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magic spell

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PostPosted: Tue May 01, 2007 12:39 pm    Post subject: magic spell Reply with quote


is there any magick spell that can request our spirit guide to guide us weathe rin real life or in our dream?


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PostPosted: Wed May 02, 2007 9:23 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

A friend of mine knows quite alot about this, heres an article on just this, I think it will be very helpful.

There are many ways to contact your angel guides. Three easy methods are meditation, focused breathing, and angel writing. Any one, or a combination, of these three methods will work. The secret is in finding the technique that feels most comfortable to you. It is possible to communicate with your angels simply by first believing, then quieting your mind, expressing your intent and listening. These methods are presented to facilitate this process.

Angels can speak. They can appear and reappear at will.
Angels can become visible by choice.
Angels can appear in any form our imagination will accept.
If you believe, expect powerful angels to accompany you in your life experiences.
Angels are not omnipresent. They can only be in one place at a time.
There is no limit to the number of angels who will come to your aid.
Angels can appear as dazzling, almost blinding white light.
Angels do not control us, nor can they learn our lessons for us. They have the ability to inspire us and send us messages that help us with all aspects of our lives.
Angels are very creative in the ways they communicate with us, but we must listen.
Angels have a wonderful sense of humor. They are light and playful as well as serious.
Angels inspire us through insight, intuition and sudden brilliant ideas.
When you are open to them, angels appear in every area of your life.
Your quest to communicate with your angels begins in your own heart.

Meditation: When this word is mentioned many people think, "I can't do that!" In reality, we meditate every day in ways we don't even realize.Anytime we repeat a physical movement or learned pattern, like driving a car, exercising or washing dishes, we can slip into an alpha brain wave state that is the same as meditation. Meditation is simply learning to focus and release your conscious mind or thought. It is intentional cooperation between the physical and the mental. If you give yourself the gift of quieting your mind, meditation "magick" will happen and you can by intent contact your angels.
Start by sitting in a comfortable chair with both feet flat on the floor with your shoes removed. Breathe in through your nose and out through slightly parted lips. As you breathe in, feel the relaxation coming in and as you exhale, the tension leaving your body. Breathe in to the count of four, hold for four and breathe out for the count of four or use whatever count is most comfortable for you. Note the rhythm and maintain it as you visualize with each incoming breath the relaxing of your body and the release of tension from your body with each exhalation.
As you continue with the breath count, begin with your left foot, tighten the muscles as hard as you can for the count of four and then release it. Move up to your left calf, tighten it for the count of four and release. Then tighten your left thigh, hold for the count of four and relax it. Now do the same with the right foot, calf and thigh, maintaining the breathing pattern as you go. Then move to your left hand, making as tight a fist as possible, holding for the count of four and then releasing. Moving up to the forearm, tighten, hold for four and release. Continue up the arm to your biceps, tighten, and release after the count of four. Switching to the right side, begin with the fist and work up your arm. Then tighten both shoulders, scrunching them tightly up against your neck, hold and release. Remember to continue your breathing rhythm as you tighten and relax your muscles. Move to your chest muscles and tighten, hold and relax. Then down to your stomach muscles and your buttocks. Finish by tensing all your muscles together, including your face and scalp, holding and releasing four times in succession. You should feel a slight tingling sensation from the release of the excess tension and energy at this point. Continue the breathing pattern throughout this exercise. Now imagine that a tree trunk is growing down through