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Dawn of War

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 21, 2012 3:39 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Anonymous wrote:
well I know this one has gotten a lot of views, so I figure why not post some information on demons if everyone seems to be interested. Demons as most of you know are beings of pure animated evil and darkness. They draw their power from fear, sorrow, and pain, and the only way they can actualy posses you is if you are fealing high amounts of these for an alotted time. So becuase they can not just hop into your body and make you go kill mass amounts of people, they have become masters of the art of manipulation, and can play on your every weakness and they know what it is because they not only read your mind, they are in your body reading your memories and emotions. They have many tactics and ways of going around to getting you to feel these emotions and intesify them, and only those who know the psyche of the demon know how to deal with them. Demons vary in level, like angels, they follow a hierarchy, the highest level being a devil. The word Devil doesn't just describe Satan, but there are also 6 other devils under him, and they are definatly very powerful. Another type of demon is the incubus/sucubus. The incubus is the male, sucubus the female. Theres a lot of lore surounding them, but they arent really that different from any other demon from what i tell, but they can thrive on and increase sexual urges, and each goes to the oposite sex. One thing necacry to know is that for everything good there is evil, which is where the whole balance of yin and yan came from. The two hierarchies are basicaly the same, and for each job an angel may have, a demon is asigned a job to thwort it. Even things such as guardian angels, there are also things called personal demons, which are their counterparts. They arent people with wings who swoop down from the heavens, but they are just like demons in the sense that they can be inside your body and actualy comunicate and help you, as where a persnol demon will try to say things to manipulate your emotions. But they can be beaten at their own game, I have done it many times, and the knowledge of how to play their "games" is only really obtained by having one inside of you, and learning from it. I learned a great deal about manipulation from my personal demon, and i learned it so well i cast it out of my body when i was only 13. But one thing I can say about how to beat them is that their weakness is definatly their pride and it is easy to hurt if you use it when you are targeted by them. If there's anything else anyone wants to know just ask, demons are my speciality when it comes to hunting.

This is just my opinion, and I mean to offend you in no way at all.

However, I think half of this is false.
Demons cannot read your mind. When they were made, they were limited. Even if they could, You would have to be on their plane to do it.

Not all demons are evil. Some may not have the best intentions, but you have to consider that maybe not all like what they are, maybe some of them even hate themselves because they have the compulsion to do some of the stereotypical things you pointed out.

While yes, many demons are empaths and can read human's emotions, they cannot read your mind. They don't have that kind of permission. Yes, i'm sure it's possible that some of the more intelligent ones can find a bypass for this, it would be minor. You have to keep in mind that we, being humans and having souls, are there for higher than the demons. We are stronger than them and can over power them. We can defeat them, but not with the things they control.

Once again, this is just my opinion, <3
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