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defining and indefinable occurence

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Joined: 15 Dec 2012
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PostPosted: Sat Dec 15, 2012 5:16 am    Post subject: defining and indefinable occurence Reply with quote

I am new here obviously and am looking for a bit of direction in my studies of a problem that I thought went away but has decided to return. Well I suppose it is not truely a problem but it is at times irritating in it's randomness and because I have no answers. Let me try to give the highlights and see if this rings a bell for anyone. I'm fairly good in the area of research but I think I need a starting point this time or maybe a whole new area. Im not sure Im even in the right group though the summary sounded closest. Ill let you in the field decide if I should cut and paste this post elsewhere. I will try to keep this short however I am not very good at that. If there are any followup questions or thoughts please feel free. I am all about getting this figured out finally and moving forward from there. To that end, here we go...
You've likely heard the phrase "two steps ahead of you", but have you ever been there? Have you ever actually felt that you're two steps ahead of the world? That's the best way I have found of describing the feeling. It's as if I'm out of sync with those around me but only mentally. Physically I am still in the moment but mentally I know what will be in the next few moments and it is generally an uneasy feeling being there. Not eerie or anything of a foreboding nature as I have read in some definitions I have discarded, just uneasy.
It first got my attention in my early teens but I didn't put two and two together my late teens. Between 13 and 16 I just thought of it as deja vu only later to find that it didnt fit the definition of others. No one I talked to had episodes of deja vu lasting longer than a moment and mine were upwards of thirty to sixty seconds and would sometimes stop me where I stood trying to figure out what was really happening. Later I determined that the only real kinship this had to deja vu was that it had no rhyme or reason for when or where it would occur.
While I was in college is when it got so bad I started tracking the events. When, where, duration, what I was doing, who I was with, how it made me feel, how it left me feeling, etc. I log it all, categorized it, charted it, graphed it and generally tried everything to figure it out. I either wanted it to stop or I wanted to be in control but either way I wanted answers. I did this for about six months and after failing to find the answers I forgot about the books and just let it be. It went on for a while after maybe another six months and I got used to it, meaning I didnt feel strange when it occured anymore i just accepted it and moved on. I dont know exactly when but it began to happen less and less until it was years between events. Now in my late thirties it seems to be building again. And lo and behold there is this wonderful tool called the internet now, yes I remember life before the internet thank you. So here I am and here you are, maybe the answers are just around the corner.
Now that you have a bit of case history let me add a few details to help the understanding and avoid misinterpretation.
First, the events are generally between (considering all past and present) 20 and 90 seconds. Some shorter and the longest I believe to have neared two minutes.
Second, during these events its is like being ahead of things in time. I cannot 'see' the end but I will get there before everything else. It generally feels like a 2-10 second difference usually on the lower to mid scale and it is difficult to estimate due to the uneasy feeling and not knowing exactly when things caught up.
Third, I have ruled out a theory on faster mental computations of variables through event tests. These of course are not without flaws but were enough for my intents. To that purpose I submit that I have answered questions before they were asked, I have spoken to people by name before the have come around the building, I had caller ID before it was on the market and I have avoided some personal accidents and injuries.
As I see I have written a novella again I will stop there and apologize - though I did tell you I have issues with keeping things brief. The question I have is; does any of this sound familiar to anyone. I know I'm not off my rocker but I also know that I don't know and it's time for a new perspective...yours. I ask for a fresh set of eyes on the matter and hope for some answers.
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Joined: 01 Jan 2008
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PostPosted: Sat Dec 15, 2012 2:20 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Although my experiences are somewhat different than yours, the answer may apply to you as well.

When I began awakening to what was happening in my life some 30 yeas ago I saugt answers to the strangeness I had been experiencing also.

I was literally walking around in 2, sometimes 3 dimensional realities at the same time trying to distinguish one from the other and which one was 3d. This would happen randomly, or so it seemed.

I could also go forward or backward in time to a specific time whether minutes days or years with just a thought and observe certain events.

When I connected and began communicating with my Source group (spirit guides and teachers) I was informed that these abilities were brought with me to be used in the future. They showed up early in life to pique my curiosity and hopefully seek answers as my life progressed. These random occurrences were but an introduction to a much greater plan, procedure, or scenario later in life.

Under the direction of my Source I began using the knowledge provided to make sense of these abilities and how they worked together to produce the desired results. The more one utilizes information given, the more provided. I have learned and remembered much in my efforts to experiment with what was given and have built and continue to build a life which is in tune with my mission in this 3D reality.

Maybe this will give you some ideas.
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Joined: 29 Jan 2012
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PostPosted: Mon Dec 17, 2012 6:01 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Have a google for "spiritual awakening symptoms" or "kundalini" or "ascension", just to get you started.

The thing about time is this: it doesn't really exist. Time, as we know if, is just a reference grid, a way created by man to linearly represent experience.

Without going further into it, I'll leave you to do some research on the topics listed, then you can ask more specific questions

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