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Seth Session 149 and Root Assumptions of Dream World

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 12, 2012 5:16 pm    Post subject: Seth Session 149 and Root Assumptions of Dream World Reply with quote

As I've been dissecting the occult more and trying to get to brass tacks with the info out there I had someone turn me on to the Seth material a few months ago and I've found it to offer incredibly cogent information so far. I started with Seth Speaks, then read The Nature of Personality. Both books seemed, for me at least, very easy to read and in particular due to the macro and subjective information I didn't find myself chewing any particular parts or paragraphs much more than the occasional twice or three-times over.

I'm currently reading Seth, Dreams, and Projections of Consciousness which so far has read largely the same. One thing thats very different though with this material is that when he starts getting into the more detailed material on the dream plane and the distinct differences between the dream plane and the physical plane his writing style starts getting a lot more....Emersonian I think would be the right word. For the most part its not too difficult to understand but he then, on very key issues, will start speaking in very vague and loaded language as if he's getting too cagey about Jane's available vocabulary to go into specifics.

I'm at session 149 where he starts getting into detail on dreams, action, and some of the relational difference, I'll paste the quote below and highlight what's giving me indigestion:

One of the closest glimpses you can get of pure action is action as it is involved with the dream world and in this mobility as the personality passes into and out of the dream field. Within the physical world, you deal with the transformation of action into physical manipulations - but this involves only a small portion of the nature of action, and it is my purpose to familiarize you with action as it exists, more or less, in pure form. In this way, you will be able to perceive the ways in which it is translated into other fields of actuality that do not involve matter as you know it.

Within the reality of the dram world, fulfillment and dependence, then, are not dependent upon permanence in physical terms. Bursts of developments are possible that have matured in perspectives that are not bound up in time.

These developments are the results of actions that occur in many perspectives at once and not developments that happen as within the physical system through a seeming series of moments.
Basically, even the physical universe itself is so constructed, but for all practical purposes, as far as perception and experience is concerned, time and physical growth apply.

To give a bit more background on what's hanging me up here; Seth mentioned earlier that the dream world is built of molecular matter, however atoms are not 'imprisoned' as he put it in such long term durations as 13 billion year old rocks or, for all I know at this point, 100 year old houses even.

My sense in reading this is that, for me to really get the most out of what I'm reading here, I'll want to understand what he means by things seemingly occuring and even 'aging' in what we'd think of as non-time sequences.

Here's the trouble I get into - the intuitive knee jerk reaction on this plane (and from a left brained individual) is to say "Oh, he must mean sequences leaving time and being expressed in that manner spatially, tonally, etc.". It sounds appealing until I realize - we understand that quite clearly in our world already. We use spacial sequences of events in forensics, geology, analyzing ice in Greenland or analyzing cross sections of trees - that kind of data unfortunately is still dependent on being built by a time sequence of events, it just happens to be stored in a physical media as a spacial sequence. True, we also have books, hard drives and computer data, etc. which is more direct use rather than simply a historical account of things.

For him to be talking about simultaneous processes and not be simply talking about parallel processes on the same object (like we'd think of with complex influences up through the haze of Chaos Theory where we just give up trying); what is he getting at here between the lines? Any ideas?
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PostPosted: Sun Dec 09, 2012 2:34 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

He's probably trying to explain that there is no difference between thought and action in essence.

What we commonly refer to as "reality" is much different to "actuality. We, as humans, are incapable of perceiving actuality because as soon as anything happens, we immediately interpret it in order to make some kind of sense of it, and that is our "reality".

Zeno of Elea, a philosopher from around 500BC, has thought up many wonderful paradoxes. One of them is that if we take two points, A and B. When approaching B, we first need to get halfway there. Then we need to get halfway again. And again. Ad infinitum. Basically, B can never be fully known, as we can never get there.

This is a bit like trying to break the speed of light. Physicists are close...very close...but they've not done it...yet.

The actuality, as far as I can see (which is my interpretation and thus my reality), is that All is One. Therefore, thought and action aren't separate in actuality, which can't be perceived, so maybe they are.

Welcome to the wonderful world of metaphysics where there are no answers!

I've written a wonderful book questioning a whole load of answers to questions that can't be answered, I think you'd like it Very Happy
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