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PostPosted: Fri Jun 10, 2005 6:50 pm    Post subject: Protection Reply with quote


People often want help with protection . This may be for protection from psychic attack, from physical danger ,from emotional distress, from negative energies or from disease as well as other possible reasons . There are vast numbers of stones, spells, spiritual techniques, energy work, and filters and shields that can be used for protection.

Protection is aided and enhanced by the ongoing process of cleansing and clearing your energy body and by developing your mental ,emotional and spiritual integrity.

When you work to heal yourself this will help prevent reoccurrence of difficulties from whatever cause. Ones own fear of psychic attack is usually far more harmful than actual attack. Fear is a primary attractant to all forms of possible psychic danger.

I usually distinguish between actual psychic attack and a kind of background negativity or reaction negativity which is very common but usually does not comprise true attack and is often amplified by the receiver. I do think that everyone needs to learn to have boundaries and a moderate protective shield or filter as a routine . That is part of normal spiritual hygiene and is usually enough to provide shelter from the kind of frequent perceived assault of background negativity.

It is also of value particularly when you are doing work with people who do have concerns and issues with psychic attack or feel vulnerable to such effects to have some idea of how to throw up a major protection though maintaining such a total shield all the time as many do is often harmful because these total protective shields can block reception of needed information and energies as well.

Actual determined all out psychic attack is far less common than many think it is. Major defenses are often used inappropriately. It is true that attention attracts energy and paying attention to attack and fear of any kind can draw it to you. Even then ones relationship to events will be different in accord with ones personal spiritual balance.

One concern people who are doing energy healing work often have is about the potential for picking up negative energies through empathy or from clients. Properly done healing work will have built in safe guards against this, so long as the practitioner remains neutral in the sense of not using their own energy or trying to force specific results.

When it comes to energetically protecting oneself from physical danger these techniques can and do help, but they do not eliminate the need for normal common sense precautions. When a person deliberately places themselves in harms way they may indeed attract trouble. ( Don't walk down a dark alley, in a bad neighborhood, at midnight, wearing a mink coat and diamonds, and get mad at God /Goddess if you get mugged).

Part of protecting ourselves involves basic spiritual hygiene , working to remove energetic blocks, repair aura damage, remove implants and entities, general practice of clearing and balancing your aura and chakras and staying grounded will help prevent susceptibility to and harm from the influence of energies ,emotions and even psychic attack from others, deliberate or unintentional from people and non physical entities.

Whether such influences or entities are imaginary or real in a specific case is usually moot. Most methods of protective work are still usable whether the negative energy is from external or internal sources.

Light is used for protection. Spiritual shakti (energy) ,invoking angels and/ or other protective forces are among the most common protective methods.

Crystals can be programmed to bring in and help amplify spiritual light and energy. Another form of light people also often call on is the violet flame of Saint Germane for protection and evaporating negative attachments . Always ask your Solar / Companion Angel ( also called guardian angel) for help with protection, you will receive it.

If you do not like the term Angel use another. (Sometimes part of your life lesson is that you have the ability to deal with issues of protection ,in which case the angelic protection will remain as back up rather than being overt).

The more you attune with spirit and move in accord with your own Soul purpose the less need for protections you will have. These methods do not require you to practice or believe in any particular faith or path.

If you have been attuned to an energy work system You can use that shakti such as Quartz shakti, The crystal healing shakti, Reiki ,etc.. Some energy work systems do have specific shakti and procedures for protection.

Without attunement to an energy system you can call on White ,Golden or rainbow light or other energy to fill your aura and form a protective bubble, filter or force field around you. Some of us use the very Star Trekish (mental) command "shields Up!" Having a gesture or movement or mental image that is used as a trigger for your protective technique often increases a persons ability to focus and create a shield or filter. One such movement is to hold the index finger and thumb of each hand together and visualize yourself in a strong white sphere/egg. Another gesture activation is to place your hands palms outward , thumbs and index fingers together forming a triangle. Mental imagery or a small gesture such as tapping your wrist or rubbing your index finger knuckle as though activating a shield with a button are less obvious. A typical mental visualization is of an image glowing bubble of light surrounding you. Or you can visualiize a Teflon bubble shield.

I feel that it is better to intend that negative energy be transformed to positive energy such as by being sent to the earth for clearing and purifying before it is returned to its owner and do not usually recommend mirror shields. I often use a mental image of negative energy hitting my shields and converting to positive or being teleported to a cleansing entity before being returned . This applies to personal energy as well as that from others.

We often need more protection from our own programs of self sabotage than from external or psychic forces.

