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PostPosted: Thu Nov 29, 2012 10:48 pm    Post subject: Book for you! Reply with quote


I've been interested in Spirituality for a long time, almost all my life and being raised in a Catholic home it seemed pretty one sided with the way the church was making it all seem like.This seems like the right place to put something up here and I think you guys could truly understand this stuff. I could never truly connect to the religion and have been on the look out for something that I could feel inside; that's what or how I want my spiritual journey to look like. After many years, I have stumbled onto a book named: "Master and the Green Eyed Hope" and it basically set me free in a way you can only feel, not explain. Moments in the book I began to feel how I've never really felt before. I began to feel whole, with some sort of philosophy or ideas that I understood and could relate to. Unlike some of the religious prospectives' or even some of the new age stuff out there. So i have decided that I want to recommend it to as many people as possible because when I read it, it changed my life and I became a completely new person. I read what world wide renowned experts said about the book and I agree with them, this book reads like an amazing adventure and ``This is at once a fun novel, a creative fiction, a scientific journey and a true life story``. A true Gem!!

Brief Synopsis:

Johanna Kern, a film director/producer/writer tells her story of an unusual encounter with the Master whom she met while spontaneously falling into trance one day.

Before the event, Johanna knew nothing about other realms and possibilities. Her life was full as it could be, and she had no time for any mythical or mystical nonsense. Yet when facing the Master in an Ancient Temple, she was mesmerized by his power.

“I am going crazy, that’s all”, she thought. “All is cool and this will soon end. Whatever it is.”...

Here's a few links if you guys are interested:

Amazon Kindle Version

Smash Words

Authonomy where you can see what over 250 other people thought of the book as well as some of the book for free:

And the blog where you can find 3 chapters free:

I've read a lot of books on this subject or rather in broad broad subject and views on all kinds of spirituality and I have yet to find anything that has made such an impact on my life. I hope at least you guy can check it out!


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