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Holy Reiki: A Healing Energy Program Associated With Mother

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 14, 2019 6:35 pm    Post subject: Holy Reiki: A Healing Energy Program Associated With Mother Reply with quote

A group of NorCal Usui Reiki practitioners who have experienced ongoing contact with Mother Mary have made it known that She is now sponsoring a healing energy program somewhat along the lines of Usui Reiki. It is to be expressly noted, however, that this program is not Usui Reiki and is in no way intended to "compete" with Usui. And the frequency is not like that of Usui Reiki. Nevertheless, the frequency is quite potent, positive and beneficial and is certainly helpful to those in search of valid healing energy...So far the program has worked just fine for everyone with whom i have discussed it...Hopefully, it will do the same with/for you...

In order to participate in the program one invokes/calls upon Mother Mary and requests to be attuned for, initiated into, the practice: Having placed yourself in a quiet space and having taken a few minutes to center and calm yourself you would say: "Mother Mary i call upon you and request that You attune me for "Holy Reiki". Wait a moment or two for Her to be "present". The "download" will commence. "Energy sensitives" will clearly sense the energetic experience. Others may not but will still receive the download unless "special circumstances" exist which militate against the download happening -- an eventuality no one has experienced to date. In all events allow at least 10 minutes for the process to take place

Once the initiation is finished the following applies: In order to begin the flow of Holy Reiki through you and out your hands, say "Holy Reiki please start. You will feel the energy begin moving out of your hands. It will keep running until you ask it to stop -- Holy Reiki, please stop. Or, if you say nothing it will stop after a period of time - around 20 minutes. If you wish to have more just re-invoke it.

How to apply the energies to one's self or others? They can be applied as would be the case with Usui Reiki. In this regard i would take a look at the sites noted below. NOTE: utilize the hand positions taught. Or, improvise as your intuition dictates. The Usui Reiki symbols are not part of this program. Sharing the fact of the Program's existence with friends would seem beneficial...
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