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The Egyptian Mysteries

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The Egyptian Mysteries!
By Dr Joshua David Stone

What I am about to share with you in this chapter is one of the most fascinating true stories in the history of mankind. Archeologists have been trying to figure out for centuries what really went on in ancient Egypt. However, because they only approach the subject from their left brain and are not open to right brain information, their hypothesis, with no judgment intended, has been very inaccurate.

It is possible to know exactly what went on in ancient Egypt, and to know exactly how the pyramids were built because of the great prophets and mystics of our time who are just able to read the Akashic Records (the storehouse of all knowledge).

In my research for this chapter I have extensively studied the Edgar Cayce files and the profound channelings of Earlyne Channey on the subject. I have also extensively studied the transcripts of the Tibetan Foundation. I have read the 100% total recall of past life memories of Elizabeth Haiche in her wonderful book called "Initiations". I have carefully studied Earlyne Channey’s totally lucid past life memories in her book, "Initiation in the Great Pyramid". I have studied the Paul Solomon channelings in the great pyramid. I have read another interesting book of total past life memories from the Akashic records called "The Winged Pharaoh", by Joan Grant. I have studied Manly P. Hall’s material on ancient Egypt. The mind boggling conclusion I have found is that they all basically told the same story. What I am about to share with you are the true secrets of what really happened in ancient Egypt, as read from the Akashic Records.

To understand what really went on in Egypt we must go back in time to the continent of Atlantis, just before it’s destruction, as I mentioned in the chapter on "The Story of Creation". The great prophets and masters of Atlantis who served the Law of One, could see the final destruction of Atlantis coming and began to guide its spiritual community to leave. The story of Noah’s ark is the biblical version of this event. (One little side note on this subject is that Noah’s ark has actually been found. There was a television special that showed it caked in ice on top of Mount Ararat in either Turkey or Iran. When the snow melts in the summer it can be clearly seen. If you ever get a chance to see this television special on the subject, do watch it. The ark they found is gigantic, and because of the moving glacier, has split in half, however the different rooms inside can be clearly seen.)

The Atlanteans traveled in all directions and went all over the world. One of the main places they went was to Egypt. One of the great teachers that was present at this time was Thoth-Hermes. Thoth was an incarnation of the Buddha. (See chapter on Thoth-Hermes and the Seven Great Universal Laws.) Thoth was a spiritual Master of the highest order and began to help the Egyptian civilization develop spiritually.

Thoth also brought with Him from Atlantis, many great spiritual teachers. Thoth was also very connected with the positive extraterrestrials and the Great White Brotherhood. With His coming to Egypt both of these groups helped in Troth’s efforts. Needless to say they were very successful and Egypt became one of the greatest civilizations to ever exist on this planet.

The extraterrestrials came from Sirius, and the Pleiades. The combination of this great nucleus of teachers and spiritual Masters over a long period of time, helped to build the pyramids and temples throughout Egypt.

It must be understood that the Egyptian civilization previous to the coming of the Atlantean and other groups, had been in operation for over 100,000 years, according to the Tibetan Foundation channelings. You must realize that man has been on earth for over 10.5 million years. Their real advance in consciousness didn’t occur until the Atlanteans came with their advanced spiritual and technological advances that they had received to a large extent from extraterrestrials visiting Atlantis.

The existing Egyptian civilization had a hard time assimilating the great number of Atlanteans into their land. Thoth and His group were highly respected, even looked at as gods. However, not all the Atlanteans were at the spiritual level of Thoth. This difficulty in assimilating the great number of souls who were pouring into Egypt went on for many generations.

When the time of the great flood was about to occur, a great many of the Atlanteans utilized the great many tunnels that existed underneath the pyramids to go and live in the inner earth. (See chapter on the Hollow Earth and the Story of Agharta.)

The Atlanteans, hence were leaving for two reasons. One was to escape the possible flood that might overtake Egypt. Secondly they were leaving because they weren’t being accepted by the existing Egyptian civilization.

This vast network of tunnels were built with the use of the ark of the covenant and smaller versions of the ark that utilized a staff with an ankh on it. These instruments could cut through stone like a knife through butter. They could, in essence, dematerialize any object at will instantly. However, it was only the great initiates that were able to use them. The hollow earth people are hence descendants of the Atlantean and Egyptian civilization to a great part.

