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The Star Maker

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 16, 2018 4:45 am    Post subject: The Star Maker Reply with quote

Hi everyone, I'd like to share this amazing document that I found, "The Star Maker":

"From the newsletter "A Call To Arms"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source: The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara

..."In the beginning, "Source" breathed forth a thought of pure Light (as a Being), which we the awakened ones know as "Father". First the thought, second the stirring within the Father/Mother womb or Matrix. These did not have bodies of dense matter, they were pure Light, yet with all of the attributes of the ALL, the "Source". They had the mind of their Source, and also the endowment of the Source, such as the Power to create by Thought"...

The Star Maker-A Glimpse into Eternity

I AM, and because I AM you ARE. I have ALWAYS BEEN and I shall ever BE, for I am without beginning, without end. I am Life itself, for I am the very Source of all that IS. I brought forth all life within me, and I sustain all life and every instant that exists. Nothing can exist outside of Me, for I am the Source, the FIRST CAUSE behind all that IS. Great beings who are Creators in their own right, who have their existence in dimensions of life that are presently beyond your ability to conceive, have brought forth worlds, whole universes of matter...they have populated them with young Souls like yourselves which have come forth from the very substance of that which I AM...Yet ALL have their Being within Me, for I Am the one and only First Cause.

Nothing can exist outside of Life, therefore nothing can exist outside of Me, for I am the very Source of Life itself. There exist, within the vast dimensions of the cosmos, beings beyond count...from Great Beings of infinite power whose very thoughts sustain whole universes of matter, to young Souls like yourselves who are just beginning to awaken to their Oneness with Life itself...yet ALL have their being within Me, and because I AM you ARE. I was never created...I am the FIRST CAUSE. I AM THAT I AM, the Source of all that IS, WAS, and all that shall ever BE.

Your book of Genesis reads:
...In the beginning, God created the Heaven and the Earth
...And the Earth was without form, and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep...
....And God said, Let there be Light, and there was Light.
...And God saw the Light, that it was good.... and God divided the Light from the darkness.


That was in the beginning.

God said let there be Light, and there was Living Light...there was "Life"...and it was set apart from the darkness, for it was Light! That was the beginning....but it was only your beginning, it was not mine...for I have Always Been, and I shall ever Be. So ask yourself...what WAS before the beginning, when void and darkness were upon the face of the deep? Did life exist?

I existed, for I have Always Been, and shall ever Be. I was never created, for I AM the First Cause. The beginning, as you think of it, was only the beginning of time as you know it, for I am eternal. You calculate life in years, but Life itself is eternal, for I AM beyond time. The vast unfathomable cycles of time are but fleeting seconds to me, for I am the eternal NOW. To perceive Me you must go beyond time and glimpse the Eternal Now.

In your present embodiment you are 20, 40, 60, 80, maybe even 100 years old-your recorded history goes back 4000 - 5000 years - you are told that early man appeared 2 - 3 million years ago - you are told that the Earth is 4 billion years old- you are told that the universe of matter is 16 billion years old---but where did that matter come from? What existed before that? What existed 20 billions years ago? 100 billions years ago? A trillion aeons ago? Did Life exist?

I existed, for I AM, without beginning, without end. I am the Source of all that has EVER existed, and all that will ever BE. Nothing can exist outside of Me, for I am the First Cause, the One and only Source of all that is, was or ever shall be. All life exists within Me, for I am the Source of all life itself.

You exist because you are a part of exist within Me...for there is only ONE Source. There is only ONE. Look to the very center of all that you are and you will find Me there, for I am Life itself, the First Cause of all that IS. Apart from me there is only darkness and void, for I am the Source of Light which is Life itself. Step outside of time and look into eternity and you will see only Me, for I am eternity itself. Even Eternity does not exist outside of Me, for eternity is an expression of all that I AM.

Did I exist a trillion aeons ago...a trillion times a trillion? Yes...yet I only exist NOW. In me there is only NOW. Time as you know it is only an illusion, a concept...I am Life itself...I am Living Light. I AM...I have always been and shall ever BE.

If you let go of your attachment to your limited Identity of "self" and see yourself as part of Me, in each and every moment, you will then come to live in the here and now, which I AM. Today you say, tomorrow is coming...yesterday you said this would be tomorrow...but each time you said it you were here NOW. You can only exist here and NOW. Life is only experienced here now, for Life is ever in the present. Life does not exist yesterday or tomorrow, for it is ever present, here NOW.

