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The Real Reason Why The Solar Observatory Was Closed

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2018 2:56 pm    Post subject: The Real Reason Why The Solar Observatory Was Closed Reply with quote

I am an expert alien researcher of many years and would like to offer illumination as to why the solar observatory in New Mexico and others were closed, as well as why there is now censorship of webcams in various other observatories. The security issue being the reason for the solar observatory closing is only the cover story.

As many of us know, the government and NASA lie constantly.

The real reason is that our Sun and Moon, as many people are now discovering, are not only the same size but also inside the firmament (which starts at 73 miles above us) at an altitude of what is termed "low earth orbit." Moreover, they are both artificial constructions. On the far side of the Moon - which we never see because the Moon doesn't revolve - there is a city that a governmental insider described as "looking like Manhattan."

The Sun IS NOT 92.96 million miles away! That is a monumental deception the government wants you to believe !

Video Footage & Analysis Of Our Small Sun Shining A Sun Spot On The Clouds:

Here's the core truth...

About twelve thousand years ago there was a nuclear war between atomic Atala/Atlantis and the more technologically advanced Anunnaki/Zetan-Reptilians. The former attempted to stop the harvesting and subjugation of the latter - the atrocities of which still go on.

Ancient Nuclear War References:

The Reticulans/Zetans unleashed their far more powerful antimatter weapons.

Alien interstellar flight and antimatter weapons are explained here:

That nuclear war ended Atala and also resulted in widespread earthquakes and The Great Flood which is documented in various ancient cultures. The holocaust also caused something else: it knocked Terra out of the Sol System and into deep space. The late governmental insider, William Tompkins, publicly confirmed that we are in deep space.

The Reticulan Empire won the war but now their farm realm - which they did not create - was in danger of dying due to a lack of sunlight. So they used their advanced technology to build what is essentially a large antimatter reactor, an artificial star. That is what our Sun has been for thousands of years: a Reticulan antimatter reactor.

When UFO's are photographed near our Sun they are performing maintenance operations. There will not be a major solar storm - ever. The Reticulans prevent that from happening.

On a related note, no comet or dwarf star - like dwarf star Elenin years ago - will ever be allowed to come close and disrupt the environment. That is why Elenin was blown up, which the government then tried to cover up by saying it didn't happen. The Reticulan Empire used their antimatter weapons to blow Elenin apart. They will not allow a major environmental disruption to occur from space. The high-tech space empire safeguards their farm realm.

Knowledge about the Sun and Moon is slowly getting out. That is why the solar observatory was closed. The government doesn't want people getting yet more confirmations of our small sun that is underneath the firmament and that it is an artificial construction by aliens that use Terra as one of their farms, to harvest and subjugate as they wish.

The Sun cannot turn us into light beings or trigger a shift in consciousness. That is utter nonsense! But it is a physical light and heat source that represents alien technology that is more advanced than any Terran nuclear reactor.
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