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Introduction to Sigils

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 12, 2005 4:46 am    Post subject: Introduction to Sigils Reply with quote

The magicians worst enemy is his untrained conscious mind. It is capable of ruining anything you may be working on with its negative thoughts, be they common worry or true fears of failure. Think of the common phrase "Mind over Matter" and how often its used in every day life. Although it is most often thought of in positive situations such as healing, it is also true for the negative. If you truly believe that something will happen, whether it be good or bad, it will.

No matter how much you may desire something, you are prone to thoughts of defeat. 'If I do get this job, could I handle it?' 'I might as well not risk it, I know it will turn out badly.' People often pass up perfect opportunities for success simply because they are afraid of the responsibility or future outcome, and if the opportunity is taken, many inadvertently ruin it with their own dark thoughts.

Sigils are a quick and efficient method of bypassing the conscious mind and its possibility of self-sabotage. They are symbols of intent that, when charged through gnosis, communicate directly with the subconscious mind and allow it to work on the given task without interference. Sigils are often used in the creation of servitors, egregores, and god-forms, and it is highly suggested that you completely familiarize yourself with the process of sigilization before moving on.

There are four main steps to creating sigils: the statement of intent, creation of the sigil, banishing the sigil, and finally the charging of the sigil.

In writing your statement of intent, be sure to be precise and do not leave anything to the imagination. It is wise to take a few minutes and truly think about your situation and come up with *plausible* methods to reach your goal. Use a complete sentence in a positive view, and it helps to start the statement with either ‘I will’ or ‘It is my will to/that...’ A good example would be: 'I will obtain an esoteric book by next month.'

The most common method of creating a sigil involves reducing the statement of intent to as few letters as possible by removing all repeated letters. The example intent above would reduce to 'IWLOBTANESRCKYXMH.' If you come out with too many letters, you may delete all vowels and/or all letters that look similar, such as E, M, and W, or K and X. The example intent is reduced to 'WLBTNSRCXH' using the above method. Another common method, used most often with extremely long statements, is to remove all but the first letter of every word; which would leave me with 'IWOAEBNM'. Feel free to use your own method of reducing the intent, but make sure it has a meaning to you. After you have reduced the intent, scramble the letters and arrange them into a glyph. Stylize it as you will, adding lines, circles, triangles, or anything else that you feel would complete the sigil. With the example above, I've created the following sigil:

Once your sigil-image is complete, you must forget about it. The sigil has been created and will be activated shortly, so you should have full faith that its intent will be carried out and must let it go. The most common way to get its meaning out of memory is to toss it into a box that you have set aside specifically for sigils. Keep the box in plain view, and when you feel it is time to charge a sigil draw one randomly from the box and do so. If you decide to try a few different methods of sigilization, be sure to make at least two using each process. This ensures that you will not be able to remember what the intent is simply due to the fact that it stands out from the rest.

There are many methods with which you can charge your sigil, and they fall into two basic categories: exhibitionary and inhibitionary gnosis. Exhibitionary forms include orgasm, pain, extreme emotion, trance-inducing music, sensory overload, and dance, and other activities that could either cause extreme exhaustion or trance-like states through complete, forced focus. Inhibitionary methods include meditation, trance, yoga, and any other calm activity including extreme boredom. When you reach climax in your chosen method, focus on the image of the sigil and hold it in your mind's eye for as long as possible. After you have charged the sigil, it is best to get rid of it in some way. Many people burn them, while I find that it is enough just to throw it away.

If you choose to record your progress, keep a separate journal designated for your sigils. Open it only to input a new sigil's intent and the date it was created, and again a designated amount of time later -usually a month, but every occasion should be looked at individually- to record any changes in the situation, both good and bad. It is not wise to keep copies of the actual sigils that you have used; The intent should be enough for your records.

Keep in mind that sigils are personal and if you feel that a step should be added or changed, feel free to do so as needed. Because of this freedom, sigils are quite possibly the easiest and most efficient of all forms of magic to learn and use.
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