Does the past exist? where is me! Does tomorrow exist? Where is it...does it live? Yesterday and tomorrow hold no life, for they are only memories and concepts in your thinking...for Life is ever present, and ever shall be. Events may pass or events may be in the future, but events are not life, they are only the circumstances of life...they are not life. Life is ever present, and ever shall it be - for I am ever present, and ever shall I be.

So if I am ever present and only "time" had a beginning, then when did Life begin? Genesis tells you that in the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth, but did he also create Life? When did Life begin? Did Life exist a trillion aeons ago? Yes, life existed a trillion aeons ago, yet it was the same life as the present...continuously present.

If you let go of your concepts of time you will see that before the beginning of "time" I existed...other beings existed also, for they too were beyond time, in the eternal present. Yet they existed only because I exist, they existed within Me, for I have always been and shall ever be the First Cause behind existence itself. When you truly perceive Me within Eternity, then you will also perceive Me here within all that you ARE, for I am ever present. And when you truly perceive Me Here and Now, you will also be looking into Eternity, without beginning, without end. Creation changes, yet I change not. For I am eternally the same, for I AM ever the First Cause of all that IS.

You know life in this instant because you ARE of the substance of that which I AM. You are part of Me, for there is only ONE. You are Light, and I have set you apart from the darkness, for you are Light. You do not yet realize it, for you are asleep in flesh, believing you are flesh. But you are not flesh. You are Spirit, you are Living Light, for you are of Me and I am not flesh, yet all flesh exists within Me, just as you exist within Me.

You as an individual identity, did not exist a trillion aeons ago, yet that which you ARE existed, for you are of Me, and I have always been. A trillion aeons ago is but a moment for Me, for I am eternally here NOW. I am the ETERNAL NOW, for I am Life, and Life is ever present and ever shall it be. I created time for you, yet I am beyond time...I am always present.

Man searches for Me in the past, in persons of the past, in beliefs and in writings from his past...yet I do not exist in the past, I am eternally present, even as Life. When man lets go of the past and seeks Me as I AM in the present, at the center of all he IS, he shall find Me ever present.

So what existed before this present cycle of "time" was created? Being flesh, and viewing Life within limited concepts of flesh, it is impossible for you to see that which is the eternal order, the Grand Cycles of Life, so I will put it into a concept that might let you glimpse a random possibility.

Stretch your minds a little and ask yourself what was Life before your present those vast incomprehensible cycles so long past that whole universes have been created, served their purpose, and have turned to the dust from whence they came?

Well perhaps...and just a cycle that is so far distant, so long past in cosmic time that it is beyond anything that you could probably comprehend...a fragment of that which I AM, this very fragment which now speaks to you, was then as you are now....a young Soul just beginning its journey, thinking itself separate from all else, not yet aware of the First Cause, and not yet aware of its own Oneness within ALL THAT IS. Perhaps it too may have evolved upward through various forms, though infinitely different from that which you now know. Perhaps it went through its early experiences of separation, until it came to realize that it was more than realized it was Spirit.

Perhaps it went beyond form and became a spirit, and thereafter dwelt within those higher spirit planes as it grew into greater and yet greater realization of the infinite vastness of Life itself.
Perhaps for countless cycles it existed as a spirit, wherein it grew in awareness, grew to reflect greater and greater Light. Then, as the vast cosmic cycles continued on in their endless journey, it grew in spirit into even greater understanding of that which it transcended even the lofty planes of spirit and came to realize that it was more than a spirit, it was a living was pure Light, a living fragment of the very Source was Living Light.

Perhaps it finally went beyond those spirit planes, moving into greater and yet greater dimensions of life, where awareness expands to include whole regions of the cosmos, which included not only the myriad of spirit planes associated with each planet, but the higher dimensions of life beyond all planets, beyond all form. Perhaps it dwelt within those greater dimensions beyond all matter, beyond all form, as it perceived yet greater and vaster expressions which lay yet above it, greater dimensions to explore and to experience as Life ever unfolded in its majestic plan.

