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Taurus/Scorpio the inner struggle.

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Joined: 09 Jan 2006
Posts: 35

PostPosted: Mon Mar 06, 2006 10:48 pm    Post subject: Taurus/Scorpio the inner struggle. Reply with quote

I was born in 1961, I am a metal, ox taurean, with pluto in my first house. My realisation lately is that my opposite sign is Scorpio. I am finding that I am more scorpio traits than taurean. Although I am the physical traits and stubborness of a taureen. People usually dont understand the way I go about things and my unquie communication style.

I have a continual inner struggle with decisions I make. My first insticts are always the right way to go, but I am constantly second guessing myself.

How can i learn to balance and take advantage of the beautiful things in my birth chart that are not coming through.

love and light.
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Joined: 04 May 2005
Posts: 272
Location: nyc

PostPosted: Mon Mar 13, 2006 12:04 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'll be honest, I haven't fully learned about being one sign and yet having traits of another. I am a taurus but act more towards our positive nature than the negative. But that is just me. It's quite possible that most negative traits of a taurean resemble those of other signs, but like I said i'm no expert lol.
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Joined: 03 Apr 2006
Posts: 13
Location: Canarie Islands

PostPosted: Mon Apr 03, 2006 6:02 pm    Post subject: Polarity Reply with quote

My guess is you probably have a struggle with the material security driven side in you and the more instinctive spiritual deep side in you. The pull will be the cross between the necessaty to survive and compromise and feel secure with others, and breaking away from the material to find some kind of new beginning where the hidden nature of things becomes primary in your daily functions, I mean, sticking with that gut feeling, or vision, or whatever and seeing where it goes, how deep the rabbit hole goes. If you have strong Scorpio leaning in your chart, there will be something very strong inside you that needs mystical experiences, but the Taurian side will favour necessaty over the life or death attitude of Scorpio, and death can occur interms of release of old ways, life of new.

I fI could see your chart it would be easier to see the polarity more clearly.

Also The polarity of the Scorpio Taurus axis is ofetn linked with (if you believe) past-life in Witchcraft and magic, so there may be a powerful witch within you
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Joined: 09 Jan 2006
Posts: 35

PostPosted: Mon Apr 03, 2006 10:54 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Imagroom. To receive your reply this morning was actually very magical and uplifting. To know someone is out there that has picked the witch factor is astounding. Two years ago a met a person who instantly told me I was a witch. I had been struggling with and trying to find a spirtual avenue for me as I knew within I had a power, just did not know what. I have over the years been visited by a hooded being, which I now believe to be my sprit guide possibly an elder. I have introduced myself to the belief of nature, gods and goddesses as my religion (wicca). My 8 year old son is a very awake telpathic cyrstal child. Your summary has intrigued me, you must be very intuative yourself.

If you would like to look at my birth chart just as an curisoity factor then my birth info is Born 2.30pm Hobart Tasmania Australia, 2 May 1961. Any info you could provide will be used to further my thirst of knowledge for my future destiny, that I hope will involve use of my healing ability...thank you for bothering to reply as it has made my day.

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Joined: 03 Apr 2006
Posts: 13
Location: Canarie Islands

PostPosted: Mon Apr 10, 2006 4:22 pm    Post subject: Definately Scorpio Reply with quote

The ruler of your chart is Pluto, conjunct the ascendant, in Virgo which gives your intense probing nature into the mysteries of life a deeply analytical nature. I wonder, do you work in any way as a psychologist, or councelling, even medicine? Also there is something about your work life that must involve electronics?

But with this Scorpio stuff in your chart, you must have very intense reactions as soon as you meet someone instinctively knowing a person, what they are all about, what makes them up and down, their dreams, qualities, you have a kind of x-ray vision into the emotions of those around you, very gifted. And yes, it doesn't suprise me you practice witchcraft, and for you It would probably be a deeply involving 'craft'. You have a strange opposing balance in that you have this shear concetration and practical work force in you, at the same time being able to totally lose yourself in the labyrinth of the mind, even the universe and all reflected inside out, gaining deep understanding beyond logic and reason.