the center of your body and connecting you to the ground. Feel and visualize the roots and branches connecting you to the center of earth.This is called a grounding technique. Feel free to improvise with this to find what works best for you. Once you are grounded, create a sacred place in your head, located approximately in the center of your forehead. Into this space only you and the positive energies/spirits that you invite in are allowed to join you. This is your sacred place and none may enter without your permission. Visualize yourself and your sacred place wrapped in a brilliant rainbow light. Only those of Spirit's light may pass through the rainbow light shield. Now imagine that you are lying out in a grassy field at night. You can hear the crickets chirping and the wind whispering softly in the nearby trees. You feel safe, warm and secure...a feeling of well-being envelops you as you look up at the stars and see a bright beam of white light shining down on your head. It is Spirit's light, the star light, the love light, the positive light, God's light beaming down on you, filling your soul with peace and comfort. Release all your problems, difficulties and troubles into the light. You feel safe, secure and loved. Give thanks for all you have, are and may become. You notice that the sun is rising in the east and as daylight draws nigh, you see there is a trail to your left. As you follow the trail, you come upon a small pyramid shaped building. As you walk closer, you notice ancient writings on the doors and your inner self recognizes and understands these scriptures. You open the door and as you enter, you see similar divine writings cover the walls. You seem to understand these writings and feel very safe and secure here. As you look around, you observe statues of various deities and ancient drawings. You notice a large pillow in the center of the room under the apex of the pyramid. As you sit on the pillow, you see an opening in the apex through which white light shines down on you as you begin to meditate on your guardian angel/guide. As you look up, you see that you have been joined by an energy form and that it is the one that you have called to come to you. As you invite them to join you, the energy form clears and you can see and speak with them in your mind without moving your lips. Notice details about them-what they look like, what they are wearing and what they are carrying with them. Ask their name, why they have chosen to guide you in this life and other related questions you may have. Thank them for coming when called upon and for sharing their guidance with you. When you have completed your questing or at any point, should you wish to leave, just think of the words "wake up" and you will be returned to the present moment. Before arising, rest a moment and stretch out your whole body. Then have a drink of pure water to refresh your physical body as spirit questing can be dehydrating.
Feel free to improvise and make whatever changes you desire for your own comfort. This technique may also be combined with the candle focused breathing and angel writing exercises if desired.
Candle Focused Breathing: In a softly lit room, light a white candle and place it in front of you. Soft instrumental music, drumming or chanting can be helpful if you desire. Begin by releasing your intent to Spirit through a "prayer" request that you want and are ready for contact with your angel guides. Only those of the light may come to you. Get into a comfortable position, close your eyes, and visualize a circular path that runs from your solar plexus to your nose and back to your solar plexus. Breathe in the energy that is released from your solar plexus through your nose. Then let this energy travel internally from your nose to your solar plexus to be released outside the solar plexus and travel to your nose again for inhalation. If you concentrate on this breathing and continue to repeat it, you will find that you become engulfed in a sense of calmness. When you are feeling relaxed and calm, open your eyes slightly and focus on the candle flame while you continue to breathe as described. Contact with your Guardian Angel develops because you create the calm environment needed for your angel to contact you. You may experience contact visually in which you actually see your angel or you may hear your angel whispering in your mind. This exercise may be used alone or in conjunction with either the meditation exercise or angel writing.

