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Back To The Basics

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 23, 2012 5:54 am    Post subject: Back To The Basics Reply with quote

As it has been sometime since I've been active on here I figure I'll start back up with some posts I did for other groups and move them here so they may help here as well, starting with what should come first, the basics.

The first and most important step to starting one's spiritual path is discipline. Without the focus and will to commit, the learning process will be severely undercut. You don't have to dive right in and practice all day, everyday, but regular practice is vital. The thing about these sorts of training is they can be done anywhere really. You don't need a gym or a shrine, just anywhere you can focus. On your ride home, walking around at the store, or bored in class, or laying down in bed, all you need do is concentrate on your energy and clear your mind the best you can and then at least you're doing some work. But if there are activities or spare time you can put aside to devote to your practice there are more intense and thorough excercises to better your learning, but we'll get to those soon.

The second is learning to feel and control your energy. For those who never have felt their energy this step can be frustrating as no one can really say exactly how to do this. It'd be like telling someone how to see or walk, it's something you learn yourself and may take time. At first when trying to feel it in your hands it may feel like hot and cold sensations, an odd pressure or air flowing through you, but when you feel it you'll know it. From there the next step is focusing on it, moving and concentrating it. Meditation is very effective to accomplish this and anyone can do it. Just find a place you can relax, close your eyes if you want, take in deep breathes and let them out slowly while trying to suss out your inner thoughts to focus only on your breathing and relaxation. After you feel clear and focused you can then perform some basic excercises to start out your practice session.
Start this by pulling energy to one hand and move it to the next. Repeat this dilligently until you have a solid control on it and continue meditation. This next is rather popular: take both hands and focus the energy inbetween into a ball. Focus your energy into it and visualize seeing it as it becomes larger and more dense. Feel free to change and control it as you like, and when finished return to your meditative position to cool down.
While these are good methods for beginners, after awhile they can get a little stale. Everyone has different ways to focus and relax and you should feel encouraged to add in anything that may help. As well, you can use excercises that incorporate the mind, body, spirit bond. A personal favorate practice of mine is the Japanese art called the Bow of Self Mastery. The idea is similar to any other martial arts training only with other weapons than the body. If archery isn't quite in your wheel house you can use anything from small arms practice with rifles or pistols [or BB/airsoft/paintball guns] to darts or throwing knives. Regular practice learning to master these practices helps build coordination and the bond mentioned before, and self defense skills are never bad to know. A physical regiment of excercise with a good diet can serve to this end, and both greatly help build discipline. So pretty much, I couldn't recomend all of these any higher, but if it doesn't suit you, it's not the end of the world.
There are many other excercises such as za-zen [standing meditation] , Tai Chi [I think I spelled that right] and many other practices utilizing more body motion and mastery. The more you focus on your energy you'll notice an increase in your psychic abilities. Likewise, practice with said abilities can work both ways for improvement. Excercises to focus on abilities vary a lot for each power but the main principles are mostly the same. The best thing you can do for practice is to write your own script, so to speak, as only you know what you best work. For example, If you're working on foresight, grab a deck of cards, pair of dice, or whatever you want and keep a clear head as you try to predict the outcome, ignoring previous successes or failures to remain impartial. This general concept applies to most abilities, though some require a different touch, working with other energies.

In the past I discussed this subject on the Dark and Light, though here I'll bridge the gap. Like I said before, before you try to work with any system of magic and any sort of energy you should have practiced with your own energy to a good extent. Why this is important is because if you want to control these energies to work these systems you must first control yourself. Skipping ahead isn't against any rule, it's just not very effective.

The soul is unique in that it can generate and work with any sort of energy. Spiritual energies each have their own nature and a signature feeling. Emotions tend to effect one's energy and such partly because they can bring out different energy from within. Light feels pleasent and comfortable and in high concentrations, or near the force of Light, brings a feeling of pure love. Likewise, these feelings can call inner Light out. Darkness on the other hand feels rather intense and unpleasent and even painfull, thus "darker" emotions can bring out Darkness. As I mentioned precautions should be taken when devoting practice to either. Darkness can be intoxicating and picking just one can create imbalance and restraints in your practice. Learning to work with these is similar to learning the basics of energy control once you've learned how to call out and work with each, but each can provide unique options in their respective forces, i.e, working with the spirits of Dark and Light.

Darkness and Light each generally attract more energy and spirits of each. This is where working with both sides come in as when working with spirits you'll want to be able to pull and push away certain energies as the situation requires. If your looking to divine information from one side you'll need to know how to work with their energy. Or if there is a threat you'll need the right defense. Of coarse, the right amount of Darkness could also fend off demons or what ever, but Light will generally be more effective. At any rate, don't move to this step without a good amount of experience working with Dark and Light.
To call for a spirit of either side all you need is the right energy to send out with an invitation and declaration of intent. Summoning spells use invocations of the respective energy, Light for angels, Darkness for demons, pretty simple. However don't try to force it to come, as in a summoning, but like I said, just call out. You can write a spell or use a ritual to boost the signal, using any symbols, charged/blessed objects or words you feel invoke whichever side. Point is, it doesn't matter what you chant or whatever, the magic is in the practioner. A spell is merely a script others have used, which is okay to use, but again, it's always good to write your own.

Spirits can be very effective for the learning experience for obvious reason. They know how to work with their energy and for the right people they're willing to help. For Light beings like angels this is up and comming practioners willing to embrace them, and for demons it's anyone they believe they can make embrace the darkness, so it helps to already seek the Dark. The only difference is demons' tacticts are a bit more...intense. The trick to learning from demons is to be constantly aware of their mind games, learn their tricks and when you've learned to best them, beat them. In my personal opinion, their attacks are perhaps an even better form of training by breaking you down so you may rebuild yourself. This is by no means for everyone, but for those who can complete pull it off, it's well worth the effort. But again, this should not be taken lightly or tried by anyone without great experience. Angels tend to be more friendly an supportive and can provide defense from darker beings, so if you're the careful type, work with Light and angels before switching to the Dark side. It's generally easier to move in the Dark when you have some Light handy.

After you've mastered the basics of these and worked with these, the next level is working with the higher forces: Life and Death. And here friends is where this portion ends and the more advanced works begin. If there's anything left out or unclear feel free to comment and let me know. Til next time.

"Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster,and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you."
-Friedrich Nietzsche
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