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Channelled Philosophy - The Eternal Progress of the Soul

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2012 8:31 pm    Post subject: Channelled Philosophy - The Eternal Progress of the Soul Reply with quote


On 10th Aug 2008, I received a message at my local spiritualist church (via the visiting medium on the platform, Alison Reid) that there was a man in spirit waiting for me to 'connect' so that he can channel words of philosophy through me. So I meditated with music while sitting in front of my pc and the words just 'popped' into my head and so I typed them (clairaudience). Some words are also picked up clairsentiently, that is, with a feeling of wanting to say. This process maybe referred to as 'channelling' - the process of communicating messages from spirit (as well as digging a hole).

It should also be said that at a certain level, a small part of this is coming from me as some of the truths communicated triggers off my knowledge, experience and feelings to get the message across for which I am responsible, as this is something that I 'feel' is meant to happen.
Richard Barriball

Update: On 2nd November (having achieved 8 pages of A4), I got another message from Alison saying that I am being given the ingredients to this document, and my creativity is allowed to be part of it as the communication is coming from links to my previous incarnations in which I 'feel' I am gradually remembering knowledge attained from previous experience.

Eternal Love - There is no love greater than eternal love...divine acquiescence, a bottomless pool of endless possibilities travelling through time. With each incarnation we learn the results of our actions in our lives, making us wiser than we know when we're incarnated. We are all wiser and deeper than we know because in spirit we have the memory of all the incarnations that we have lived put together making us whole. Incarnated, we can only draw on the experiences of our current lifetime, apart from the ones that 'choose' to remember.

Life is full of choices. The branch of each road leading to another endless number of possible outcomes. The results of which we create with our free will. There is destiny, yes, but only if our free will permits that destiny to take place. Our free will is always in charge, otherwise how can we learn from our mistakes if we're not allowed to make them? Your life is being planned all the time, the planning that takes place as part of your soul group. You, the incarnated, are just as an important part of your soul group as any of it's spiritual members.

The freedom to make mistakes is such an important part of love, so is the ability to forgive them also. So, walk your path with love for we are all one.
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