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Of Darkness

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 23, 2012 5:55 am    Post subject: Of Darkness Reply with quote

Disclaimer: The following is not to knock or judge any religous or spiritual beliefs, the terminology used is of my own and if it differs from your own, use your head, you know what I mean.

As a practioner of zen I have a firm belief in the power and importance of balance in all facets of life, especially spiritual. This isn't an easy achievement, for some more than others, and from this many problems and much tension are likely to arise. Darkness and Light exist not as opposites but rather as coresponding parts of a full spectrum. Neither are "good" or "evil" as these are attributes of the self, which Light and Dark go far beyond, as do the beings of each. To begin, I think it may be best to start with the basics.

Darkness, as those who know the energy of it, can feel empowering and intoxicating to a great degree, depending upon the amount. It moves in an almost endothermic manner, taking in to the self. Consumtion. Decay. Chaos. This is often the nature of the Dark, and to understand the nature of the energy itself leads to an understanding to the beings and individuals dependant upon it, without balance, that is. Many are capable of casting their self aside and avoiding the selfish or "evil" tendencies that may result. That said, there are still those who have not and belong to an extreme of Darkness, which brings me to demons.

The first person to say "daemon" gets shaken for not reading the disclaimer(only joking). I say this because some are under the belief that they are supposed to be the same or that demons come from a bastardization of the word. For those who haven't done the research, there is no connection between the two besides the etymology of the word "demon", only used as a DISTINCTION, not "Christian slander", seeing as it was a hebrew translation that started the word, but I digress.
Demons are spirits of the Darker extreme, with barely any discerenable Light present. Their origins are up for debate but in working with or against them is irrelevent. Like any spirit they vary by power or "rank". Some run with the pact, others fly solo. They may have less than friendly intentions depending on their feelings towards the individual but due to the Darkness they are apart of, they generally look out for number one. That said, there are demons who will help if there's something in it for them and even those who have rose above the negative aspects of Darkness and have no desire or "self" to be served. However, these tend to be a bit harder to find and are generally neutral.
Demons can be sorted in a hierarchy-type classification. At the "bottom" there are what some call "personal demons", to mean the opposite of one's guide or guardian. These operate almost entirely on a mental level of their target or "host", usually in families of those with potential to be gifted. Their objective usually revolves around the neutrilizing of said potential in an attempt to block proogress of one's spiritual path, utilizing fears and weaknesses and turning strength against itself in a series of complex manipulations and seeds of doubt, often leaving the target believing there never was anything but their own mind turning on itself.
Above this level are your garden variety demon. These may or may not even dwell among humans depending on their desires. Those who do target man will work on the same mental level while adding on a degree of physical and spiritual interactions. These are the kind that may use the living as energy sources, usually targeting the gifted for their higher energy outputs and control. The output provides more energy to be had, as the better control can be used to their advantage in their game. As they are of an extreme of Darkness, they require Darker energy to grow and sustain their power. To this end, they use similar tactics to first bring them down, and then offer "support", gaining their trust and more. When a medium level demon is among it's chosen target, the first sign is often a marked increase in psychic and spiritual activity, even in those whose abilities were still dormant. As the seeds of doubt are planted through subtle manipulation, other signs will start to crop up such as seeing shadows out shot, feelings of paranoia, random thoughts of doubt(of ones self and/or beliefs), objects being moved and animal disturbances. As their play progresses, they will assert themselves, or Darkness in general, to be their only ally. If this is successful, the host will feel compelled to dwell in Darkness and produce it as the demon makes offerings of this energy to make the host feel empowered by it. These tactics can be so complicated even those completely aware of their intent still fall to them while others won't even know there is a demon or that they're being used.
Here, I should note, the dwelling and use of Darkness itself is not a bad thing as I have said, but in their game it is what they want from their host and this will allow them to seep in more. For those who are advanced practioners of the Dark, they can see through this and choose to hold back any energy or donate some as they see fit. Again, all up to the individuals involved. But they choose those weeker and less likely to recognize this so they may bargain their position in an exchange more aggresively to their side.
However, as you go up the latter you'll find more powerful demons who can rise against the tide, so to speak, and can be less selfish as previously mentioned. Conversely, This is also where you'll find those with selfish desires who will go after the bigger threats and the harder targets. The difference in tactics against a target here is the capability to have a fair trade with those gifted with Dark energy as well as the desire to try to stop or turn those of the Light.
Finally, at the top of the demonic end of the Dark, you'll find the lieutenants and their leaders who run the operations and decide how to best deal with threats and work assets. Not much can be said of them past this other than they are quite powerful and will seldom, if ever, deal with the likes of mortals unless need be.

But not all spirits of Darkness are demons. At the very core of Darkness, at its collective and source, is a more powerful and universal force that likewise coorisponds to the same of the Light. The force of which I speak is Death. It is not merely of biological decay, but of the singularity, the core of it all. To clarify and expand my meaning with a simple metaphor. See, as you may know, where our understanding of the Beginning ends is the Singularity from which the Big Banged. A similar singularity is found in black/white holes. See on one end we have the black hole, a force of extreme pull, sending matter and energy into the singularity. On the other end, An extreme output of pure energy with an equally gigantic push. Nothing can be created from nothing, yet in the beginning this singal point DID, and created it all. This creation was Life, and as it flows it does so into Death, the two forever feeding eachother. And this singularity between it all, connectiong and seperating the two, is naught and infinte as one.
Moving on from these philosophical matters and what have you, I shall move onto the Death energy and spirits. Death energy, or essence, can be felt as a disturbance in Life force, for obvious reasons. The first I've ever felt of it was the night before Japan was hit with the earthquake/tsunami, as it was by many others. The energy itself brings a feeling dread and can be almost painful to wield. The practice of it will often yield a proclivity to communication with spirits of the dead and Death, though some seek it's power in an attempt to create curses. But Death force itself is far beyond good and evil, it is the practioner that makes the decision of what they want to try to do with it.
Messengers of Death are pure forms of Death. They have been seen in almost every culture and have always been neautral. The appearance of one seldom means the death of the individual or anyone they know. They usually appear to those who will soon experience a change or one who the Messenger has a vested interest in. They can be helpful with communication and the persuit of information or work as a guide for ones path, helping them find or learn to utilize Death. There are some rare less friendly Death spirits such as Shades who can drain energy to an extreme degree, but only to anyone trying to misuse or control Death. The term shade is also used in old Greek necromancy to mean any old spirit really, but again, it's all words.

If we truely seek peace and truth we must understand and wield both Light and Dark and fear neither. It is our self that we must overcome in these practices and I do hope this has helped shed some Light on certain matters of Darkness. I hold both to be equally sacred and believe they together are the keys to the truth. Light and Dark, Life and Death, in the end it will all return to the same point in which it came.
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