Many of the extra terrestrials inter-breeded with the women of Egypt and brought forth many children. These children were quite advanced. For the physical structure of a child does affect the consciousness. It was really the extra terrestrials in conjunction with the Great White Brotherhood that brought the plans for the building of the great pyramid, many of the smaller pyramids, and the sphinx.

Many of them were part of a package. The step pyramid of Zoser is the oldest. This initial pack was designed to lay upon the lay lines or electrical grid points of the planet. The Great Pyramid of Giza is actually in the geographic center of the earth. Some of the latter pyramids were simply burial tombs.

Many of the great pyramids in Mexico and in the Mayan civilization were built around the same time, for Atlanteans and extraterrestrials traveled there also. The Incas were part of this Atlantean migration. In Peru and Bolivia are pyramids and such made with extraterrestrial help.

Atlanteans also went to India and Tibet, and all through South and Central America. It must be understood also, that they did have flying machines in Atlantis. There were also space beings that came from the planets within our own solar system, according to Earlyne Channey’s channelings.

The Anunnaki and the Arks of the Covenant
The Anunnaki were the extraterrestrials that came from Sirius. They first visited Atlantis and brought with them the "Ark of the Covenant". The ark of the covenant looked much like what we saw in the movie "Raiders of the Lost Ark". It was a transmitting device of high frequency energies.

This device, in conjunction with mini arks of the covenant, which could be worn around an initiate’s neck, or used on a staff, could be used like miniature laser beams. The pyramids were built by the use of these devices obtained from the extraterrestrials known as the Anunnaki. The rays from this device could cause the nullification of gravity. Ten thousand pound stones could be levitated in the air. A one pound rock could be made to weigh ten thousand pounds. This was how the Great Pyramid of Giza was able to be constructed. It had nothing to do with millions of slaves and pulleys and all that stuff materialistic archeologists fantasize about.

The children of the Anunnaki were called the Annu. At some point in Atlantis the Anunnaki left to return to their own world and left the earth in hands of the Annu. It was the misuse of the arks of the covenant in relationship to the great crystal that destroyed Atlantis when the sons of Belial or the lords of Materialism gained too much power.

The arks and the smaller version ankhs could also be used for healing and the curing of diseases. In times of danger they could be used as weapons of war and would kill instantly. At the time of the great flood, it was many of the Egyptian Annu that took many of the arks and ankhs with them into the inner earth cities. They entered these cities from underneath the great pyramid. They then sealed the entrance to the underground cities with their arks so they could not be followed and so the flood waters could not enter. This colony of Annu have remained in the inner earth ever since. The religious order they follow is the Order of Melchizadek. This occurred around 12,000 BC.

The Great Pyramid
The great pyramid in reality is like a great antenna. It was originally encased in white limestone which caused it to glow and sparkle. According to Earlyne Channey, in her book, "Revelations of Things to Come", floating in suspension at the top of the pyramid was a mammoth crystal. Around this crystal was a border of pure gold. The capstone actually floated in space slightly above the pyramid because of the tremendous currents of energy that were flowing up from the center of the earth.

There is an underground shaft that goes down deep into the earth right in the center of the pyramid. In this shaft were microwave generators. In the heart of the capstone was an ark of the covenant. Occasionally the capstone would be changed to a copper one or one made of Lapis Lazuli.

Now it is important to understand that the arks of the covenant had to be charged by the use of mental powers. Once it was charged it functioned on its own, but it took a great spiritual initiate and Master to do this. The great pyramid, in conjunction with the capstone with the ark of the covenant inside of it, distributed light and energy throughout Egypt. One of the great Masters, who may also have been there in the physical at the creation of the building of the pyramid, was Osiris. He was a great spiritual Master who was assigned to bring the teachings of the Order of Melchizadek to earth. The Order of Melchizadek being the large cosmic branch of the Great White Brotherhood teachings. Djwhal Khul has told me that Osiris, Isis, and Thoth were all actually people, not mythology as modern historians conjecture.

Each of the pyramids acted as a generator of force, especially when they housed an ark of the covenant. The ark was like a psychotronic generator, or miniature nuclear reactor except without the adverse radiation of our modern day nuclear power plants.

The great pyramid was actually a receiving device of cosmic energy and also a sending device of the earth’s own planetary Kundalini. The great pyramid was created in such a way as to be totally aligned with the cosmic current of our solar system and the great central sun itself.

