love to anything else. To be love is to be love.

One thing that I will also mention here is the importance of keeping clear of denial. Denial is the force which opposes love from filling and cleansing your space. Denial can come in many forms, and so many people are in an addicted state with it that it has become a subconscious habit. (This denial which humans hold can cause a lot of pain and destruction). Listen to what you are thinking and feeling, and no matter what is going on within you, make sure to not deny it. Always allow it to be acknowledged, and this will begin the healing process. Also, within the process of healing, always make sure to filter everything through the light of your love which you hold in your heart, so that you do not allow guilt, anger, frustration, (etc) to be carried on. If denial succeeds, then you will only be building a pile to later deal with, the longer the denial the bigger the pile.

If you have been emotionally attached to the idea of this man for some time, enough to call it a habit, then you may want to look at this as potentially an unhealthy place to be. I recommend this solely for the benefit of your heart. What our hearts need to stay healthy is to be loved by the rest of their entity. Self-fulfillment versus self-less fulfillment.

This may be a good start for you:)

I hope this has be helpful to you,

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