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PostPosted: Tue Feb 28, 2012 3:36 am    Post subject: Reapers Reply with quote

I touched a bit on Death spirits in Of Darkness, but I feel they didn't quite get covered well, and from what I've seen, they aren't all that talked about on the site so I thought I'd give a shot at discussing them, theologically and spiritually.

Death is a very universal topic throughout culture, and as such, every culture has had an explanation of it's purpose or cause, so naturally spirits or gods of death can be found world-over. Some monotheists also believed in only one Grim Reaper, while others believed there was a classification of spirits or deities that caused death and/or guided the dead as psychopomps. They're usually portrayed as neutral beings doing their jobs, though some, like the Vodun Guede Loa are a bit rowdy. Even Hades, who was portrayed as the bad guy in the Disney Hercules and Clash of the Titans, both new and original, was no more "evil" than the other gods. It should also be pointed out he was the god of the underworld, while Thanatos was the personification of Death. Thematically, they're "grim" figures residing in darkness and were associated with symbols of death, most commonly, remains, ravens, dogs, crows, etc. Pretty much, they're all quite similar, which can be attributed to man's views of death and the natural process of explaining it, or perhaps that they are real incarnations of Death. explaining it, or perhaps that they are real incarnations of Death

Now getting to the flip side, putting aside whichever theological representation one chooses, it is a possible explanation that they are all similar because they were and are active entities, given different names and were slightly altered depending on the people. While a lot of people choose to write off their existence as the former, sightings of Death are pretty widespread, and many spiritual practitioners, myself included, have had dealings with or encountered these "reapers". Sightings often involve seeing (not physically) a dark and looming figure and the sensation of Death's energy. The feelings of discomfort or fear could be attributed to the reaction of the individual and their views on death, but the sensation is usually described the same. Lot of cases don't even involve anyone close to or around the person dying, though a few believed they caught one passing by after taking a neighbor who died around the same time. In my experience, they operate like any other spirit. There are different roles for Reapers that could be assigned too, or each Reaper takes them on separately, but they may be sent to Reap someone, send messages, appear to someone they just notice and have an interest in, or even guide those they believe to be worthy of working with Death, so there's no "one reason" for a visit, though their reasons are quite specific. While they are seen as a mostly neutral force, there exists the capacity to do "good" or "evil" as there is any spirit Take for instance what I call a Shade or Wraith(though I don't believe some would call that accurate, but such is the nature of terminology), a Death Spirit gone rogue, so to speak, usually attacking necromancers who try to bind Death or screw with it the wrong way. They basically go advanced "Psi-vamp", using Death Essence to drain the target a fair amount which can cause a number of physical/mental/spiritual problems and is not pretty. Why they wouldn't or couldn't just off them is beyond me, though it is possible this could be another type of spirit as, fortunately, I have not seen one. But in any case, anything has the capacity to change, and as Death is change, it is not excluded. Personally, I'm quite fascinated with Death and the energy and spirits of it and still doing my best to better understand it's mechanics and workings. I feel it is a subject that doesn't get as much attention as it should and is far to often misjudged. I strongly recommend getting to know Death spiritually in the same respectful manner one would any other "path".

"You only live twice. Once when you are born and once when you look death in the face."
-Ian Flemming
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