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PostPosted: Thu Aug 03, 2017 8:32 pm    Post subject: MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGH: AGING RADICALLY REVERSED Reply with quote

It is the New Physics extension of all-natural Homeopathic Medicine, but using Electromagnetic Induction, and we have witnessed in aerospace engineering people doing it living hundreds of years plus and in perfect health.
Back to our lesson on Homeopathic Medicine and its technology. It was Helmut Schimmel, M.D.(1978) in Germany who devised a test method to compare the waveform of the bodily problem with the waveform of selected remedies using test ampules. Each remedy had a different characteristic waveform and so did a group of remedies or complex. The objective was match the complex waveform of the pathology in the body as tested precisely with an electronic bridge and a very sensitive micro-voltmeter using acupuncture points(medicament electro-acupuncture testing). We raised the cure-rate from 30% using intuition with the very complex Homeopathic Materia Medicas to 95% plus. But we knew that the-next generation therapeutic system ideally would be electromagnetic induction so that every cell of the body received the needed waveform, not just cells accessible by the lymphatic system of the body with our taking Homeopathic remedies orally.
On the way to the forum we met a remarkable scientist and electrical engineer who discovered how to access the radically more efficient Space-Time Continuum using a magnetic field. How more efficient with this contracted space-time dimensional system our physical Universe had as a dual, that ETs use to visit us from constellations across the Universe and stay here in bases(hidden) by Treaty? Instead of days to the Moon it is seconds, instead of months to Mars it is minutes, instead of 100 years to the nearest star it is “6.5 hours to the Orion Constellation(NASA)” on the other side of the Universe. Since we could now magnetically rotate the waveform we were testing and make it radically more effective as reintroduced, why not just use the entire waveform of the pathology and aging of the body(simillimum) and reintroduce this radically enhanced waveform into every cell of the body with a cylindrical instrument(as with a thermograph).
Now rather than taking six months it takes five minutes to reverse any medical problem: cancer, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, etc. But because it was the entire waveform of all the history of abuse(excuse me) of the body, what we find is not only all disease processes reversed completely, but also all dysfunctions and inflamations and cosmetic aging of appearances. We have the patient being pulled out of a cylindrical instrument and standing before a mirror looking at herself as she looked twenty to thirty years ago, the greying of the hair and wrinkles of the skin from diet, excess sun, and aging removed. Also we see that surgical scars are dissolved and sloughed off radically.
Now, here comes the greatest confirmation, geo-politically, of this medical breakthrough from the most powerful people on this planet, namely the World Bank(WB) Rothschild family in Zurich, warning us not to use this advanced New Physics technology thus: “Be forewarned, do use any of Nikola Tesla’s interventions for radically increased power waveform or its medical application(very specifically) to reverse radically pathology and aging.” I won’t elaborate here but some of my fellow electrical engineering-physicists with dollar signs in their eyes did not heed the warning and had Interpol knock on their door here in the U.S.
In aerospace development we aerospace and medical engineers have stood before ETs helping us with advanced technology by Treaty and they looked “28, 32, and 38-39 years of age” only to be left incredulous hearing, “No, we are actually 280, 324, and 418 years of age(respectively).” Of course, we engineers nodded and replied smugly, “Oh, by your sun time, not ours,” only to be shocked by hearing, “No, by your Sun time.”
“How are you doing it?”
“We are using the same magnetic field translation that we use to move our craft and
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us occupants in and out of the radically contracted Space-Time Continuum to travel anywhere in this Universe, but medically with the entire waveform of the body. We do this
twice a year(five minutes) from birth, and live over a thousand years, but in perfect health.”
Even in the eve of their life, male commanders who are bald headed, are still in perfect health with no visible arthritis, facial look of aging, or locomotor stoop.
Two years ago I wrote a paper for the International Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineering(IIEEE), my first degree(now Ph.D.), symposium in Paris describing in detail the physics of this science for accessing advanced periodic wave(a.c.) which is also the same fundamental New Physics enhancement for the medical aging reversal. The paper was approved for presentation in Paris! I also wrote a paper for the corresponding medical society symposium internationally but made the mistake of saying that we in the aerospace field witnessed ETs who had radically reversed their age, so it was not approved for presentation. But it is the same basic science application, if you have one, you have the other.


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PostPosted: Sat Aug 29, 2020 12:23 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

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