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Global Warning (PLEASE READ!)

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Fen Zero

Joined: 12 Apr 2005
Posts: 362

PostPosted: Sat Feb 09, 2008 4:31 pm    Post subject: Global Warning (PLEASE READ!) Reply with quote

Hi everybody! Today I am here to talk about global warming and everything that surrounds it. As you all might now global warming is a problem that we see everyday, but most of us don´t really care! We think that it won´t happen to us, and that we will be gone when the world reachest extremelly high temperatures, entire cities, maybe states, are over flooded, and when there is no petroleum to give us energy. But your descendants will be there! And the descendants of your best friends! It is almost too late, but we can still make a change.

First, let´s talk about sources of energy. Our main source of energy, worldwide , today, are fossil fuels. Fossil fuels come in three different forms: oil, coal, natural gas, and have become a relatively cheap and easy-to-use source of energy. Oil is our favorite fuel for it is used in means of transportation. Coal is burned to produce electricity in thermoelectric power plants. Natural gas is mainly used at home. But we must stop depending on fossil fuels to survive, and find new ways to get energy now!

Imagine you wake up one morning. You try to cook but there is no gas, so you go and try to turn on the TV. The TV doesn´t seem to work, so you go for your cellphone and try to call your best friend, but it doesn´t work either. So after you think there has been an electric outage, you go and take a shower. But what a surprise, there´s no water coming out! Why? Today every single service depends on electricity, and most electricity depends on burning fossil fuels, and that morning, as you woke up, the last bit of fossil fuel was being used in some car around the world. There´s no gas to cook, or coal to create electricity. "But what about water? Water has nothing to do with electricity!" Wrong. Electric pumps are needed to carry the water from wells or stations all the way to your house. See how chaotic it will be when we run out of fossil fuels, if we don´t find new massive ways of making electricity?

Now, some physicians and science fiction lovers have ways to classify a planet and its population according to their capabilty of producing or controlling energy. There are three classifications. The first one is a society that can control all the energy in its own planet. For example, if there is about to be a hurricane, earthquake, erruption or tsunami they are able to prevent this from happening and instead use all that energy to produce electricity. The second type of society also has control of all the energy of their own sun. Have you seen Star Wars? Well, type Two societies build a structure similar to the Death Star arond their sun and this way they are able to use all the energy they need. Type three societies have control over all the suns in their universe. Do you think planet earth fits in any of these classifications? No. Earth has been here for billions of years, and we are still a Type 0 society...

But let´s change the subject a little bit. We will talk now about pollution. Can you imagine how much pollution a single car produces in a day? Now multiply that by trillions of cars around the world, and add all the other means of transportation, power plants, factories, bruning of forests, etc. That is a lot of pollution for just one day right? But on thop of that, add the fact that we cut thousands of trees everyday. Trees are the ones that keep us safe , they give us oxygen and clean the air! So if we reduce the amount of trees, and increase the level of pollution, we won´t be able to survive.

In addition, this pollution has intensified the GreenHouse Effect, and as a result we have Global Warming. The poles are melting very fast, and soon places around the world will be totally under water. In some places, desertification is happening way faster. In others, floodins and hurricanes are constant. With these, many species come to the border of extinction, but the species who is most endangered is the human race. Diseases such as the Malaria will soon spread all over the world, and get to places where there had never been.

But there is still a dim light at the end of the dark tunnel! We can each still do something for our dear planet:
1. Reduce the use of things that run on electricity.
2. Reduce the use of the car.
3. Ride the bike or use public transportation.
4. Recycle.
5. Try to use Hybrid Cars.
6. Support legislation and government when they try to find other means of producing electricity, such as Solar Cells.
7. Stop cutting trees.
8. Plant a lot of trees! Very Happy (this one´s my favorite! Razz)
9. Make other people conerned. If necessary, write an article (just like this one) and publish it in a newspaper, or talk about it in TV! Razz
10. Educate chiildren about this.
11. Reduce the population growth.
12. Help people that try to make a change for the planet (just like me!Razz)

If every single one of us could do at least one of these points, I am sure Mother Earth would be very thanked, and we would give some more time to our planet. Save your home!

With love,
Fen Zero
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