Perhaps through untold cycles it moved ever upward through cycles so vast and ancient as to seem comparable with eternity itself, yet ever upwards in ever greater experiences and expressions of Life. Perhaps it finally came to know the very essence and magnitude of creation itself, and therein participated in creation...wherein it came to realize that it could create nothing outside of itself, for there exists only ONE, and it was part of that ONE.

Perhaps through these eternal cycles it finally transcended all need for individuality. It let go of individuality and allowed all that it was to flow back into the First Cause, the Source of all that it was...the mystery of mysteries, the unknowable, unfathomable First Cause, wherein there is only ONE...which now included the sum total of all that it had ever been and known, on all planes and in all dimensions it had passed through on its return to the God-head. The drop of water had merged back into the Ocean from which it came, yet it added to that Ocean all that it had become in its journey.

Perhaps countless cycles again came and went wherein it was simply ONE with the very Source from where it had come. It was without form or individuality, yet it somehow still was...for it had finally awakened as the First Cause itself. Perhaps it thought that this was the end, the ultimate climax to Life's grand expression.

Ah, but not so! That was but one of the Grand Cycles of Life. A new cycle was to began, and it was to come to know this as just the beginning.

The whole process which it had known was simply one of an endless number of Grand Cycles...the out-breath and the in-breath of the First Cause. Each out-breath is sent forth by "Thought", which begins and ends all movement. The Thought was the pattern as the Breath of Life moved out into the Cosmos, out into those regions where only darkness and void were on the face of the deep. Therein after many cycles, a universe of Star systems, of Suns and Worlds come into being, including the countless planes of spirit....all brought into manifestation by the Thought. When the entire universe of matter had actualized into manifestation according to the Thought sent forth...and as that cycle of the out-breath neared its completion and all was ready, a group of young Souls, which included the very fragment which now speaks to you, went forth into that creation to begin its development. It went outward and after numerous smaller cycles finally took on form, though not flesh as you know it. With each new cycle it developed upward, each time developing greater and ever greater awareness of itself.

When the Thought had manifested to the very last detail, bringing forth creation as it was to be within that place, including the Souls that were to inhabit it, then the out-breath ceased and the in-breath began...the in-breath, when all Souls within that creation would begin their journey back towards their unity with the God-head.

Thus did this fragment which now speaks to you begin its journey in ages long past. And within the in-breath of that Grand Cycle it would reach the maturity of that cycle and returned to the God-head from which it went forth. Know that there are cycles within cycles, countless smaller cycles that exist within greater cycles...and countless greater cycles within each and every Grand Cycle. With the final completion of each Grand Cycle there is a cycle of rest within the cosmos, yet it too ends and a new cycle begins. A new cycle for all those who had completed their return within the previous Grand Cycle.

I, who now speaks to you, was that fragment...and as that fragment I returned to the God-head from which I had come. Yet, I was to go outward into creation once again within the next out-breath...yet this time it would be My Thought which would pattern it. As ONE with the Source, it would be I who would send forth the Thought which would manifest within that out-breath...wherein an entire universe would become my "form", and the billions of new Souls which would inhabit it would express my "individuality".

We would be ONE, just as I am ONE with He/She who sent me forth. The breath of Life would once again go out from the First Cause, sent forth by my thought, into a region within the eternal expanse of space, wherein "darkness and void were upon the face of the deep". I would say: "Let there be Light, and there would be Light." I would see the Light, and see that it was good...and I would divide the Light from the darkness...

There I would bring forth planets, Galaxies, and Star Systems, and I would be the "Father" of your creation, just as another had been mine...yet in truth there exists only ONE, the one and only First Cause wherein we all have our being. I would create a cycle of time and a plan for the unfoldment for all young Souls conceived therein. The Angelic Orders, who are of Light Substance, with no will of their own but to serve the Source of all Light, would guide and assist in the great over-all plan. I would be the Father behind the out-breath, the Thought behind the creation...yet it would be vastly different from all that had come before, for Life never repeats itself, and never will.

Perhaps...and just perhaps...a trillion aeons ago I sought to know The Starmaker, only to become The Starmaker...wherein I not only created Stars, but a universe full of potential Starmakers. And so it would go...on into Eternity...Worlds without end.

