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help please: is there magic/black magic affecting my life

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Joined: 11 Jul 2010
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PostPosted: Thu May 17, 2012 5:54 am    Post subject: help please: is there magic/black magic affecting my life Reply with quote

Dear All,

i need to know please if there is a way to know if i have any kind of magic affecting my life as it is really going hard in strange ways.

thanks a million.

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Joined: 29 Jan 2012
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PostPosted: Tue May 29, 2012 11:38 pm    Post subject: Re: help please: is there magic/black magic affecting my lif Reply with quote

robotslover wrote:
Dear All,

i need to know please if there is a way to know if i have any kind of magic affecting my life as it is really going hard in strange ways.

i'm going to take a psychological stance on this one. all of us are under "psychic attack" all day, every day. advertising, media, bad news, voluntary tv watching etc all are programming our minds in a mostly covert manner. awareness doesn't bring further attack, we just begin noticing what's already there. the law of attraction can definitely work against you here. there was an experiment done (you should google for it), where someone was chained to a chair and his leg slightly nicked so he started bleeding very slightly. his prisoners turned off the lights and left a drip drip drip of a tap all night. the guy thought he was bleeding profusely, but actually his wound was slight and it healed quick. when the guards came back in the morning,he was dead.he had quite literally been scared to death.

here's some advice from donald michael kraig

A real psychic attack is not usually caused by a person doing a
spell to harm you. Rather, it is caused by a person or persons who for
some reason are angry with you. Their rage causes them to unknowinglysend
a stream of energy filled with their anger toward you. What
is more likely, however, is that you simply believe that some negativity
is coming toward you. In either case, you will still feel as if you are
under attack, and both cases can be dealt With in the same way.
This excellent method of repelling psychic attack is derived from
Denning and Phillips' Practical Guide to Psychic Self-Defense and WellBeing.
Close your eyes and pivot in a circle until you can sense the
direction from which the real or imagined stream of negative energy
is coming. Once you find that direction, boldly face that way! The path
of a magician is not one for cowards. Stand proudly and erect, and
visualize on your forehead a bright, electric-blue pentagram with one
point uppermost. Now bring your hands up to your forehead to surround
the glowing star. The hands should be flat with the thumbs
meeting at the brows and the fingers meeting above, palms out. Thus
you have a triangle, the so-called Triangle of Manifestation, surrounding
the Pentagram with the thumbs as the basal line of the triangle.
Now take a deep breath, and as you exhale, step forward with
your left foot and thrust your hands forward while at the same time
visualizing the pentagramon your forehead flying out in the direction
you are facing. This will have the effect of sending away the negativity
of the real or imagined psychic attack. To keep it from returning, immediately
do the entire LBRP.
Dealing with day-to-day attacks on your psyche from a multiplicity
of sources is another matter. Doing the LBRP helps, but the
problem is really one of awareness. The fact of the matter is that most
of us are virtually unconscious, asleep, for up to 95% of the day!
Awakening the sleepers was one of the main foci of the work of
Georges Gurdjieff. I also urge you to read as many books as you can
on psychology, as this will awaken you to how the mind works and
how people manipulate one another.

or you can have a hearty laughing session, humour is essential and when you're laughing at something, it's hard to take that thing seriously. the laughter method is favoured by Robert Anton Wilson.
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