You can create a Macro set of shakti and imagery for instant on protection . Macros may run faster and more weakly than conscious energy work but you can run conscious energy work in combination with macros and programs . If you do not have access to energy macros you can still practice your protective method so that you can activate it automatically.

I usually recommend filters rather than shields as a protective method. Filters will not inadvertently block needed energy and information. Some people build such strong defensive shields that they close out needed information and so may put themselves at more than normal risk because they are not open to be aware of the signals around them. The need for protection can be overemphasized. The best protection in the spiritual and psychic sense is to develop your intuition and personal spiritual strength and then you will not be vulnerable.

I have found that rather than shields and filters the light of transformation is often the best protection, in this method one brings light into ones body from the Earth and the Heavens and expands it into a radiant rainbow filling it with your own heart light and expanding into a sphere around you any negative energy will be transformed into love and healing.

There are really a great many stones that are used for protection. Clear quartz can be programmed for any kind of protective work. Smoky quartz is often carried as a protective stone other stones used for General Protection include Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, fluorite, chiastolite, jet, onyx ,prehnite, shark tooth , malachite, black tourmaline, obsidian, coal black and red stones in general. Garnet , Agates, jade and sard are also protective stones of note.

Your birthstones whatever their general properties are, will be protective for you To dissolve Negativity & Psychic defense you can use black tourmaline, lapis, labradorite. Physical Protection: apache tears, jet , rutilated quartz , coral, holey stones, stones with natural holes are also considered protective.

Not a stone, but because horn, antlers , shells and the like are often included in stone properties lists I'll mention that naturally shed cats claws are a classic protective token.

For personal protection you can carry some stones in a pocket or pouch or wearing a protective stone in jewelry .You can also use these and other protective stones in your house and in grids dedicated to protection for yourself and others .

Select your stones for protection and commune with them so that you know it is appropriate to work for them for protection . Set the intention that these are your protective stones. Always start with cleared and fully energized stones and clear stones used in protective work often. You may want to change protective stones frequently to give them a rest. Some stones repel or dissolve negative energy others absorb and or neutralize it but they should all be cleared and thanked often for helping bring in the energies and helping you with protection.

Spells and similar work such as the use of talismans and amulets is primarily a means of assisting us in focusing our affirmations and intentions and in harmonizing with the natural rhythm of the Universe. There are a vast number of herbs and color and other tools and correspondences used for protective work. The clarity of your focus is more important than the tool you work with.

Here is an example of an affirmation or spell that many people have found to be effective.

I, (your name here) command all and any forces and entities, beneficial or not, to cease and desist from sending me physical, emotional and spiritual feelings and pain from any other entity, human or otherwise, from this moment on, for now and forever. Unless I choose otherwise. So be it.

The BEST psychic shield is to strengthen your own energy body.
to work consciously to heal and strengthen your own chakra, meridians and aura on all levels and to learn to run energy through your entire body of light. When you are mentally emotional and spiritually whole and in tune with your soul purpose and the natural flow of the universal Rhythms you are automatically safe from all psychic harm.

Peggy Jentoft from
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 08, 2006 1:03 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Nice read, I realy agree with you, but tell me how to develop this filters and schields. B.T.W do you know anithing about martial arts technikes like the flying fest, if so tell me if this kind of stuf realy exists, and how to learn them.
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PostPosted: Sat Jun 17, 2006 6:44 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote



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PostPosted: Mon Jul 24, 2006 9:30 pm    Post subject: Natural Born Psychic (Mystic) seeking help from psychics Reply with quote

I am seeking good information on how to ascertain whether or not someone is interfering with Karma (Positive Chi - Yang flow) and how to protect from evil spells or spirits which may possibly interfere or disrupt ones natural energy flow and Earthly Chi thus causing the onset of bad luck and a possible psychic energy drain. I have been psychic since a very early age and all of the sudden seem to be sensing way too much negative energy which appears to be caused by someone directing an entity who only wants to cause domestic trouble. Previously I had problems with a person with a very dark aura (almost black- dark grey) which seems to be related to the time when this bad energy began.

I have been practicing Tai Chi and seem to be gaining more positive
ground but still need information about how to counter this phenomenon
and onset of bad luck.

Any help or information would be greatly appreciated..
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 04, 2006 9:05 pm    Post subject: Psychic Protection Book Resources Reply with quote

Never mind the request I have found a very effective solution for dealing with this phenomenon which is largely based upon a meditative technique that actually circumvents certain negative emanations that may possibly be the result of someone’s evil spell work. Because protection is literally mind over matter I have personally discovered a few talismans that help one to develop a more protective mindset. On that seems to personally work very well is a circular talisman that symbolizes heaven and earth called the Psychic Energy Protection talisman. I can certainly vouch for this talisman and its ability in helping one to develop a mindset of personal protection.