Maybe see some problems with communication, especially in your younger years, allot of daydreaming? This was nescessary as your conditioning of upbrining with this intense dream state you carried around gives you now the ability to travel far, without even moving. Perhapse your father was the grounded discplinarian, atleast practical enough to infuse you with the 'earth' within you needed to ground your feet in the mud when you, basically, fly. Laughing

Very interesting chart, but astrology is infinite. I could go on....

Hope some is true, some helpful too.
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Joined: 03 Apr 2006
Posts: 13
Location: Canarie Islands

PostPosted: Mon Apr 10, 2006 4:28 pm    Post subject: Oh, and... Reply with quote

Yes, healing is very strong, The psychologist in you would be the Pluto conjunct Ascendant, but with you sensitivity makes you the ideal healer, you also have Neptune sextile the Ascendant, giving a delecacey and grace to your approach to others. You must have had some beautiful experiences in your life, as ell with the darker side. Shocked

I am a pisces with heavy Neptunian stuff hanging around, so I've had my fair collisions with psychic things. Embarassed

Take care, and you really can heal according to your chart, keep well with it. Wink
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Joined: 09 Jan 2006
Posts: 35

PostPosted: Mon Apr 10, 2006 11:16 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Wow, I am very impressed with your interpretation. Its only now that I have looked into my chart after meeting new people a couple of years ago, who immediatley recognised my power and gently guided me into my future purpose. Everything was spot on. I need to know the ins and outs of everything. I work for the government, involving customer services however, as I am an empath as well so it is draining on me and the emotions of others. This I have to learn to control, so as I don't plumet into a deep depression for days over some complete stranger.

Communication is a biggy. My younger years where sad, and alone. A physic once read me as said that I was the most alone person she had ever read. I have felt that I was on earth alone all my life. My family have no real connection to me, in fact I was cast out to friends and neighbours as a small child, but my instinct back then was I was different. All my life I have been misunderstood even to the point where I have met someone for the first time and they have taken an instant dislike to me. Yet I cant explain why. I do have a knack for sussing out people very quickly yet I have not always listened to my gut instinct. This is the struggle I face. Have instinct then ingnore it.

I fly all over the world in my dreams, very clearly and to very odd place. But back on earth I am always trying to jump off, my feet never seem to be solid on the earth, never grounded always moving.

I have had my fair share of mystical things happen to me over my life, oh baby if I could relive those moments and just want more. The more I want the less it comes. Another down side impatience. I just want things now.

My thirst for knowledge, ideas, etc is driving me mad, and trying to understand who I am is hard because I think I am normal, but others say I am unique and the way I go about things is very different, even though i get the same results. But I think this is just survival instincts I have learnt throughout my life.

It explains why my son was sent to me. If he is special then he needed a special mum, so I accept that with pleasure.

Imagoroom, you say astrology is infinite, and I would love you to go on interpreting my chart and supply me with more knowledge would be greatly appreciated.

I will send you healing love and light for your day and for easter.

Thank you for this insight. I was delighted.


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Joined: 03 Apr 2006
Posts: 13
Location: Canarie Islands

PostPosted: Wed Apr 12, 2006 4:53 pm    Post subject: Astrology room 101... Reply with quote

