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INFINITE WILLPOWER (Cheat Code)?Ultra Fast 11000+ Subliminal

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 09, 2021 1:46 am    Post subject: INFINITE WILLPOWER (Cheat Code)?Ultra Fast 11000+ Subliminal Reply with quote

Use this Cheat Code for INFINITE WILLPOWER featuring 11 different frequency tones played all at once with 8D audio movement for advanced brain activation. 11000+ subliminal messages played at ultra fast speed through 1 minutes and 11 seconds. Listen for as many times as you want! Use the power of your intention to make this work even more powerful.

?? 3.5Hz ??
Feeling of unity with everything, enhancement of receptivity.

?? 963 ??
This tone awakens any system to its original, perfect state.

?? 936 ??
Mirror frequency of 963Hz. Boosted effect when combined.

?? 111 ??
Produces Beta endorphins, "Cellular Rejuvenation".

?? 396 ??
Works on healing and clearing your root energy center (Muladhara) which is associated with: security, safety, survival, basic needs, grounding, physicality, foundation for our lives.

?? 369 ??
Mirror frequency of 396Hz. Boosted effect when combined.

?? 147 ??
Gives your body a sense of security, safety and love. According to some sources, this tone tends to reduce pain energetically. Also known as Releasing/Completing Karma.

?? 888 ??
Solfeggio Angelic Scale. Labeled as: "Infinite Possibilities"

?? 999 ??
Solfeggio Angelic Scale. Labeled as: "Unity"

?? 528Hz ??
Famous Solfeggio Miracle Frequency labeled as "Transformation & Miracles". Some people call it "the love frequency" and it repairs DNA by bringing it back to its perfect natural state. Brings transformation and miracles into your life.

?? 33Hz Pyramid Frequency ??
Instantly stimulates pineal gland which is a gland in the center of our brain. Allows you to see reality as it truly is, improve empathy, and develop your own spiritual practices and identity.

?? Multi Layered 8D Ambisonic Audio ??
These Modulations Optimize your Brain as a
Sound Receptor by moving the sound
in 360 degrees Around Your Head.
Many Sound Layers have different/seperate
movement paths in order to activate
many different parts of the brain at once.
Ambisonic audio is commonly called "The 8D Audio".

?? Subliminal Messages List ??
? I have infinite willpower
? Having infinite willpower is my natural ability
? I am more than physical body
? I am willpower
? I activated cheat code for infinite willpower
? I know and believe that everything is possible
? I am in control of my mind
? You are limitless
? I am Limitless

These are repeated 11.000+ times at ultra high speed through this soundtrack

And no, this is not bullshit. Subliminals are real:)
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