The crystal golden capstone acted like the third eye of the entire planet, according to Earlyne Channey. The crystal capstone also served as a universal communication device that allowed the "voice of God" and the Spiritual Hierarchy to be heard in a much easier manner. The pyramid was built to be a place of initiation for the Great White Brotherhood.

The great pyramid has a square base and is constructed of huge blocks of yellow limestone weighing as much as 54 tons each. The precision is so exact that the joints are hardly discernible. Each of the four sides of the great pyramid is a perfect equilateral triangle which slants inward and upward from the base in proportion of ten to nine, until they meet at the apex.

The great Sphinx is a stone figure of a human head with a lion body. It is out of a single block of stone and is 189 feet long. If I am not mistaken, I think it is in the Sphinx that the Hall of Records lie. That contains all of the records of the Atlantean civilization. As I have mentioned previously, it is John of Penile, who is the incarnation of John the beloved (Kuthumi) who will open this record hall in this century. Edgar Cayce said that the great pyramid and Sphinx was built around 10,000 BC. It took about 100 years to complete.

The arks of the covenant contained within it a pulsating crystal infused with a living light in our present time the ark of the covenant and capstone to the pyramid have been removed. The pyramid or house of light, has lost much of its former power. It is still considered the greatest house of light on earth. It was only the shape of the pyramid that allowed it to withstand and sustain the massive amounts of white light that ran through it at its peak.

The pyramid symbolizes the spiritualization of matter. The Anaki came to accelerate this process for mankind and then left. Besides its function as a temple for initiation, the great pyramid was also an observatory to chart the celestial heavens.

It also served as an insulation chamber for the ark, so that the general population would not be endangered by the incredible spiritual force that was being generated. Each part of the pyramid also had a chakra, according to Earlyne Channey’s book, "Initiation in the Great Pyramid". The heart chakra was the king’s chamber. The third eye was the capstone. The chamber of rebirth and the well of life were other chakras.

The Story of Ra-Ta
What I am about to share with you now is an absolutely fascinating bird’s eye glimpse into ancient Egypt through the eyes of the Universal Mind as channeled by Edgar Cayce. A great many readings were done about ancient Egypt because Edgar Cayce had a past life at the time of the building of the great pyramid. His name at that time was Ra-Ta. He was one of the great prophets and Spiritual Masters of his time. It was from his great works in that lifetime, that the Universal Mind said that Edgar Cayce was able to do what he did in his life as Edgar Cayce.

This absolutely fascinating story begins around the year 11,016, before the coming of Christ, or 300 years before the massive earth changes in Atlantis. There lived a group of people in the Caucasian Mountains of Eastern Europe of the white race. Their ruler’s name was Arart. Arart was greatly influenced by a young godly priest by the name of Ra-Ta. Ra-Ta prophesied that the tribe of Zu would march on Egypt and rejuvenate or help the culture for the betterment of both races.

Egypt would become the leading nation of the day. Abart, appointed his son, Araaraat, to rule to quell the political turmoil. The former king of Egypt, King Raai, married one of the beautiful daughters of the invaders which also helped to calm the political unrest. Emigrants were coming to Egypt from India, Mongolia, and Atlantis in great numbers. The Atlanteans of a more or less evolved nature brought with them their slaves and "things".

Ra-Ta became the high priest of Egypt. He was interested in both the physical and spiritual evolution of man. He taught the law of the one God, as opposed to the worship of the sun that was very prevalent at that time. The social order of Egypt was much less advanced than that of the Atlanteans.

Ra-Ta made many trips to Atlantis and other places enhancing his knowledge and stature. He gained in popularity and influence. The high priest Ra-Ta and his associates began setting up social codes to conform with the worship of the one God. They helped to create civil laws, penal codes, and moral ideals for the people.

In one of Ra-Ta’s trips to Atlantis he met Hept-Supht in the city of Alta. Hept-Supht was the custodian of the record of the spiritual and religious secrets which had been handed down from generation to generation. Hept-Supht was very much interested in having the laws of the Children of One be preserved in Egypt.

Upon Ra-Ta’s return home he built a Temple of Sacrifice and the Temple Beautiful in Egypt. The Temple of Sacrifice was a hospital or health care center. The Temple Beautiful was a school of higher learning and vocational training.

