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How do Scalar Planes Operate Experientially?

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Joined: 08 Aug 2012
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 29, 2012 2:58 am    Post subject: How do Scalar Planes Operate Experientially? Reply with quote

I heard a famous psychic/researcher interviewed recently. She said something that really caught my interest in relation to the seeming abstractness of realms beyond our physical/3rd dimensional.

She likened our physics and general Newtonian stuff to living within a vector plane but then she likened the astral and other more inner and outer realms to being scalar planes.

This rang true with me because for what I've been reading the non-physical planes both don't operate inside of time in quite the same way this plane does, nor does space work the same way. In completely separate reading from hers the analogy was given that the outside planes work on gradients of intensity - which is almost identical verbiage that this particular psychic/researcher used.

I can understand that part of what 'intensity' would imply is the ability to - when in the astral realm, either OOB or OOB after end of life, you can bring anything to you or bring yourself to it just by thinking about the object, or person, etc. in which case whatever is closest to mind will be closest as well in proximity.

Is there anything else that can be said about the structure and experience of a scalar plane, physics-wise, thats different from a vector plane? Also, does this bring up any additional terms and conditions in how we approach - from our realm - such a plane in communication or in what ways we'd need to engage it for greatest effect?
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Joined: 29 Jan 2012
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PostPosted: Sun Dec 09, 2012 3:44 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

There's many of these so called scalar planes and they are all "reversed" from each other, as far as can be ascertained.

Let's say there are two planes of existence, for example. Let's call them physical and not-physical. Let's further suppose that you are performing some act in order to get something physical but the act to get it is being performed on the non-physical plane.

In order to perform this act, you would need to do the exact opposite of what you want, on the non-physical, in order to get a physical result.

This is getting into metaphysics here, which is paradoxical at the best of times.
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Joined: 08 Aug 2012
Posts: 20

PostPosted: Sun Dec 09, 2012 11:47 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

That is a really wild answer, meaning that I've asked my higher self and assisting ascended masters for help in terms of understanding the mysteries of this stuff. In my dreams when I then am shown the rules of how other planes directly and creatively joined with ours operate its exactly like you said, ie. everything's almost sneakily in reverse causality than what it appears to be from the physical. Its as if its designed - deliberately - to sink you into the physical more and more if you try to examine things in the standard way.

I'm still trying to figure out what to do with that understanding though. Has anyone written any books or articles on that topic, ie. the reverse-style construction of our physical plane and how to make use of it by understanding the psychology of the rules for what they actually are? (Yes, I get that there are tons of metaphysics books that talk about the law of attraction and things like that but even those concepts don't really touch base with the actuality of things).
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Joined: 29 Jan 2012
Posts: 192
Location: Over the rainbow

PostPosted: Mon Dec 10, 2012 12:04 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The nature of any belief is that it's self-reinforcing when understood in physical terms - as you pointed out.

Here's an article from Ophiel (Edward Peach), that you may find useful.

