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The Living Dreamer

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Joined: 29 Oct 2011
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PostPosted: Sat Oct 29, 2011 8:20 am    Post subject: The Living Dreamer Reply with quote

I have been doing a large amount of research on a number of areas of science, metaphysics, biology, religion, history, etc. With a lot of this research I've discovered some information. I'm not sure if it is possible. But i am going to pursue this idea for as long as it takes. We may each have 50-80 years on this earth and I've decided to dedicate my life to this idea.
But before i go into this i will give my explanation to how this has appeared in my thought process.
I lived my first 19 years of life in self pity. Then one day i woke up. I remember it completely. I was sitting on my step outside one day. Thinking about all my miseries and wrongs. Thinking how did i get to this point. i am nothing. Then a thought hit me harder then id ever felt. Why not change it. Why not forget or give up on feeling bad. What awoke me i believe is that it was a change in mindset, a change in perception.The beginning of Enlightenment. After that i believe my mind was beginning to be free of all preconceived ideas and thoughts. It wasn't instantaneously. The enlightenment came slowly and earned. I have a small quote from a movie that describes it.

In My Dreams I Saw You All Standing Naked Before Me, Stripped Of All Your Fears, Your Hopes, Illusions, Dispossessed Of All That Matters. Like Children Surrendering To The Indiscriminate Consumer Of Life, Good Or Bad. No One Gets Out Alive. Death Loves Us All. So Prepare. Don't Rail, Don't Weep, Don't Tremble, Don't Run, Don't Hide. Only In Death Does Freedom Begin. - The Pleasure Drivers (2005) Ending Quote

I have surrendered my ego. Killed my attachments. Gotten ride of all my images of how things are. Succumb to emotion as a guide. Used rationality and verification to guide me as well.and I've come finally to the goal.

When i was 13 i didn't understand people. I had been sheltered and also this i believe is when my identity began to form. So i quested for the information i needed to understand them. In my search i used the terms self-help in the section of books. I found two forms of information useable. Philosophy and behavioral science. And eventually discovered the existence of the sub-conscious mind.Along with all that entails. I've become obsessed now with it.

In research i discovered the sub-consc. has been used and talked about for as long as history exists before recorded history. Science has proven now even its power. I'm not going to detail the full amount of it but I'll summarize it.

- The sub. controls all the functions in your body that are involuntary. Such as heart rate, blood flow, Immunity, etc.

- It also controls your perception. Your beliefs, Your image of yourself, your fears, your hope, etc. Even what your mind believes as possible.

- It is a separate entity that can be contacted and holds all answers you seek. It is considered thinking and asking inward.

- Your dreams are your sub. creation. It is any number of things it decides to create.Lessons, Memories, Stories, and even precognition.A study i read showed that twenty percent of the dreams you have a precognitive.

In addition is the belief of the collective consciousness. It is believed to be the hive mind so to speak. All our minds collectively. A plausible idea is that it is our afterlife. Whatever the mind believes happens after death has been created in the hive mind. Studies into out of body experienced induced by controlled death by a university showed evidence of this. I do not have full detail on it right now but use search terms out of body experience death university study. and look into this subject. But what is believed is within the collective consciousness is all knowledge known by human kind. It may also be the gate to the next realm of existence. The eternal library, matrix, The eye of power, the eye of Ra, etc.

The Super-Consciousness: This is consider by some to be the hive mind of the universe. Everything has layers. Death is not the final layer realistically. This is known as the above names stated in the previous chapter. It holds knowledge of all. Some believe it to be god. Or the realm of. I do not. Existence is pretty in-depth and big if you follow Physics String Theory. So this being the god of everything is unlikely.

The Laws of Attraction is the basis for some of the theory so i am going to leave it up to you to research this yourself. It is the next step in the laws of attraction. Briefly it is the ability to will things in your life to happen. It is another old idea.

With this base knowledge I'll discuss my theory. I believe the sub-conscious mind to be the soul. And their is your consciousness mind. Both are separate. Now the idea is to make two one. To unite both. The idea is of a living dreamer. The living dreamer is capable of imaging and creating reality in whatever form they'd like.Whatever their imagination can create. The ability to do this would make you a god. At least a god to everyone else. You'd have the ability of infinity, you are only hindered by what your imagination and want can conjure. You would be infinite and capability. You dream into reality.

I've begun my search with my own mind. I have begun relearning lucid dreaming. Jump starting it with all practices that help. I've begun to become more self aware while dreaming and have had a few run ins with what may be my sub-conscious mind. I've started meditating also to learn to clear my mind to better hear my sub mind. Also have been self hypnotizing myself to directly try an effect it. My idea is to try and shape it into and entity, a physical being. Along the way thus far I've learned a few tricks or abilities.

- I have focused my thoughts and attention on mastering time.Programing what was needed to make it believe i could.
What I can do is tell time without looking. My internal clock has become very sharp. I can tell what time of day it is without knowing on hand threw a device. Also I am able to tell myself i need to remember something at a specific time and it works simply like that. I remember at the time i detailed to myself. Also have my own built in alarm clock.I am able to tell myself a time to wake up and i will.

-I have asked for answers on many questions and i have been told in feelings, dreams, and thoughts. Erie even.

-I have developed minor precognition i believe. Because I have been seeing and been able to tune in before something occurs. In my dreams i have seen somethings that have happened. I get feelings and images in different forms in different situations.

There is a bit more but what i will attempt next is an idea that i read about. Stigmata's occur from a physiological disorder. It is not divine. It is the persons mental malfunction. But i believe it is because of the love of Jesus and wanting to feel his pain. They convince their mind that and it happens.So why couldn't I achieve this as a minor form of reassurance of my progress.

Eventually the goal is to be able to fully communicate with my Sub-Conscious mind directly. Be able to program in anything with ease. Eventually finding the means to find the knowledge to become a living dreamer. Most likely being able to access the super-consciousness.

I am writing this to anyone who believes it is possible to become a living dreamer. And is willing to search as i am for it. You don't have to believe it but i do.
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Joined: 29 Oct 2011
Posts: 2

PostPosted: Tue Nov 01, 2011 5:36 am    Post subject: Lucid dreaming Reply with quote

its states in this article that while lucid dreaming you can use lucid dreaming as therapy or goal achievement. Your sub conscious mind is said to be more powerful then your conscious mind. It states in the article that you can use it to visualize something that will occur such as a presentation. when you visualize it it trains your sub. to believe you've already achieved this. thus making you more comfortable and giving you a better chance of success. If you were to visualize or lucid dream you could fly or make it believe you've found some secret or ability when you awake will you have this ability.also repetition may be needed to fully make it believe. Here is some useful knowledge.
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