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Shadow relativism

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 26, 2017 5:24 pm    Post subject: Shadow relativism Reply with quote

So dense in the matter of our sentient thoughts are we, we reach for a reality, in our minds, which will uplift us in visions and feelings, and subtly moves us to till the soil of idolatry. Eventually we seek entrance to the cosmic consciousness believing it will show us the plum-line of balance, and equilibrium of discerning things in the invisible. We tell ourselves time, space, distance and matter are illusions. That if we study, as Scripture state, we will find ourselves approved, and the straight road to the promise land. But here's the catch. When men never cross the line of only being human, not Spirit, they find themselves hanging by dual ropes of shadowy activity of experiences of religious hearsay, and philosophical relativism.
Shadow relativism which men have received as personal in their minds, but commanded in their Spirit to take no thought of. These are the shadows which form visions and mirages. They keeps an imaginary divide between the world of human natural laws, and the Spirit at odd in the void believed to exist between the mass density interpreted humanly as the solid nature of good and evil, and that which "has no form or comeliness to be desired."
When men do not take heed to THE BREATH of LIFE which blankets all forms, images, words, and knowledge expressed within ITSELF, truth can never be iconic, only smattering fragmented pictures which makes up the "dual rope of shadowy activity of man's experience of religious hearsay" following.
From oblivion, of our invisible existence, we road the gravitational wave of THE BREATH of LIFE into the believed nature of soul apprehension, into a game of living with no reasoning as to why, nor inkling of a prize to be had except that of theories, opinions, and conceptual words of those who displayed nothing other than ignorance of vanity before returning to oblivion. A game hypothesizing the identity of things beyond the line of visible, or intellectual human comprehension. So we dress the participants and objects, we find, in this game of life we have entered, in dresses, suits, and casual wear of intellectual conscious thoughts we have been indoctrinated to accept as truth, by those "shadowy activity of experiences of religious hearsay" draping filling our conscious minds.

Repetitiously, as those who have undergone this indoctrinated ritual of human earthen deceit of self-righteous survival before us, we become the new visionaries and saviors, of mankind, by following empty words we program as scenarios, standards, and rules for man's indulgence for living in our interpreted ignorant game played, which has no gains or rewards except those we already possess by being the children of "THE BREATH of LIFE which blankets all forms, and images, and words, and knowledge expressed within ITSELF." Righteousness is a gift. And studying does not open the door for one to received this gift, it fine tunes the sentient mind to practice the discipline of never disobeying the commandment "thou shalt have no other gods before me." Studying then is to eliminate the imaginary tree of knowledge of good and evil from the human conscious world, and universe of the Body of THE BREATH God expresses ITSELF as, as INDIVIDUAL CONSCIOUSNESS, from minds which do not know their potential of righteousness is entirely dependent on the silence of human thought interpretation.
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