The Temple of Sacrifice was a physical and spiritual hospital. It was there that he helped to correct the deformities of the "things", on a physical, as well as spiritual level. They used surgery, medicines, electrical therapy, massage, spinal adjustments, diet, music, colors, dancing, song chanting, and meditation as healing modalities. The idea was to clear the carnal desires and mental and physical defects. They also used the flames of the altar fires for purification.

It often took as long as six and a half years to make the complete change in these individuals. Ra-Ta was very successful in this endeavor for the "mixtures" or "things" began to disappear altogether from the face of the earth at this time.

When the involvement with the Temple of Sacrifice was complete the patient graduated to the Temple Beautiful and to courses in vocational and spiritual training. The people who worked in the temples were men and women. The two sexes were seen as total equals. They both wore long flowing robes. Music was instruments in healing and the raising of vibration spiritually. Instruments such as flute, lyre, harp, and viola were used. Ra-Ta spent much time traveling, and much time in prayer and meditation. This greatly enhanced his psychic abilities.

After returning from one of his protracted journeys a group of priests who were more attuned to the sons of Belial (negative ego and materialism) had incorporated carnal sexual practices, blood sacrifice, and drug use in the form of strong drinks into the temple practices. This was the same problem that occurred in Atlantis between the Law of One and the sons of Belial.

This small, but powerful group of priests, plotted a way to get rid of Ra-Ta. Their plan was to use one of the temple dancers who worked in the Temple Beautiful. She was regarded throughout the land as the most beautiful woman in all of Egypt. Her name was Isris, which later changed to Isis. She was deceived by the evil priests to talk Ra-Ta into having a child which would produce one of the most perfect physical and spiritual babies in all of Egypt. Isis was tricked into doing this by the priests, for she did not realize their evil intention.

Ra-Ta gave into the idea for many reasons, even though there was a law in Egypt that he had written that said that a person could only have one companion or spouse. She gave birth to a daughter by the name of Iso. Upon the birth of the child, the evil priests cried for his banishment. The King Araaraat was in great conflict, but finally agreed to banish Ra-Ta for breaking his own law. He traveled with 232 of his most devout followers, including Isis, and Hept-Supht, to Abyssinia, south of Egypt. The king kept the child Iso as a hostage. She died at the age of four years old.

Great conflict and fighting occurred in Egypt. The evil priests and sons of Belial wanted to keep the "things and mixtures" as slaves, as well as their carnal sexual practices, and blasphemies to the temple life. Meanwhile in Abyssinia, Ra-Ta in nine years helped to bring peace and prosperity to the people living there. Hept-Supht (who had migrated to Egypt from Atlantis) returned to Egypt to help create a reconciliation between Ra-Ta’s group and the king. Things were in such turmoil in Egypt that Ra-Ta was invited back. Ra-Ta was 100 years of age at this time.

The announcement of his return caused rejoicing through Egypt. From that time onwards Ra-Ta was known as Ra. Ra is a name for God in the Egyptian language. Isis became influential in working for the rights of women. Years later she came to be worshipped as a goddess. Upon Ra’s return the Temple of Sacrifice and Temple Beautiful were cleaned of all profane practices. A period of social and spiritual rebuilding began anew.

By this time word had spread around the world of the wonders taking place in Egypt. Learned men and priests came from all over the world to see Egypt’s spiritual and material accomplishments. They came from China, Mongolia, India, Norway, and Peru. Egypt became a leader among the nations of the world.

The records that Hept-Supht brought from Atlantis also proved invaluable. The site that was selected for the safe keeping of these records, and esoteric content of the law was the fertile plains of Gizeh. This area was determined to be the mathematical center of the earth, and also safe from earthquakes and floods. The Sphinx was also constructed at this time.

In the right forepaw of the Sphinx a passage was made to lead to the entrance of the record chamber. This was to remain undiscovered and protected by a mystical code until mankind as a whole had overcome his negative ego and lower self. It was then that the great initiate would come to open these records for the glory of humanity and God.

The exact dates of the construction of the great pyramid, according to Edgar Cayce, was 10,490 to 10,390 BC. According to Cayce the actual construction and engineering were worked out by Hermes, a descendant of Hermes Trismegistus, also known as Thoth. Djwhal Khul told me that Thoth did help from the spiritual plane in the great pyramids construction. Metatron, the archangel, also helped in its building and energizing with cosmos light. Cayce’s readings confirmed exactly what Earlyne Channey’s readings said about its construction.