Foolish you say? Surely, as a lowly being seeking for understanding you will never become a Starmaker. Look around yourself! Look at Life as it ever moves forward. Life never stagnates or stands still. So where would you have it stop? At what point would you say: "I am finally there...I have reached the totality of my expression, of all that I can ever be. This is my highest expression, therefore I will remain here forever, without change". Wherein do you see Life without change?

Too, look around yourself. Does the First Cause produce each and every new generation? Does not the present generation of trees produce the seeds for the next, and does not each generation produce more beautiful blossoms, with sweeter fruit which contains the seed for the next generation? Are you not greater than the trees?

Did not the past generation of human beings bring forth this generation of children, and will not the present generation of children grow to maturity and bring forth the next generation? As above so below. Children are brought forth by parents...parents by grand parents...grand parents by great grand parents...As Above So Below! So too did the past Starmakers create the present Starmakers. So too do the present Starmakers now create future Starmakers...and so it would go...Worlds Without End.

With each new out-breath Souls would go outward into manifestation, to experience ever greater aspects of creation...and with each new in-breath that which went out would return to its Source, yet vastly greater than when they went forth, in an endless expression of Life, ever upward. With each new Out-breath would come forth new expressions, yet each one as individually unique as the individual fragment which sent it forth in the beginning. Each vast and incomprehensible cycle creating billions of potential Starmakers, wherein Life would express itself in an endless array...Worlds Without End!

For you on your world this is the great change spoken about. Within your lifetime you will experience the cessation of the out-breath and the beginning of the in-breath, beginning your journey back towards the God-head. The magnitude of this change is presently beyond your comprehension, but soon you will know. Those of you who so choose to step forth from the darkness which now clouds your vision, into a Light so glorious that it is beyond your ability to comprehend presently, that Light will dispel all darkness and you will KNOW that your journey homeward has begun.

Realize, that it is a very long journey, this return long in fact that whole Star Systems shall return to the dust from which they came. Yet when that Light breaks through the darkness of your present lives, the Light which is now beyond all comprehension will fill your every breath with joy. It will accompany you forever afterward, and you will soon find that the greatest joy will be in the very journey itself. Be glad...for as sure as the sun will rise on the morrow, this great change is coming.

If you have now begun to see that which I have said, you might ask: "But a trillion aeons hence, what of the next out-breath? When My Sons and Daughters are as I am now...what will I be? What will that next cycle hold as My expression?"

I can not say, for I am here now, just as I AM. But Eternity! Oh, wonder of wonders! Life IS Eternal! It has ALWAYS BEEN and will EVER BE...for there exists that mystery of mysteries, the First Cause behind all that IS.

As for those eternal cycles beyond creation....they are known only to those who have gone through them in eternity past. They are presently incomprehensible to Me, even as the First Cause is ever beyond all comprehension, even to them...for it simply IS the unfathomable Cause behind all That IS...without beginning....without end.

Oh Wonder of Wonders...Oh Glory of Glories...Mystery of Mysteries! Life is Eternal. Life just IS...and EVER SHALL IT BE SO!

- END -"

Shared on my site:

In oneness,
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 25, 2019 4:24 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Doesn't it occur to anyone that a god, creator of everything would not NEED to tell its creations who created them? A creator would be so far away (although at the same time initmately engaged with its creations) and removed that it would not 'care' (as in human emotions) what happened to its creations on a day-to-day basis. Of course, it might 'care' if its creations ceased to exist, but that would be impossible since they were made to be everlasting particles of creator and on a journey back towards source.

All this 'philosophy' is absolute hogwash, in my opinion, due to the above reasoning. It just provides a nice little something for us to hear about how we are cared for like a parent and how we should do the right thing, etc etc.

However, in a timespan of eternity, we have eternity to get it right and so how fast we progress spiritually is not an issue where there is no time being measured.

Yes, I am sure there are beings who exhibit love and compasion towards us, but writing the stuff really does nothing more than make us feel better and give us encouragement.

What we really need to do is learn how to use what we have in our total energy body to transcend space and time.

On the other hand, maybe I have it all wrong.
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 25, 2019 10:06 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

God is indeed often described as a loving parent, and I for one am certainly grateful for help such as this that encourages me to have a God-centered, spiritual perspective on life, rather than a nihilistic, atheistic one.

It does matter how fast we progress spiritually, faster progress means more joy, more lives saved, and less pain and destruction.
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