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Simple vs. Complex Manifestation

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 01, 2012 3:53 pm    Post subject: Simple vs. Complex Manifestation Reply with quote

When you open your mind to the metaphysical realm, your world opens up to you. The experiences you have are both driven by you and they come to you externally too. What you allow into both the internal and external is expanded through the metaphysical. I do not claim to have any idea how this whole process works, but I know that imagination and devotion to what is important to you is essential. And I doubt the metaphysical powers work independently from the physical.

Do you care for a cup of coffee? Think about how amazing it is that coffee exists. Suppose you have a strong desire to have some. You need to first think about the fact that you want some, and then you need to imagine what steps you need to take in order to get it. Thanks to technology and the transfer of information, you already have access to these steps. But you need to quickly tell yourself anyway: boil the water, grind the beans, put the grinds in the maker, pour the water when ready, and wait for a few minutes. This whole process, from the desire to the idea to the physical act of making the coffee, is rather simple and ordinary, but it is also magical as it encompasses so many things.

Now consider ideas that do not simply entail acquiring a material object. Idea: I want to meet a like-minded person. Idea: I want to find an activity that challenges my talents. Idea: I want to collaborate with others to write a book about metaphysics. Idea: I want to find a way to better articulate my ideas. Idea: I want to discuss my ideas about spirituality with others. Idea: I want to find others to work on metaphysical experiments with. Idea: I want to determine what ideas others are willing to accept and when it is appropriate to explore those ideas. All of these ideas are more open ended and involve a human element, so the end result is unknown, unlike the cup of coffee. I think when you involve other beings into your manifestation, the metaphysics can be more intense, because you are also drawing upon the spirituality of others. On the other hand, there is also the possibility that nothing comes to fruition of these goals. It may be simply that you have not given it enough time. Just like the coffee, there is a process of steps that need to be carried out. But because of the human element, you do not have full control of the steps because you do not control other people, just yourself and your own interactions with others. You can increase your awareness and be more active when things come in the sphere of your control. Metaphysical forces are not going to act just upon your individual wishes, but rather upon a culmination of what life wants. You do have the power of what you pay attention to and what you are in tune with, which can indeed be very powerful. For instance, consider the goal of wanting to discuss spiritual topics with others. By realizing that is a goal, you may be more aware when you hear others make comments of a spiritual nature and more prone to engage in a dialogue with them. Raising your awareness may seem like a simple practice, independent of metaphysical discussion, but that is just one small piece of the puzzle. It is also taking into account what happens in your reality after your ideas start to blossom and being grateful to the universe for allowing your ideas to grow. This acceptance of the potential of the universe will allow for a more potent magic. Your individual essence is a very powerful force. It is easy to overlook this when there are so many environmental and institutional factors that drive our choices. For instance, most have to work day to day and pay the bills. But you can focus your attention on the choices you make that are mystical and break through the mundane.
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