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Energy Practitioners Wanted for Vegas PK Craps Dice Gambling

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 01, 2008 10:46 am    Post subject: Energy Practitioners Wanted for Vegas PK Craps Dice Gambling Reply with quote

Wanted: Energy Practitioners for Las Vegas PK Craps Dice Gambling

Greetings to Energy Practitioners, Healers, Sensitive's, Empaths, Clairvoyants and Metaphysical Students:

I've been practicing, studying and researching with a small group of energy practitioners and developing new individual and group PK (psychokinesis) how some professional craps dice gamblers are using meditation, visualization and chi energy mind states to consistently win at the Craps gambling casinos. And I've been implementing similar Psi energy techniques as to how energy masters, adepts, healing teachers and energy facilitators are using PK and TK techniques using intent, ritual, visualization, chi energy, energy imprinting and energy imbedding, dowsing, pendulum techniques, clairvoyance, psychioc energy, Tai Chi, Qigong and other PSi energy techniques.

Are there any others in this group list in here that may be interested in participating in PK CRAPS PRACTICE GROUP>

I'm forming a small group people who want to meet in Las Vegas a few times a year to utilize group Psi energy practices and apply group intentionality into PK on Las Vegas Craps Casino Dice.

A Monroe Institute clinical psychologist, Dr Gallenberger I know does Las Vegas 3 day PK workshops where the entire group works in various techniques of Psi energy--part of their 3 day seminar program training is to go downstairs from their seminar lecture room to Las Vegas, Caesar's craps casino and they get their own separate craps table (12 students)---and they win every time by the end of the craps gambling session. They are ahead financially as a group.

There is also (GTC) Golden Touch Craps School. GTC teaches a powerful technique in dice physics, and grip control, influence over the dice using Mathematical and Scientific Knowledge Understanding the physics of dice control through Positioning, Dice Sets, Angling, Dice Grabs, Dice Grips, Dice Delivery Methods, Spin Control, Bounce Control and practices of "visualization," meditation, and controlled breathing.

I've talked extensively and studied Dr. Gallenberger's PK Vegas practices and GTC's techniques and knowledge of dice throwing, craps dice abilities and more---and I'm merging these 2 systems of thought, philosophies and practices that involves dice physics and PK (psychokinesis) that can be taught, practiced and manifested at a group level. Bringing together a group, of people is even more important than the individual abilities.


Using a semi-circle group of people as in medicine circles, sacred circles, sweat lodge, ceremonial circles, circles of protection, labyrinth circles, various uses and methods, practices and energy techniques of group intentionality can be applied in the craps dice semi circle configuration at craps casino tables in Las Vegas.


Having studied quantum physics, bioenergy sciences, martial arts, Chinese meridian medicine and chakra systems, metal keys and focus points, group intentionality, biofeedback techniques, indigenous ceremonial and ritual incantations, meditations, lucid dreaming, positive energy, quantum mechanics, biophotonic bombardments, Enochian magick, Mayan Calendrics, mind over matter, principles of Fung Sui, Ninjutsu energy techniques, Kali mysticism, King Solomon magick, I have developed some incredible PK energy techniques to apply with PK (psychokinesis) energy practices working with a group of like-minded group intentionality energy practitioners. The key is working at a group intention level, where a group awareness raises Psi energy together at a group level.

I have talked extensively with NIH Geneticist, (Claire Francomano) and Physicist, (William Tiller of the Tiller Foundation), biophysicists Beverly Rubik of Institute of Frontier Science) and nuerophysicologist (Valerie Hunt of Bioenergy Fields Foundation). They have imparted infomation indicating their belief that in some ceremonial and ritual practices, energy exchanges between healer and healee, group consciousness levels can be expanded at a group level such as where a scalar wave is co-created at a group level--where 2 or more are gathered.

When this coherence of energy is transacting at the group level many energetic phenomena changes are occurring in the photon bombardments of the human bioenegy fields which bring in exciting changes such as how DNA vibration is changed, Chakra energy expansion and group chi energy that is raised. These scientist suggest many explanations in how imprinting intent into matter is possible. Interesting to note that Tibetan monks have the ability to meditate as group and they can slow down time on clocks in the same room as these monks can all travel consciously in altered meditation states to the same dimension within altered states of consciousness.

I'm looking for people who are interested in working together in Psi energy practices using PK techniques, TK enhancers, Intuition, Clairvoyance and raising Psi energy at a group level. I'm not charging anything, this is free-- only looking for qualified energy practitioners and students of PK and Psi energy who can work together at a group level in Las Vegas craps casinos. (There are selected casinos chosen that are more favorable) .

There are group phone conference sessions and e-mail materials to those who are qualified. All participants will need to practice daily in the reading and practice exercises and practice the energy techniques, dice grip control, dice setting, and angling. Materials are provided for free (PK practice tutorial paper and video is provided). There is no charge for the learning and practice materials. You will need to learn/understand the game of craps, understand casino ettiquette and have a set of legitimate red craps casino dice (larger dice) and have a practice area to practice craps throws-- (craps instructional video is suppied for free if you qualify). Like all things in life-- practice, motivation, discipline and patience is required.

There is also a TV production company developing a TV documentary on mind-over-matter and pertaining to individual and group practices--- and this PK Craps group may be invited to appear in this TV documentary that is in development.

Here is the contact email address-- if you are interested in the free Las Vegas PK (psychokinesis) craps practice groups being developed. A website is being developed for the participants of the PK CRAPS PRACTICE GROUP.

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