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Basic psychic development

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 16, 2015 5:10 pm    Post subject: Basic psychic development Reply with quote
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 21, 2015 8:44 pm    Post subject: Psychic Development Reply with quote

Every sensation is an elemental change in the state of the psyche. There are sensations in each of the six basic dimensions of Nature and the human being, and they are all accompanied by elemental changes of the psyche.

Sensations that we experience always leave a trace in our memory. We have two types of memory: spiritual and animal. The first conserves the memories of sensations experienced in the superior dimensions of space; the second conserves the memory of the physical sensations. Memories of sensations constitute the perceptions.

Every physical or psychic perception is really the memory of a sensation.

The memories of sensations are organized into groups that associate or dissociate, attract or repel.

Sensations are bipolarized into two perfectly defined currents. The first obeys the character of the sensations. The second obeys the time of reception of the sensations.

The sum total of various sensations, converted into a common cause, is projected externally as an object. Then we say, this tree is green, high, low, has an agreeable smell, disagreeable, etc. When the perception is in the Astral or in the Mental World, we say, this object or subject has these qualities, this color etc. In this last case, the sum total of sensations is internal and its projection is also internal; it belongs to the fourth, fifth, or sixth dimensions, etc. We perceive physical perceptions with the physical apparatus, and the psychic with the psychic apparatus. In the same way that we have physical senses of perception, we also have psychic senses of perception. Everyone who follows the path of Initiation has to develop these psychic senses.

Concepts are always formed with the memories of perceptions. Thus, the concepts transmitted by the great adept founders of religions are due to the transcendental memories of their psychic perceptions.

The formation of perceptions leads to the formation of words, and the appearance of language. The formation of internal perceptions leads to the formation of the mantric language, and the appearance of the Language of Gold spoken by adepts and Angels.

The existence of language is impossible when there are no concepts, and there are no concepts when there are no perceptions. Those who toss about concepts of the Internal Worlds without ever having perceived them, as a rule falsify reality, although they do so with good intentions.

In the elemental levels of psychic life, many sensations are expressed with screams, howls, sounds etc., which reveal joy or terror, pleasure or pain. This happens in the physical world and also in the Internal Worlds.

The appearance of language represents a change in consciousness. Thus also, when the disciple has already begun to speak in the Universal Cosmic Language, a change in Consciousness has been made. Only the universal fire of the serpent and the dissolution of the reincarnating ego can bring about such a change.

Concept and word are one and the same substance. The concept is internal and the word is external. This process is similar in all the levels of Consciousness and in all dimensions of space. Ideas are only abstract concepts. Ideas are much larger concepts and belong to the world of Spiritual Archetypes. Every existing thing in the physical world is a copy of those archetypes. During Samadhi, the initiate can visit the world of spiritual archetypes in Astral or Super-astral journeys.

The mystical content of the transcendental sensations and emotions cannot be expressed in common language. Words can only suggest them, indicate them. Actually, only the Royal Art of Nature can define these superlative and transcendental emotions. Royal Art was known in every serpentine civilization. The pyramids of Egypt and Mexico, the millenarian sphinx, the ancient monoliths, the sacred hieroglyphs, the sculptures of the Gods etc., are archaic testimony of the Royal Art that only speaks to the Consciousness and to the ears of initiates. The initiate learns this Royal Art during mystical ecstasy.

Space, with its properties, is a form of our sentient receptivity. We can verify this when through the development of the chakras, we are able to perceive all space in four-dimensional form instead of the three-dimensional form to which we were previously accustomed.

The characteristics of the world change when the psychic apparatus changes. The development of the chakras makes the world change for the initiate. With the development of the chakras, we eliminate from our mind the subjective element of perceptions. “Subjective” is that which does not have reality. “Objective” is that which is Spiritual, the Reality.

With the awakening of the chakras by means of internal discipline comes an increase in psychic characteristics. The novelty in the psychic field obscures the changes taking place simultaneously in the perception of the physical world. The new is felt, but the initiate is not capable of logically defining and axiomatically the scientific difference between the old and the new. The result of such incapacity is the lack of perfect conceptual equilibrium. It is thus urgent to achieve conceptual equilibrium, so that the doctrinary exposition of the initiates may correctly fulfill its intention.

The change of Consciousness is the true objective of esoteric discipline.

We need cosmic consciousness; this is the sense of Consciousness of the cosmos; this is the life and order of the universe.

Cosmic Consciousness brings into existence a new type of intellectualism: the Illuminated Intellection. This faculty is a characteristic of the Super-Man. There are three types of consciousness: first, simple consciousness, second, individual self-consciousness, and third, cosmic consciousness. The animals have the first, the intellectual animal called a human being, the second. The Gods have the third. When cosmic Consciousness is born in the human being, he feels internally as if the fire of the serpent were consuming him. The flash of Brahmanic splendor penetrates his mind and his Consciousness, and from that moment, he is initiated into a new and superior order of ideas. The Brahmanic delight has the flavor of Nirvana.

When the initiate has been illuminated by the Brahmanic fire, he enters the esoteric or secret circle of humanity. In that circle we find an ineffable family, made up of those ancient hierophants who are known in the world as Avatars, Prophets, Gods, etc. The members of this distinguished family are found in all of the advanced races of the human species. These beings are the founders of Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, Sufism, etc. Actually, these beings are few, but despite being so few they are in truth the directors and leaders of the human species.

Cosmic Consciousness has infinite degrees of development. The cosmic Consciousness of a new initiate is inferior to that of an Angel and that of the Angel is not the same as the development of an Archangel. In this there are degrees and degrees. This is Jacob’s ladder.

It is impossible to achieve cosmic consciousness without sanctity. It is impossible to obtain sanctity without love. Love is the path of sanctity. The most grandiose manifestation of love is found during Sexual Magic. In these moments the man and woman are a single, terribly divine hermaphroditic being.

Sexual Magic offers us all the internal conditions that are needed to receive the Brahmanic splendor.

Sexual Magic gives the devotee all the igneous elements necessary for the birth of cosmic Consciousness.

For cosmic Consciousness to appear, a certain degree of culture is required: the education of elements in affinity with cosmic Consciousness and the elimination of those elements which are opposing the cosmic Consciousness.

The most characteristic features of those individuals who are prepared in order to receive the cosmic Consciousness is that they look at the world as Maya (illusion). They have the feeling that the world (as people perceive it is only an illusion, and they search for the great Reality, the Spiritual, the Truth, that which is beyond illusion. For the birth of cosmic Consciousness, it is necessary for the human being to surrender himself completely to the Spiritual, to the Internal.

Sexual Magic offers the initiate all the possibilities required to obtain Brahmanic splendor and the birth of the cosmic consciousness. It is urgent that Sexual Magic be combined with internal Meditation and sanctity. In this way, we prepare ourselves to receive the Brahmanic splendor.

In reality, Angels are perfect human beings. Therefore, whosoever reaches the perfect state of human being becomes an Angel. Those who claim that an Angel is inferior to humans are falsifying the truth. No one can achieve the angelic state if he has not previously reached the state of perfect human being. No one can achieve the state of perfect human being if he has not previously incarnated his Soul. This is a sexual problem. The Angel is born only within the true human beings. Cosmic Consciousness is born only within the true human being.

More information and free courses can be found at:
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