Clearing Ritual

Gather a white candle and holder, matches or lighter and an incense stick with holder in the herb of your choice.
Stand in the center of the area you will work in and facing any direction you choose, state aloud your intent.
"I stand here, in the center of my universe, prepared to contact my angel
guides. Only the benevolent, nurturing higher entities who love me and wish
me success are invited into this space. Only those of light and Eternal Spirit
may enter.
No negative powers, influences, energies, or entities are welcome here and
none may enter this sacred space. Be gone from this place."
Hold the incense stick in front of you while walking slowly in a counter-clockwise circle surrounding your work area. See and feel the smoke and eternal light driving away all negative energy. When you have returned to your starting point, put the incense stick in its holder.
Take the candle and holding it in front of you, light it and say out loud:
"May this candle of white (or whatever color you have chosen) whose
pure and sacred flame guards and enfolds me in the light of the Eternal Spirit, continue to burn away all negative influences which seek to enter here. So be it!"
If desired, you may walk with the candle around the circle as you did with the incense. When finished, place the candle in its holder and leave it burning during your angel writing session.
Then visualize a glowing white barrier of Spirit's light surrounding you and strengthening your own aura. Call upon whichever deities you worship to protect, bless and guide you on this journey with your angel guides.
You may also choose to wear or place on your work surface an amulet or talisman symbolizing your protective energy. This might be a cross, pentacle, your totem bag or spirit stones such as alexandrite, carnelian, citrine, diamond, iron pyrite, golden topaz, quartz crystal, agate, jasper and zircon. Bronze, copper, iron and gold may also be used.
After you have completed preparing and protecting your work area, sit down at your work surface, get comfortable and begin relaxing, focusing on what you are about to do. Place both feet flat on the floor in front of you and sit up as straight as is comfortably possible to facilitate the energy flow.
Place your paper in front of you and with pen comfortably loose in your writing hand, at the top of your paper, write the date. Then in as clear of terms as possible, write out the question or issue you want to receive communication about from your angel guide. If you don't have a burning issue or problem to deal with, simply ask for a helpful or encouraging message.
"To my Angel: I want to know and feel your presence in my life. Please show me you are near."
Following your own method, the meditation or candle focused breathing described above, or Mystical Meditation, place yourself in a relaxed meditative state. Draw down energy through your Spirit center (also called the Crown Chakra) from the Eternal Source, Collective Unconscious, Akashic Records or whatever name you choose to use for it.
Sit comfortably with your spine as straight as possible.
Close your eyes.
Breathe deeply and rhythmically.
Achieve a meditative state.
Be confident that your Higher Self is near, ready to guide and protect you as necessary.
Visualize the Eternal Source floating in the heavens above you and feel its size and power.
See the energy from the Eternal Source as a beam of pure white light energy coming down and connecting to you through your Spirit center.
Moving the beam down through your body, energize the energy centers (or chakras) one by one beginning at the top and working down to the Earth center (or Root chakra).
Feel yourself filling with intense psychic power.
Visualize or feel your angel guide with whom you wish to communicate.
Feel the energy of your angel guide flowing down to your Higher Self, ready to enter your conscious mind.
Focus on your question. Avoid letting your mind dwell on the anticipated answer or the position of your hand, etc. This is quite natural, but if it occurs, bring your mind back to the question and the energy of your angel guide. Your writing arm rests relaxed over your paper with pen held gently. Having drawn the energy of the Eternal Source down through your centers, allow the extra energy to flow into your writing arm and down through your hand. Feel the energy of your angel guide flow through your Spirit center into the middle of your body to the Fire/Heart center. Feel the energy growing in strength and sense your connection with the Source of all knowledge.
Flow the energy through your waiting arm and hand energizing the muscles. Open your eyes slightly and softly focus, in a half-awake, dreamy state, on your paper. If you do not feel your hand begin to move without your direction, do NOT be discouraged. For most of us, this process takes a bit of practice for success. Begin by writing down any impressions which come to mind; this may trigger the automatic reaction you seek. If you feel the urge to sketch or draw, allow the images to flow through your pen just as you would allow words to come. Often only a few short words or phrases will come during your initial sessions. As you practice allowing the flow, the communication will increase in length.
When you feel you have received what communication there is for this session, come out of the meditative state by whatever means you generally use. Open your eyes, stretch your muscles, etc. Thank your Higher Self, angel guide and the Eternal Source for the assistance and many blessings you have received. Visualize the excess energy from your body flowing down through your feet into the ground and nourishing the earth; or use whatever means you normally use to ground extra energy. Have a large glass of pure water to counteract the dehydrating affect that can occur when working with psychic energy.
Then close whatever protective energies you used when you began your session. If you used a circle, ground the circle by walking it in a clockwise direction, thanking the Source for the protection and sending the energy into the earth. Clean up your work surface and area. Extinguish the incense and candle.
Read what you have written and make notes of any thoughts you may have as you read. Note any conditions which you feel may have affected the session. Save your pages in a file or looseleaf notebook for future reference. What you don't understand right now may make perfect sense later on when you reread it. If you are not satisfied with your writing, don't despair. The greatest secret to success in any new endeavor is practice, practice, practice!


Being open to the angels' assistance is the key. Learning to recognize their communications, which often come in the form of feelings, is just as important. You don't have to do anything special or formal, though I have presented the above methods because they can be helpful in learning to listen for your angel voices. Here are some additional guidelines which may be useful.
Be aware that you have access to your angels, and to angels in general, at all times.

