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IONIC Footbaths: The TRUTH about the "colors"

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 27, 2011 4:33 am    Post subject: IONIC Footbaths: The TRUTH about the "colors" Reply with quote

Hello: Many if not all are familiar with the Ionic Footbath. This device turns your feet into ONE ELECTRODE while you immerse a SECOND plastic CAGED metal ELECTRODE for the second electric connection.

The device will SWITCH the polarity of your FEET and the Metal electrode at least once during a 30 min soaking.

A Direct Electric current is passed through your body out from your feet and into the Caged metal electrode. The current direction , as I mentioned, is SWITCHED at least once during the 30 minute cycle (at least on my machine).

When I first saw this device about 10 years ago, the vender had a number of people having treatments and the COLOR of each footbath WAS DIFFERENT. It REALLY caught my eye. There was, red, brown, yellow, green , name it colors in these foot baths.

This vender stated that the TOXINS in the person's body that were being "REMOVED" by the device were RESPONCIBLE for the COLOR of the water in the footbath. So yellow was bile, green liver something I DON't REMEMBER. Even then I thought it was a little far fetched.

Please understand, I do believe that the Ionic footbath has a positive effect but I just have not put my finger on EXACTLY WHAT IS HAPPENING YET.

BUT I DO KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH THE COLOR. The COLOR of the BATH after you have soaked your feet for 30 minutes is the direct result of the specific chemical makeup of the impurities in the water used AND THE OXIDATION of the STEEL METAL ELECTRODE inside that plastic case.

I was a Chemist for Magnaflux Corporation in the 1970s, we made nondestructive testing metal oxide and other powders. Iron Oxide .....depending upon how the atoms are arranged can HAVE ANY COLOR OF THE RAINBOW........and it is still either Ferric or Ferrous Oxide.

As I stated , apparently subtle differences in the tap water used in the Ion Footbath treatment produce different colors of the Iron Oxide as it oxidizes off the STEEL METAL ELECTRODE.

NOW>>>>If one were to use a GOLD METAL ELECTRODE instead of the STEEL one I would be willing to bet the water would be colorless after a 30 minute treatment. The GOLD (or gold plated ) electrode would not oxidize.

I even talked briefly with a man involved in electroplating who said he was involve din the orginal Ionic Footbath project. He stated they used COPPER for the metal electrode and not steel or iron.

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