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Advice needed: Pyramid healing for transplant complications

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 20, 2018 4:28 pm    Post subject: Advice needed: Pyramid healing for transplant complications Reply with quote

Advice/Feedback needed: Desperate for healing and answers after multiple organ transplant due to suspicious idiopathic Chronic Pancreatitis

My illness began in Dec 2009, transplant/organs removed Aug 2013, debilitating complications progress past 2/3 years.

I will not get into the circumstances that were going on at the exact time I began having severe symptoms of chronic pancreatitis out of nowhere, but suffice to say all evidence and probability points to an external, intentional causing factor. I am 31 now, I was 23 years old and healthy when I fell ill one day right after returning from a business trip in TX with the most intense nausea I have ever had. It would not subside no matter how long I laid still, how many Zofran I took, nothing. I was so nauseous I could not even pick up my cell phone and text my mother to tell her to please come and help. It did not go away and took days to subside just enough to walk to the living room. I should have been taken to hospital immediately , but my grandmother is the worst narcassistic personality case ever and told everyone I was just being lazy etc, despite projectile vomiting and unable to move off floor. I had no insurance and literally was so sick I could not think, because obviously my rational brain would have said GO TO HOSPITAL NO MATTER WHAT THEY WILL SEE YOU. But I was overtaken.
I was also having intense pain and it was hard to breathe and hurt to breathe. I could not fall asleep. I took all 1,000 lortab my grandfather had, which gave temporary, mild relief while they lasted.
I eventually got a doctors appointment, and the night before had an out of body experience, my first, and initially thought I had died because there was no sleep etc, I just went to sitting upright with eyes closed to astrally floating. I talked to a spirit guide, and noticed how different it was then lucid dreaming, an ongoing debate I now knew the answer to. I felt like I was running out of air/drowning in all future OBEs (I had several more), which I thought was very odd. But in that first one, as soon as I laid back down in my body I was back in my room and my eyes were already open, VERY VERY weird. 10 seconds later my grandfather knocked on my room door and I jumped up and said Im ready, it was my first doctors appointment and time to go. He couldn't believe I was up, but I did not mention the experience.
The doctor visit ended with me being wheeled out in a wheelchair after I projectile vomited from giving blood and almost fainted. Many doctors, specialists, and ER visits later I was without answers. Until my friend came to stay with me who was the exact same age. He was who I was with in Texas RIGHT before I came down with the illness. He asked if it felt like a hot pocket of air “right here”, pointing to abdomen. That was exactly it. From there I INSISTED I be given an endoscopic ultrasound of my pancreas. To this point multiple Cts, MRIs, and edoscopys found zero. When I woke up from this procedure though, the doctor immediately said I had a bad case of CHRONIC pancreatitis and looked like she'd seen a ghost (they said little chance I had it). How did I go from never having had any pancreatitis attack in my life to a severe case of chronic pancreatitis in months?
From here I was able to get Dilaudid and that allowed me to move about somewhat and have a life. To a degree I mean. Finally , God answered my prayers in 2012, I inherited $50k from a relative Id never meant and was able to immediately buy a vehicle, insurance, and a trip to Miami the next week to see the best pancreas specialist in the south. He set me up for an Auto Islet Cell Transplant , with total removal of the pancreas, spleen, gallbladder, and re-sectioning of digestive system.
A year later in Dallas I had the surgery, which was the most pain I have ever felt (meds did not work because of built up pain med tolerance).
I went on for 3 years without needing insulin and without any major pain complications, yet I still had pain and issues. But 3 years later almost to the day, I was admitted for high blood sugar, found to be diabetic (severely) and was in hospital regularly for severe pain in bottom right abdomen. Now I have brittle diabetes, which I can deal with. But I get flare ups where my pain is, there is definitely something severe going on and it is agitated by not sleeping. The longer without sleep the worse it gets and it is very hard to fall asleep, much less breathe, once it is flared. Hospitals cannot find anything and I feel like they think I am there for drugs because they aren't finding anything other than constipation. At this point I could handle some pretty bad pain without going to the hospital, so when I go, it is BAD. The noises my abdomen will make as I literally have to push out or “through” air to be able to take a semi full breath, are so loud and putrid sounding, I cannot be in public. It sounds like a vile cartoon and scares people as it sounds serious.

