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Joined: 30 Jan 2006
Posts: 55
Location: Tasmania

PostPosted: Sat Mar 01, 2008 8:48 am    Post subject: THE ASCENDED MASTERS - WHO THEY REALLY ARE & HOW THEY HI Reply with quote

They are Earths false gods - and the only consciousness they have is what they strip from humans, and feed back as their own.

This post is from one who has been hindered
from one who has been helping other ascending initiates remove their hindrance.
As no ascension can happen with these leeches hanging around an initiate

Yes they tell us they have ascension knowledge
That they are the masters
They have been fooling humanity for 200,000 years whilst they siphon humanities chi.

It is now known they are behind every master who has tried to master and failed.
As noone has mastered the 3rd dimension on this planet EVER... because of this interference.

i am writing this, as d_redant chose to lock the initial forum - closing all chance to discuss these non-conscious beings. Whilst i realise this is his site and he can do as he likes, this is a very crucial issue to discuss. They are thwarting and disabling many potential initiates from ascending

Humanity has karma with many - and has made many pastlife agreements to many (to keep on allowing them to suck our chi).

They channel unsuspecting persons, and call themselves whatever the channel wants them to be. The Council of 12, The Sirian High Command, The grand poobah of The Arcturian after dinner mints.

Our true guides do not have titles - and do not want to channel tomes of BS - but give small increments of relevant information at each communication connection.

The main 'ascended masters' (who EarthMother maintains 'have ascended nowhere and mastered absolutely nothing - in fact are parasites leeching humanities information and chi)
Earths false gods:
Dwaj Kuhl
Serapis Bey
Paul the Venecian
Lada Nada - poses as Mary, and appropriates all prayers and such
st germain - head of most banks - and got a load of chi from his false abundance programme NESARA
matreiya - sucks on Buddhists
jahova - religions
rama- sucks Scientologists
yahweh - sucks the Jews
sananda - head honcho of the RC church - Quetzlcoatl
vishnu - appropriates whatever he can get
shiva - has appropriated many small religions/churches

false angelics/seraphim/false melchizedeks (Anu-Drakonian-Melchizedek)
michael, ariel, solara
ureil, gabriel, ikial, zachiel

(these are 'serpent beings' in their dimensional being, & the false melchizedeks will be viewed as small dinasaurs)
and fallen angelics of Lucifer, Budharas, Wesasdraks (attaches to Buddhists also) and TheTans

again serpent type beings - but have the power to make themselves appear as anything they know the person will honor or give allegience to.

And the 4th dimensional Anu-reptilians - now is almost plague proportions, either walking in/interfacing with humans, and preventing their ascension - or hanging around in groups on peoples properties, waiting for children to ear-mark and then interface with.

Many people will dream of this interference, but the dream will not reveal a 'reptilian' - as the mental mind has never seen one. The dream maybe of scary monsters, spiders (if one is scared of spiders) large horrible looking mythical birds/bats etc etc - and they often interfere sexually - many woman have unexplained orgasmic nights, some complain of pain .. because in actual fact, they are being raped in the etheric. Most of the reptiliains although huge in size are just children in mindset, and have fun interfering in the lives of the humans they are hanging around, they are bored basically

They all attach themselves to any spiritual seeker, seeking ascension.
They WILL interfere
They WILL lie
They WILL disable your ascension.
And if you do not know of their existance or how they can disable, then they will be doing so.
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Joined: 27 Oct 2005
Posts: 181

PostPosted: Sat Mar 01, 2008 9:19 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

you know i am with ya their.
i had a jesuit once teach me some defence and purification for such things. their the people to look up with this stuff.
he once said if you hear a ringing sound you may have a being hanging around. though this is not the same as the unstruck sound heard by the ears being vibrated by kundalini, nor the connection resulting in intuition like the lucky cricket of the chinese. but you get the gist.

sexuality comes from the CHI SPOT!!!!!!!!!!!
if you have an outward flow, your leaking sexual energy, thus you can be harvested. when i useda leak sexual energy, or are in that state were energy is flowing out and hornyness comes. i either couldnt remember my dreams, or they would be sexual wet dreams. but, if my chi is re directed into my body, i not only have regular dreams, but am twice as conciouse during them, and even practise willing myself into the dream, untill it becomes clearer and clearer like waking conciousness.

we leak energy out the eyes, ears, mabey the toung and other senses. but the sexual organ is like the sushuma, the middle spinal nerve, it LIterally is a physical nerve, in the gross since. and if it leaks energy, well, that sucks .
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