The great pyramid is a record in stone of the history and development of mankind. This record in stone is from the time of Ra and King Araaraat, to the year 1998. The records and prophecies of this great pyramid are written in the language of mathematics, geometry, and astronomy. Many of you are aware of the pyramid prophecies. The pyramid accurately predicted the birth and death of Jesus Christ, to the year, day and hour.

1936 was prophesied as a year of disturbances, turmoils, storms, war, and land upheavals. After 1956 a time of adjustment follows. The pyramid prophecies end in 1998 which is a time for the coming of the "Master". The accuracy of the pyramid prophecies is quite unbelievable, for the Master it speaks of is here and his name is the Lord Maitreya, the Planetary Christ. This was predicted 12,400 years ago. It also must be remembered that Jesus, himself, took his final initiate degrees along with John the Baptist in this pyramid.

I would like to end this section with a quote by Edgar Cayce in a fabulous little book called "The Origin and Destiny of Man" by Lytle Robinson. "Then with Hermes and Ra …there began the building of that now called Gizeh. …that was to be the Hall of the Initiates of that sometimes referred to as The White Brotherhood…"

Much of the information for this section was researched from Lytle Robinson’s book, "The Origin and Destiny of Man". If you would like to learn more on this subject I would highly recommend getting it. Edgar Cayce may be one of the greatest channels of information this world has ever known.

Earlyne Channey’s Past Life as A High Priestess in the Order of Melchizadek

In one of the most interesting books I have ever read, called, "Initiation in the Great Pyramid", by Earlyne Channey. Earlyne has total recall of her experiences going through all seven levels of initiation in the great pyramid in approximately the Third Dynasty, at the time of King Zoser.

King Zoser was a God realized Pharaoh who, in this lifetime, is an Ascended Master spirit guide for Earlyne Channey, along with Khutumi, and Virgin Mary. King Zosar, at that time, was a Ptah (Supreme Master of the Lodge and Light and Order of Melchizadek). In this book she tells this fascinating story right out of the Akashic Records, of being born into a family where both her mother and father were seventh degree initiates within the Order of Melchizadek.

Earlyne’s name was Nefre-Tah-Khet. From the moment of her birth she was destined to become a high priestess within the temple. She tells of the incredible event when two spaceships arrived at Memphis. This event created great excitement in the entire nation. One spaceship arrived from Peru. Another spaceship arrived from a remnant island of Atlantis. Shortly after, a third enormous UFO craft arrived from outer space.

The arrival of these space craft transformed Egypt. One particular being who arrived, the Egyptians called, Imhotep. It was under his guidance and friendship with King Zoser that Egyptian civilization greatly accelerated. These beings brought with them the arks of the covenant.

It was explained to Earlyne that the major earth changes that had taken place had caused the planet to be thrown out of alignment. This had caused the great pyramid to be out of alignment with the great cosmic current. This prevented the Kundalini energy from the earth to rise as it once had. It was the Melchizadeks who were the Ptahs and High Priests of the Great Pyramid now. Only those initiates who passed through all seven levels of initiation in this Great House of Light were called Melchizadeks. The Melchizadeks were revered almost like Gods in Egypt at this time. When the extraterrestrials brought a new Ark of the Covenant the priests and high priests were ecstatic with joy. This is what happened at the time of Zosar according to Earlyne.

The original Ark of the Covenant had been had been brought around the year 13,000 BC. I believe the Third Dynasty, in which Earlyne lived, would refer to 3,000 BC. Her father told her that the great pyramid had been built three thousand years earlier. Under Imhotep’s guidance, upper and lower Egypt were united. Great advances in culture, art, and architecture were achieved. Zoser and Imhotep constructed the step pyramid at Saqqara.

As a child, Earlyne trained at the school in Heliopolis. I bring this up because the Edgar Cayce readings say that Jesus and John the Baptist trained at the same school 3,000 years later.

Earlyne’s Training to Become Initiated
Her earlier years she studied the teachings of Thoth-Hermes. She was placed on a strict vegetarian diet. Her diet consisted of vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, grains, plant proteins, milk from sacred cows, and goats, and cheese. She also was given special herbal concoctions. She was taught body movements, asanas, postures, mudras, breath control, and meditation.

As I have mentioned in another chapter, the Egyptian teachings, in part, were almost identical to those of the Huna, or Kahunas of Hawaii. Instead of explaining these here, I have set aside a whole chapter for the presentation of these wonderful teachings (See chapter on "Huna Teachings".)

