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Channelled from the realm of the soul.

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PostPosted: Fri May 25, 2012 11:23 pm    Post subject: Channelled from the realm of the soul. Reply with quote

I thought this was very interesting, so I'll put it up here. If someone finds it too confusing, because the language is somewhat, different, I will put up a translation into simple english and proper punctuation. Just ask.

"There are four realms that you are capable of thinking in at this time. These are the realms of the body of the mind of the spirit and of the soul. You call it the astral the realm of the soul but it is not it is yes the realm of the soul. The soul is not the essence of the being the spirit is the essence of the being. This is not as important as accepting that you are one with yourself but it is important yes. When you are one with yourself the effects are of all four. When you in the realm of the body the white light will give the effect of the light of the universe. When in spirit light of the spirit, when in mind love of the thought and when in soul, nothing. The effect of nothing is yes an effect it is not a lack of an effect though you yet do not understand this. Light of the spirit is what you call the love of soul or the love of God or the godforce but that is not the name the name is the light of the spirit yes. For the fulfill of all the needs of this illusion yes the light of the spirit is enough for the fulfill of all the wants no. You can save your life many times over if you are full of the spirit of the love. The spirit of the love is when you have enough of the light of the spirit within not within but around as well as within and above and below. There is no God in the essence that there is no singular being that created all there is but there is a god in the essence that yes all things are from the same and all is one in the end there is nothing and god is nothing. You do not yet understand this because you don't know what nothing is.

The white light is imagining is envisioning white light enveloping yes.

There are beliefs of wrong no. There are no beliefs of wrong, as you would say.

The most important thing is not love is not life is not happiness is not joy is not sex is not money is not things is not greatness is not judgement is not love of the sex is not hatred is not judgement of the sex you call it sexism. Most important is not war is not murder is not hatred of the men of war is not judgement of the criminals you call them politicians is not hatred of the mind you call this depression. Most important is not either porn nor presence nor being one with the beliefs of others you call this fitting in. Most important is not spreading your thoughts you call this enforcing your beliefs on others. Most important no of all, is fear. Most important yes, is the being of the choices. Making decisions and living life, in your words. You are a part of the creator you are a part of nothing and you are a part of everything. Most important is that you create you decide you choose and this is not less than anything other than the hope and the needs.

Needs is what is needed to survive. If you do not survive you do not can create. If you have not the energies of life of sustanance then you cannot create. Yes the spirit of the love is enough for your needs.

Hope is belief that you can create. With no hope one cannot create. Awareness is enough for hope yes.

To create is the purpose of all that is and the meaning of you life not just your life but of all lives. No all lives but humans yes and third dimension beings yes.

Peace is the singular most powerful energy within your illusion. No else is stronger. Go in peace yes. This is the best of greetings."
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