Ok. The fact that you have felt extremely alone in your life is due to 12th house planets. Look at it like this, there are 12 houses, like the 12 signs of the zodiac, where the first house represents new life, the on-rushing force of nature in it's purest form, rebirth, energy, the 12th house represents the end of things, death, the point in nature where the leaves succumb to gravities claim and degenerate into the earth, to be recycled in the ever nurturing invisible force that intwines all things. You have a strong planet in the 12th house, Uranus, the planet ruling anything unusual, different, also ruling the sixth sense and flashes of sudden insight, the rebel, the reformer, all thses things are locked deep inside you constantly having to reform and rarely do you get a hold of any of this stuff, it's locked in the cupboard under the stairs, it's only master being the universal voice of unconscious impulse directing it's will without your say so, so the advice with this is to just listen, hence meditation being a useful tool, also nature worship will give you so many answers, in unusual ways. I'm sure you have a problem with authourity, but yet could never stand against anyone, this is due to the sensitivity installed from the 12th house, making you completely vulnerable at all the supposed wrong moments. This has to happen for a 12th house life is lived primaraly through the subconscious, and only through overwhelming sensitivity can all the hidden plaices of the spirit be reached.

I understand this as I have two planets in the 12th house, and my childhood was one of extreme shyness and misunderstanding, mainly on the part of others. I guess you could say I was considered wierd, probably the same with you. It's just that people are coming from a completely different perspective of life, they are standing at the bus shelter while you've been walking the forest all your life, they could never understand what you have seen, and vice-versa.

Your chart is telling me your father was over-emotional and over-indulgent at times. But at the same time extremely intellligent and witty, but completly at odds and in competition with your mother. Your mother being more open and free-spirited, yet completely vulnerable and insecure, with much depth and hidden sadness inside her.

If you look from a distant objective view point, your family had to be like this to instill you with your seed of feeling and understanding in this life.

You have a dream like quality to you, but in your chart there is stability, and much love and warmth. You are totally a feeling person, with gifts of complex understanding at times to hard to explain to others. I met someone else like this in my life, she walked in a dream world, yet had the nescessary practicality and survival insincts to keep a good job, and used her sensitivity to help her clients. She always had a hard time to explain herself, coming from a totally different plaice to the everyday person.

If your interested in past lives there is a stron possibility of either, religion, spiritual seclusion like buddhism, or nature worship using mystical communion. My feeling is definatly Witchcraft, maybe getting too lost in the bubbles of dreams, into dark plaices, as you have strong grounding stuff in your chart, telling you to appreciate the physical love those around you have to offer.

Your path in this life seems to lead into more practical service, although you will drag all this mystical stuff up with it, when you are serving for the right purpose. You have allot to give, and to recieve. The mirror, look into you eyes, you will see all you need to know.
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Joined: 19 Feb 2009
Posts: 1

PostPosted: Thu Feb 19, 2009 6:18 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I recently found out about my birth-chart and have been trying to find out as much about it as possible while surfing through the net I came across this post and was stunned to find someone else with a chart so similar to mine ! I am also a taurus with scorpio ascendant that expresses itself more forcefully than my sunsign a virgo moon , pluto conjunct ascendant and neptune sextile ascendant.
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Joined: 02 Feb 2009
Posts: 135

PostPosted: Wed Mar 11, 2009 9:05 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Does anyone has some good internet site, where i could see my chart? Im very interestet in this, becouse my life has very unusual ways Smile I just have to be something different, or im not happy Very Happy
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wild horse running

Joined: 21 Mar 2010
Posts: 1

PostPosted: Sun Mar 21, 2010 6:37 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi there,

Questions about 2nd/8th house...along with full moon birth..
3:22am Tarrytown NY westchester Co.....11 15 1959

2nd house Sun conjunct mars-scorpio, "self-worth"?.....opposing moon in 8th/Taurus ... timid inner-self?....and a moving from the surface to the depth of emotion?????
also have merc-rx conjunct jupiter in the 2nd in Sag. Moon in the 8th...
death of the inner-self...birth of a new?

Sun opposing moon-2/8....also uranus/Leo/10 opposing chiron/aquarius/5th...grand square or T-square? problems expressing, overcoming now.... and what does it mean
that the fixed signs are in the opposing houses? Also have 12th nnode conjunct venus conjunct the ascendent.

I have done the scorpio "give away"....and have had "help" from others as I and am going deeper within, and
am very attracted to the occult, and spiritual studies
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