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Is this possible?

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 06, 2012 12:26 am    Post subject: Is this possible? Reply with quote

Sorry for the long post but I'm in a frenzy on what's really going on in my life. I hope this doesn't sound to crazy to you guys.....

Well I would like to say I think this person might have actually turned my angel into something evil.

Well, to explain, it starts with me seeing my guardian angel during a meditation to meet this being. Now when I first saw him, he was an old man with a beard and a white robe. Whenever I saw him, he had the hood of the robe on and I could only see the bottom of his face.

Now a month or two later, I tried DMT for the first time. Now if you don't know what this is then you can find information all over the web. But anyway, the guy who I'm going to explain in a bit was sitting right next to me while I broke through for my first time. During this experience, I saw three people that I knew who they were, but never saw them in my entire life. One of a business looking guy in a suit, the other one I forgot who or what he/it was, and the third was my guide...except his robe was turned red with a pointed hood now...

I "woke up" from the experience and tried to talk to my twin flame on the right side but the guy pushed me down with his arm and said "lay down, it'll be over soon..." After, he asked me what I saw, I told him, and he nodded as if he knew that's what I was going to see. I asked him and he gave me a real vague answer. That was a little less than a year ago.

Now I'm really intune with my angels communicating with me and what not but lately I feel as if my angels have been influenced by this guy to bring me harm instead of positive things and helping me. It's like this impending feeling that they're guiding me on this guys agenda because he replaced my guardian angel with something else.

This guy has my twin flames mind controlled to the max now, hes got her entire family and my best friend's minds controlled and I truly believe he's been controlling me lately. This guy has 10+ years of experimenting with his mind and gaining lots of control over his reality. I truly know this guys trying to take over the universe through the god head.

I really wish I could explain this whole thing in full detail but I truly know in my deepest inner knowing and heart that this guy is trying to do what I'm saying he is and who he really is. I really do know the group of people I'm dealing with but basically what I'm asking is,

Does anybody know if this is possible to change someones angels into something evil through some kind of technique?

I know this sounds really crazy and that I'm a lunatic or something but I'm hoping someone will believe me as I'm not lying about this.

If anybody could please help me out or give me ideas that would be a life saver.

And I'll mention 3 strange helicopters that we're really loud flew over my house as I was typing this up...
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