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Joined: 28 Jan 2011
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Location: Erie

PostPosted: Thu Feb 23, 2012 5:59 am    Post subject: Spellcraft Reply with quote

Well now that I've covered a good amount of general information for magical theory from the basics and up, I shall now move onto the more practical, intermediate aspects such as spellwork and more detailed works.

One of the most misunderstood parts of magic, I feel, is the working of spells. This is mostly due to the varying styles used in literature and pop culture involving ancient sounding languages and sophisticated looking symbols and rituals but most of these are done mostly to make it more interesting and entertaining. Truth is these incantations and ceremonies are only as effective as the practioner can make them, though these can be useful. As I've said, the magic is in the user, through their energy and will. Things like chanting and ritual work can be effective as they work on a neural and psychological level to help access one's potential while providing direction and intent, but they can also become a crutch when used too long. At anyrate, when crafting your own spells all you need know is the formula. A spell consists of the energy required for the source of power, and the will and intent to focus it, so it follows that written spells and rituals work these in. If you choose to say, write one out, first define what you wish the spell to do. For example,for a protection spell you would state how you want to be protected and from what, invoke spirits or energy of what you'd like to defend you. Of coarse the words alone aren't going to cut it so while you say the spell you must focus on the energy you're trying to work with and the intent the spell rings in. Rituals follow the same formula while adding in more symbols and objects to work said spell.

Symbols and objects only have as much power as the intent and energy they collect, though this is not to say they can't be useful. Blessed and charged objects can be worked into a ritual in anyway you feel they may help, depending on what you want to work with or against. For instance, a cross or pentagram charged with Light can be used in cleansing or protection from Dark energy or spirits, as where an item charged with Darkness can call for Dark spirits and such. Some objects are used for finner direction, such as the hair or possession of a person to direct the spell to them, good or bad.

Other practices to call or invoke spirits work in a different way. An old but controversial and ill advised practice is blood letting; the intentional spilling of one's blood to enhance a spell. This is usually used in Dark magic, specifically Death magic. Blood has been seen as a conduit of Life by many faiths. Thus it follows that the release of blood from one's body would bring out Death energy and/or spirits. It was used in Greek necromancy to contact the spirits of the dead or Death. While a few drops of blood is reletivly harmless, it is still considered a frowned upon technique.

While this is not a complete list of techniques and components for spell work, I hope this has helped provide a good template and understanding to create and work spells. Comments and questions always welcome.

I almost forgot to mention the importance of cleansing and practice to in spell work. While it may go without saying for some practioners, cleasings or banishings should be done before and after working a spell or with spirits, no matter what kind. While meeting with, say, an angel doesn't usually entail danger, working with even Light energies/spirits can get the attention of less friendly spirits that can stick around and cause trouble if not promply taken care of. While I layed out a formula for spell work I'll still break down a banishing spell here anyhow. For effective protection the invocation should be for Light energy/spirits and the intent is focusing on closing your work area, making it clear all beings, invited or not, must leave and to clear out unwanted energy.

"Magic is the incarnation of will and its expression on the face of reality, not some sad scrawl on an ancient parchment."
-Black Mage(8-Bit Theature)
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Joined: 29 Jan 2012
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Location: Over the rainbow

PostPosted: Wed Mar 14, 2012 9:09 pm    Post subject: Re: Spellcraft Reply with quote

SOL12 wrote:
Well now that I've covered a good amount of general information for magical theory from the basics and up, I shall now move onto the more practical, intermediate aspects such as spellwork and more detailed works.

i'd like to add my 2p to this.sorry for then piggybacking:)
magic(k) is not sometthing you do.magic is something you are.every single person is a skilled magician.we ar so skilled,that we have created a world where magic doesn't seem to exist.magic is what you create with your know that you are skilled at this because i doubt that any of you has experienced a break in your reality as of late.i'd sure like to hear about it if u have:)have u ever seen oine of thhose ppl that seem to have iut all?everything seems to always go their way?they have internalized magical thinking,they are not hindered by the limitations imposed on them by society.all problems are mental,created by you.have you ever noticed,when u have a problem,ur always there?i'll leave thi with oine thought for you to ponder,magickal ritual is great.however,u give it the power-aas stated above.ritual work is a point of focus and concentration-but only necessary insofar as u believe it necessary.theres so much to be said,but once u internalize a few concepts,everything starts fall into place.have fun:)
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