My pancreas specialist has left the Cleveland Clinic and is no where to be found now. The surgeon packed up and quit doing this surgery, so I have no specialist follow up now, and most GI doctors are just now learning this surgery exists. Now I am thinking I am an experiment gone wrong, not to mention the possible victim of some sort of toxin or technology that caused this instantaneous manifestation of a disease that takes 20-30 years to develop (from pancreas expert). Idiopathic is the cause, meaning no idea. However, I randomly contracted what appeared to be a literal flesh eating bacteria a week before it hit me while still in Texas. It literally ate the entire bottom surface of my nose off and a patch of my chin. The purple flesh and white nodules that were exposed looked like out of a zombie movie. I had some “Bioxin” on hand and took a dose, which seemed to knock it out, and I continued to take, which took it away. I remember having a very very green stool (never before) right when I returned home. Shortly after that is when I fell ill out of nowhere. Ironically, my friend who I was with in Texas had pancreatitis earlier that year, as well as staph. The staph he had appeared as large bumps on his arm though. Another interesting fact, his job while staying with him was to hack phones of other Halliburton employees to build cases on them based on hacking their work phones and retrieving evidence of either murders or kiddie porn......and they needed him full time just for their own employees.

To me, the question is not IF I was given this illness intentionally, but HOW. Toxin? Harmonics technology? Or even witchraft (my friend is a member of one of the highest satanic royal bloodline families, this is a very real possibility). Interestingly, a picture of my pancreas taken during surgery appears to show like it had been burned, and surgeons said it was like a block of wood when tapped. It looked fried and no explanation or even hypothesis as to the etiology could be made. Only that my flesh eating bacteria didn't cause it. Two 23 year old, healthy males involved in the blackhat security industry develop pancreatitis in the same year. My friend was able to reverse his because he knew what it was right away and ate ginger salad for 2 weeks. I was drinking a lot to stop the pain (and nausea) and taking adderall, which exponentially increased the inflammation. By all accounts I should have died several times over, as acute attacks are said to kill in 72 hours untreated. Another fact, the last local GI doctor kept implying I was an alcoholic and it was from alcohol (my pain) and my liver was issue, he rolled his eyes when I insisted I have END of pancreas and after finding chronic pancreatitis I received a letter from his office informing me that he was retiring. Also, I was told by the pancreas expert doctor that alcohol was not a possible cause, no matter how much I consumed, at 23 years old. Alcoholic induced pancreatitis takes decades to develop he said, so no matter how much I binged , that was not the primary cause. Nor was it hereditary. Tropical? Doubtful.

Searching for famous cases, I came across Chandler from Friends, who had acute pancreatitis. And a russian spy who suddenly died from it while in custody. Interesting.

I wish words could paint the suffering I have experienced in the past 8 years. Nothing can quite capture the suffering this disease brings. If I turn things around and can put my business ideas into motion, I will certainly be creating a charity for victims of this evil affliction.

I have been reading about using pyramid structures, aligned magnetic north, to sleep under (or in??) that can do miracles healing wise. But I wonder with so many important grans gone and the rewiring of my digestive organs, will it help me much? Maybe mentally (something is gone that I used to have, and all I think about is pain relief now and I get allotted such a small amount I live for the hours of the week I am not in pain). I wish they gave medical grade Heroin to patients here, for free, but they do not. I will not be a heroin addict, although I had a couple years where I was, and although I had relief, it took every dime so I made no progress in life and got in trouble.
I would have already jumped on trying the pyramid structure if I had the money for it, but even $150 is sadly a lot these days. I am a skilled entrepreneaur and web designer/developer. I had a major contract with Time Warner Telecom that I was about to sign literally right when I fell ill, but I did not want to sign until I knew my health was good because we were taught in business school, when you get a big opportunity (e.g. Time Warner giving a 23 year old a direct line into their industry), you only get one shot. If you mess it up, its very hard to get a second. So I figured I would get better but that day never came, Time Warner has since been bought out locally and the oppiortunity for my business likely gone (it was based on phased out technology and all customer slots were full, there was already a wiating list). The idea is still my next move as soon as I am able to, but I need an investor, and my health.