The essence of her training was to unite her conscious and subconscious mind with her super conscious mind or soul. In Egyptian, the soul was referred to as the Aumakua. Part of her training was to work with subconscious by the use of a pendulum. She was taught to chant and listen to the sacred sound of aum.

As Earlyne developed, she was taught psychic development, and channeling. She developed the ability to speak to her Higher Self and spirit guides. She became proficient at telepathy, and the ability to control the weather, and communicate with the nature spirits. She learned about astronomy, astrology, and alchemy. She had to learn to get rid of negative tendencies such as anger, pride, envy, and impatience. She was trained in the language of symbology, dreams, hieroglyphic writings.

She was trained in the study of magic and the ability to control the genies that protected the sacred tombs. The genies were angelic like beings that actually do exist. (I confirmed this with Djwhal Khul.) She learned to use the words of power, and to use amulets, gemstones, and talismans.

The greater mysteries were only taught to the temple initiates, while the lesser mysteries were taught to the general public. She had to work with daily affirmations and prayers to reprogram her subconscious mind.

Over time her clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience developed. She was trained in the sacred science of geometry. She had to learn the sacred signs, grips, and passwords needed to gain admission to the lodge. She had to learn to use the power in her eyes as a type of eye ray to hypnotize animals. She was trained in moral, and spiritual development and in the refinement of her character.

She was taught the importance of raising one’s sexual energies into the higher chakras and not be overtaken with carnal desire. She was trained in the art of raising the kundalini in a safe gradual manner as she progressively went through the seven levels of initiation.

She was taught to clear her negative emotions, and rise above the animal nature. Her physical body was being gradually trained to build the power in her nervous system to withstand the gradual increasing vibrations of each coming initiation. She was taught how to commune with the angels. She was trained in a sacred form of dance that put one in tune with the spiritual world.

She was taught the cosmology of the universe. She was trained in the science of how to unite her ego with her spirit. She was taught to face and overcome her own dweller on the threshold. She became proficient at psychometry and inner smelling. She was trained in the science of soul travel. She was trained to merge with clear light of God, as most of us attempt to do during our own death and subsequent Bardo experience.

Elizabeth Haich and Her Training in the Great Pyramid
Elizabeth Haich, in her wonderful book called, "Initiation", sent through a similar type of training that Earlyne Channey went through. I will not repeat those courses of study which I have already mentioned, however, Elizabeth was also trained to create emotions at will.

The final result of these exercises allowed the initiate to keep one’s emotional composure and imperturbability at all times under all circumstances. Hence the transcendence of duality and all attachment.

She was taught to balance the twelve sets of opposite characteristics:

Keeping silent versus talking

Receptivity versus resistance to influence

Obeying versus ruling

Humility versus self confidence

Lightning speed versus circumspection

To accept everything versus to be able to differentiate

Ability to fight versus peace

Caution versus courage

To possess nothing versus to command everything

To have no ties versus loyalty

Contempt for death versus regard for life

Indifference versus love.

She was trained in the importance of keeping silent. She was trained in the psychic abilities and concentration, to give expression only to the divine and not to the satanic, to remain in absolute mastery of physical, emotional, and mental forces. She was trained in detachment and observance of the lower bodies and to most of all identify oneself with the soul and Eternal Self.

She was taught how to control all her physical organs, for example, how to slow the heart beat. She was trained how to differentiate the Divine Self from the personal "I" self or ego. She was taught the seven octaves of vibration.

Physical - Mineral and Plant

Emotional - Animal

Mental - Average man

Intuitive - Genius

Atmic - Prophet

Monadic - Divine Wisdom and Universal Love

Logoic - God/Man

This is how her Egyptian teachers framed the seven octaves of God. She was trained how to use the Arc of the Covenant staff for healing. She was trained in sacred geometry. She was taught to control the lower self and carnal nature. She was taught to not fear death, or be attached to people or things. She was taught to put union with one’s soul and spirit above even the highest form of human love. She was taught to overcome the pull of desire, and the physical appetites. She was trained to put others before self, and not fear death.

These last two sections tell of the incredible training an initiate had to go through to be accepted and be able to pass the seven levels of initiation. In the next chapter I will share with you the fascinating detailed accounts of what actually went on in the Great Pyramid of Giza during these actual initiations.
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