Be aware that you can speak to them out loud, or speak to them in your mind. Either way, they will hear you.

Be aware that you must be specific about your requests. Angels take things very literally sometimes. Be very clear with them. By doing this, you will also clarify things for yourself.

Be aware that you should always give thanks for the angels' continuous help. It's the polite thing to do, after all!

Be aware of your reactions; that means thinking positively and having faith the angels will help you.

Be aware of your state of mind; have a sense of humor. The angels certainly do. It helps, even though it can be difficult during times of crisis and tragedy to find something to laugh about.

Be aware of your "gut" feelings, instincts and intuition. These are often your angels talking to you.

Be aware of coincidence, synchronicity, serendipity, deja vu, and irony. These also come from your angels.

Be aware of your openness. Be open intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually to the little voice inside that tells things, to your instincts, to the inner guidance system that is your angel. You can't hear your angels and they can't help you if you shut them out.

Be aware of the messages. Listen, notice, learn. You'll begin to see patterns and guidance in your life. You will gain trust in yourself and in your angelic guidance.
There are several types of guides one might encounter. Some do not take on a physical form so may not be visible, but will communicate as a "thought" or "voice" in your mind other than your own.
Guardian Angel/Lifetime Guide:
everyone comes into this life with an angel guide who stays with them throughout their lifetime providing guidance, protection and support. Our guardian angel stays with us after death, guiding us, going over the lessons we've learned and assisting our souls as we prepare to move on.
Special Angel/Guide:

when you need special assistance or guidance, an angel guide with that particular knowledge or expertise visits you to help you with that area of your life. These angel guides generally stay only a short time, a few moments to a few months, passing on their knowledge. These angel guides come and go as assistance is required.
Hard Times Angel/Guide:

People often notice they have extra help during times of trauma and grief. When severely affected by a situation or in need of immediate help in times of crisis, people send out emphatic cries for assistance. Every available angel guide hears these calls and will respond at once. The angel guide most qualified to deal with the situation remains until the crisis is resolved.
Angel Allies:

These are animal and mythological guides who are common to Native American, Celtic and Eastern cultures in particular, although there is a rich history of such in Western civilization. These guides provide assistance, support, protection and knowledge. They frequently serve as guides into and through the otherworlds during astral and shamanic journeying. It is believed that each of us has one animal (our totem animal) which serves as a principal ally and stays with us throughout our lifetime as does our guardian angel. Other animals step in and provide certain knowledge and assistance as a person develops along their path and has need.

An angel is like a candle burning brightly in the night.
It doesn't remove the darkness,
but guides us through it.

Angel guides encourage, inspire, support and assist us. They help us but will not do the work for us. Neither can they be used to manipulate people or events. They love us unconditionally, but will not interfere with our free will. Angels work to awaken us to our divine selves. They also awaken our intuitive knowing. They reconnect us to our Higher Self nature. When we align with their energies we move into a much gentler realm of being. As kindness and caring develop and grow within, we become gentler with ourselves and others. The truth about living a spiritual life is that it is not separate from our regular physical life. A spiritual person simply exemplifies those qualities characteristic of angels (nurturance, protection, guidance, gentleness, unconditional love and acceptance) in their everyday dealings with family, friends, coworkers and strangers.
Contact with your angel guides is always positive, supportive and loving. They give information and guidance which is specific to your situation. They never try to run your life or make decisions for you. When they point out something in your life which needs attention, they do it in a way that leaves you feeling empowered. Your angel guides do not:

claim to know everything about what is best for you;
make you dependent on them;
make arrogant claims about themselves;
use shallow spiritual cliches;
abuse your body or personal energy;
always flatter you or sing your praises;
masquerade as well-known beings.
If you encounter an angel/guide who does the above or if in any way an encounter with your angel/guide leaves you feeling stressed, depressed, fearful, drained or uncomfortable in some unpleasant manner, you may safely assume that you have connected with an unevolved energy form, not your angel/guide. If this occurs, break off the contact immediately. Reinforce your protective shields. Examine your intentions. Your purpose in making contact must be pure and based on your highest good.
http://members. it/whisper/ wsprs.htm
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