How to 'Control' and 'Dominate' Others
By 'Ophiel'
Ophiel and The Gnostic Institute present the following instructions on how to 'GAIN
CONTROL AND INFLUENCE OVER OTHERS', which essentially means that you will
'Dominate' the 'Attention' of those you wish to control and influence and attract what you
desire from them. Ophiel hopes that you will master these instructions fully and that you will
use them to help you in your daily life from now on.
In this 'Physical World' it is either that you control other people or that others control
you. It is just a fact of life that everybody is under some kind of control by others or controls
others themselves. Therefore it is as much to protect yourself from such domination by other
people, as to give you’re the power to command others that I am giving you the following
'Occult Secrets'. I trust you will make good use of them in both ways. It makes no difference
to me what use you wish to make of these secrets: That responsibility is yours alone.
Much of the unhappiness in this world is caused by the inability to get other people to
co-operate with you in the ways that you desire. Please note that I am making no reference to
any question of 'RIGHT' or 'WRONG'. (Again, that is your responsibility.) No one else can
make these decisions for you or bear the weight of responsibility for your choices of 'Action'.
The most common trouble comes from a 'lack of love-response' in another person
whose response seems most desirable to you. But please be prepared to discover that, after
you have started this work, you may have lost all interest in this one particular person whom
you now desire. This happens so many times and while it seems impossible to you now in
this particular case, you can get quite a shock when you find it is 'TRUE'.
Why this happens involves a deeper understanding of psychology than is important
for this lesson but your discovery of it can cause you a great deal of puzzlement, so do try to
keep an open mind about the now-desired person and be prepared in case it does happen.
The next most common trouble comes from a lack of co-operation and attention or a
'lack of appreciation' on the part or your superior for whom you work and next on the part of
those with whom you work with. To enable you to handle these situations and the others that
come into your life. I will first give you enough Occult theory to enable you to understand
what you are going to do (I myself, cannot work without knowing and understanding what I
am doing and why and I hope you are the same way.)
I will give you enough working 'Occult Knowledge' to enable you to put these
theories to work for you to your satisfaction of course a complete presentation of this
knowledge would take many pages and cannot be given in this short and specific lesson. If
you want to know more you should undertake some of the more advanced study programs
with the Gnostic Institute.
To proceed, there are certain 'RULES' of the Physical Universe that are true but which
are not too widely know and rarely understood by the average occult student (I trust that you
are an Occult Student and hence I will not go into a great deal of detail.) Some of the least
understood rules are.

1. The Physical Universe is 'MADE-UP' of 'PLANES' or 'LAYERS'.
2. These planes or layers differ from each other in well-recognised ways.
3. One of the 'Least Obvious' and most important ways they differ from each other is
that the 'LOWER' or 'OUTER' planes are subject to the 'HIGHER' or 'INNER'
planes. 'I.e. the 'Lower Planes' must always be affected by actions started in the
'Higher Inner Planes'.
4. Therefore, it follows that 'The only way to influence the 'Physical Plane' is
through work done first no the 'HIGHER, INNER PLANES'.
You can take the following statement as a working fact: ALL THINGS NOW ON
Now, there is another rather subtle matter, which must be taken into account in
this relationship between the Inner and Outer Planes, especially so in the case of
'PURELY PHYSICAL ACTIONS' that is the desired result of your Occult
Operations. This is, in a sense not quiet as you are used to thinking. In that
'ACTIONS' done on the 'INNER PLANES' are always reversed from 'ACTIONS'
done on the 'OUTER PHYSICAL PLANE'. In other words, your Inner Plane 'action'
must 'SEEM' to be just the 'OPPOSITE' of the kind of action that would be needed to
produce the 'EFFECT' on the Physical Plane.
This will probably be somewhat difficult for you to understand at first but to go
into this reversal effect any deeper is beyond the purpose of this lesson. There are
reasons for this effect but for now, it will be sufficient for you to know about it and
allow for it. In you Occult Studies you will find many things somewhat difficult to
understand at first until your range of experiences and back ground knowledge has
been extended and then these earlier complexities will simply fall into place.
Now for one more matter and then I think we can go on to the actual working
methods. While it is true, as I have said above, that the planes are reversed to each
other, it is also true that you can reverse this reverseness! And this is the reason that
you are able to develop the ability to control others, to dominate their attentions and
get them to do what you desire.
The planes are 'Positive' and 'Negative' to each other, the usual situation being the
lower is 'Negative' to the 'Higher' and the 'Higher' 'Positive' to the lower. But you, by
your 'God' given powers can reverse your actions and thoughts so that you
consciously reverse your usual 'Polarity' to these planes and accomplish what you
want, either 'Turn-on' the positive 'Attraction' or 'Turn-on' the negative repulsion.
Successful people do these actions 'NATURALLY' and all 'Love' 'Fame' 'Money'
and 'Honours', flows 'their?' way, their whole lifetime. This statement is too obviously
true for contradiction. 'Correct?' I trust you will go back over the above before
proceeding with the lesson and that you will study it for a long time. More Occult
knowledge is there in a few paragraphs, as you will realise as time goes by, than in
many dozens of the 'SUGARY METAPHYSICAL' occult books that have always be
done naturally and often unknowingly.
Let us suppose that you wish to 'DOMINATE' the 'ATTENTION' of a certain
person male-female, your employer or someone in authority or anyone else.

