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If I'm sad or down will I create dark magic?

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Joined: 15 Jul 2012
Posts: 10

PostPosted: Mon Jul 16, 2012 4:26 am    Post subject: If I'm sad or down will I create dark magic? Reply with quote

Just wondering if when i'm sad or down if this will also create dark or bad magic (correct me on the saying) as i've heard it can if you are mad?
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Joined: 29 Jan 2012
Posts: 192
Location: Over the rainbow

PostPosted: Sat Dec 01, 2012 8:10 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Simple answer? Yes.

Not so simple answer? It depends. I can get killed crossing the road and that's more likely to happen when I'm in a bad mood (I'm not likely to be paying as much attention).

It's not so much the 'bad' and 'good' that affect us, rather our labeling of it and the resultant experience.

When all's said and done, what your magick accomplishes is down to you, not outside stimulus that has affected you (nothing can affect you without your permission, conscious or unconscious).
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Joined: 28 Oct 2010
Posts: 38
Location: the state infinite possiblities

PostPosted: Mon Jan 21, 2013 2:37 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

What I've learnt is that banishing is the act of removing negative energies which include negative or undesirable states within yourself. It's a type of symbolic part of the ritual where you signal to the unconscious to dissolve self-sabotaging or any influences, constructs, behavior emotion thoughts etc you have that will not make the spell or ritual work. So doing magick or spell in a sad and down state will most likely sabotage your magick not necessary create bad magick but it might be possible that the construct you create while sad or down can enter the ritual, magick or spell and give "bad" results.

Soooo I been taught that a person should try a banishing ritual that is well known like the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram or even better just make one up that means something to you, take some incense and walk around the room chanting a nonsense word which signals to you subs-conscious to remove those self-sabotaging energies external but more internal. Just an idea... Smile
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