For those that have experience with Pyramid healing, what advice do you offer and what outcomes are possible? I figure if I feel any progress after some weeks, I will step it up and amplify the energy with whatever is needed (small tesla coil). I have no idea how to add certain frequencies to the environment and which I would need. Also does not having a pancreas affect my spiritual body / ability to heal? Spleen? What should I do to balance?

I am hoping to restore my cells to mint condition if thats possible. What about the RIFE machine? Its VERY expensive, and no idea how I would afford, but if there are experts that can explain outcomes from that vs Pyramid healing, Id love to hear.

Any suggestions welcome. I did not come this far, and have knowledge gien to me only to die without giving anything to this planet. Also, where can I find the cheapest, working pyramids for this type of use? Is it to risky to make your own (stepfather does woodwork)? Measurements must be to precise?

Remember, I no longer have a pancreas. Or spleen or gallbladder. I have diabetes. Extreme pain, and constant blockage/knotting of airflow and bile flow around colon and also where my bile duct has be re-positioned. Tissue and cell regeneration of intestines/ bile duct, liver, and kidneys are definetely important, as well as rebuilding of lung tissue from smoking , immune system, and neurotransmitter balance. I was imagining a combination of machine(s) and a pyramid frame for exponential affect, but I need advice.
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PostPosted: Tue Feb 06, 2018 10:36 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi, first and foremost you need to give your body the building blocks to repair itself. This is the formula I use, and it does work extremely well. You will probably have to do it for the next 5 to 6 years in your current condition. Check with your doctor to make sure none of the ingredients interact with any medication you're taking.

Needed: Juicer and Blender (black and decker makes a $30 blender that works fine, and should last at least a year)

Everyday morning/mid morning drink 1 to 2 full glasses.

1) Juice 3 collard greens leaves, 3 cabbage leaves, 1 smaller tomato, 1 stick of celery, 1 average sized carrot, a half a thumb size piece of ginger root.

2) Strain into a Blender

3) Handful of strawberries (frozen is fine), handful of blueberries (frozen is fine), squeeze 1 fresh orange and dump it in there, 1 banana.

4) Blend

Pour and drink with a small clove or half a clove of fresh chopped small raw garlic.

Now I will warn you, unless you like veggies this will probably not taste that great too you. I put the garlic in my mouth real quick, then take a big swig to wash it down. You can throw a handful of ice in there, and a bit more fruit for taste, but don't throw more bananas in there oranges because they tend to create more acid in our systems. What we're really trying to do is create an alkaline system.

Dinner= Baby Spinach salad. Go easy on the dressing. Greek is best, the others tend to be to spicy, thus irritating the digestive, or stuff ie. ranch, thousand island, etc. can cause heartburn. Which again is bad for the digestive when we are trying to heal it. No soda, No Alcohol, No Chips, or processed type foods. No smoking. No acidic foods like onions or too much citrus.

This is a tough regiment to follow, but it really does healing wonders. By the way you can get all this stuff at wal-mart relatively cheap.

This condition feels drug related and also maybe you came into contact with something radioactive as well. In fact I see some kind of dark ball by your lower stomach. You probably know what this is.

On the Giza plateau, there has been mention of a healing temple, having to do with magnetic fields and aligning the hemispheres of the brain, to induce the body's own healing powers. However you can do this through 20 minutes of clearing your mind in meditation each day as well .

With all of this you should start feeling better within 3 days, but it's going to take a long time for the digestive to heal. That's just the way it is.

Take Care, God Bless
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