In a sense, you are 'DRIVING AWAY' from yourself the 'VERY THING' you
want? The 'ACTION' you have taken at the 'EMOTIONAL' level helps bring about
the 'REVERSE' of that which you want to take place at the Physical Level.
This is the 'WAY' you are to do it:
1. Turn away physically and emotionally from the person. You must 'DROP' all
physical contact/pressure.
3. Talking and acting as they would if they were actually doing what you have
wanted them to do all the time.
Believe me, there is no other satisfactory 'WAY'.
Anyone and everything that comes to anyone in this 'Physical Life' comes as a
'RESULT' of being 'NEGATIVE' or 'RECEPTIVE' to that 'Person' or 'Thing'. If you
will study and analyse any successful relationship in this earth, you will find those
factors present 'One' of these persons is 'Negative' to the other (There is a 'Negative'
If you think enough about these concepts of 'Negative' and 'Positive' you will
perceive a great deal. And remember that you must think in terms of at what 'LEVEL'
negative and positive things are taking place. As you meditate on these things and as
you practice the above steps you will find that your understanding of what happens in
a relationship broadens and you will also open the door to understanding the various
familiar problems of human relationships.
I trust you will make an effort to apply this knowledge to the 'Attracting' of
'Situations' and 'Circumstances' as well as 'Persons' to yourself. In the case of both
'Persons & Circumstances' these methods need not be prolonged beyond the first
state/stage. After the first work is done and the situation is as you want it to be, you
can discontinue the too positive or too negative on your part and yield to the
naturalness of the situation. To keep a relationship going is quite different from
starting it.
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Joined: 08 Aug 2012
Posts: 20

PostPosted: Mon Dec 10, 2012 5:00 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

What Ed wrote there reminds me a lot of one of the first Metaphysics lits I'd been recommended - ie. Kybalion. The only problem with the Kybalion was it lacked the kind of stuff that this article gives; ie. it says that there are all these planes, it says that there are seven laws and discusses what they are, but then it leaves those seven laws hanging in a state of theory with no real example. Do know where I could find more illustrative stuff like that?

On another note my dreams have been a little different than this. This seems like its a clean/simple negative while my dream contents deal with how things both come out in complete reverse and do so while at the same time creating what seems like a clean and tidy world of Netwonian physics. Its those dreams where in my dream state the stuff just blows right by me, ends up coming way too fast, and it seems like its antithetical to intuition at every single step - the kind of thing where, kind of like advanced calculus, I'd have a fairly good chance of understanding it over the course of a few weeks or months with a reference guide but having it shot at me in a dream its like I'll get the general feel of it but then the information just blows right through me like a siv.

BTW, I got a laugh out of his prime example being romantic relationships - I don't think there's be a better way for someone to blow their fingers off with this stuff. I tend to be squeemish about killing a fly with a sledgehammer and in studying this I'm hoping I can find considerably more soft-touch and stable applications (ultimately my goal is ascension work and , lol....despite another post, I'm trying to figure out how to dismantle the obstacles that stand between myself and that goal).
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Joined: 29 Jan 2012
Posts: 192
Location: Over the rainbow

PostPosted: Mon Dec 10, 2012 5:53 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

As regards ascension, there's a lot involved, but it essentially boils down to taking more actions based on love, rather than fear. I could talk for months about it:P

As regards finding more Ophiel stuff, I'll PM you Smile
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