Great Book Resource combination:
The Art of Psychic Protection (Paperback) by Judy Hall
Practical Guide to Psychic Self-Defense by Denning and Phillips
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 28, 2006 5:32 am    Post subject: Protection Reply with quote

I never use it, just another barrier I find.

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 24, 2006 5:09 pm    Post subject: protection Reply with quote

Protection is something we absolutely need when doing psychic work.

My house was haunted and If I wouldn't have protected myself......

Here is what worked for me best:

Envision a bright light beam from above flowing down your body as a barrier, keeping you safe from intrusion, that lets only positive energies in and keeps negative forces out.

I do this every morning.

When I am confronted with negative forces in a direct situation like the haunting in my house, I call all the archangels, especially arch angel Michael to protect me.

A good source to learn more is The Ultimate guide to unleash your inner psychic, by Annette Sassou.

She has like a homestudy course to develope psychic abilities in a safe way:
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 26, 2007 2:10 am    Post subject: Protective shield and other techniques Reply with quote

There is a good information on psychic shield (free) at:

also if you are already affected:

Personally (if I have to) I use the second technique first. It can be also done for somebody else and sometimes cutting the energy cords feels like the air is let out of a balloon.

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 11, 2008 1:28 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Spiritual Protection, Clearing & Releasing
*Spiritual Protection from Psychic Attack
*Clearing and Releasing Old Ties and Attachments

It's important for all of us interested in spiritual development to include some understanding of their subtle energy field or aura. The Aura is an electromagnetic energy field around each of us. It’s not visible to most people, but it is instinctively sensed or experienced by others. Your aura is not a closed system, as they say, it is continuously exchanging energy with things around it - anything and everything unless you decide differently.

Would you stick your hand into filthy water and then touch your mouth? How about dog poop?


Yet, everyday, all day long, I see people do the equivalent with their energy. Some people will co-mingle or allow others to suck their energy, (living or 'dead') with little or no restrictions as to who does so.

It is up to you to decide what you want to exchange energy with.
You absolutely can decide about this important boundary setting, whether or not you see energy, feel it, or even believe totally that it exists!

The aura is also called the "subtle energies." These energies are felt, perceived or sensed by people in various ways:
as colors, (seen or somehow ‘felt’),
as textures (sticky, slick, hard, soft, etc.),
as temperatures, (cold, hot, warm, etc.). Perhaps you sense something and have no word for it: a kind of perception or a "knowingness." That is when the "inner sight" is used.
Many people can be trained, over a period of time, to sense or "see" the human aura.

Whether or not you consciously sense it, everyone reacts to subtle energies.

Your energy shifts and moves with mood changes, strong thoughts and interactions with other people, animals and plants, as well as crystals and minerals. The body language of someone who is not trained or conditioned to hide their thoughts often mirrors a person's energy field. When someone is trained to hide their body language, for example, a policeman, then it may not reflect their energy any more than it reflects their true feelings. Since most people are not trained to control their body language, what I am trying to describe will be true for most people.

You live in this energy field your whole life - there is no way out of it! You even carry it with you when you leave your physical body - or parts of it, anyhow. Most people bathe regularly - yet most don't give a thought to keeping their energy clear and clean. As I said, you can co-mingle or exchange it with all kinds of things: people, plants, crystal and minerals, Angels, ghosts, other kinds of spirits... etc.

When it comes to being aware of our subtle energy, and taking responsibility for what we do with it, most humans are at the stage they were at when infants, and first learning to walk and talk. They have very little, if any, self-control. They get upset or angry, they throw or spill energy onto others. The same is true for all strong emotions. Have you heard the expression, bubbling over with enthusiasm or happiness? That's what your energy does when you have an intense emotion. Happy or sad, angry or sexually aroused, it spills onto the people around them.

We are living in a gigantic "psychic soup" of impressions, gathered around us like layers of clothing. Our experiences are filtered through our subtle energies and then trickling into our consciousness. We also have countless "strings" or attachments leading to other places, times and individuals. Even strings to things that were of importance to us now - or perhaps once, long ago. How much of our energy is taken up with unwanted and no longer useful attachments? To become truly free of these attachments is to empower yourself and others. You grant them their freedom, thereby granting yourself freedom.

I was taught by my Guardian Angel / Guide, from an early age, that it was my responsibility to keep my energy clear and not to allow my energy to spill over onto others, when I felt intense emotions - especially not to throw energy at others when I was upset or angry.

I taught my daughter and step children the same things. Children can learn to do this, so can you!

Once in a while I still hear how hard it is to stop throwing energy, because that person can't see it like I can. Maybe not, but almost anyone can sure feel it - when they pay attention! It's not hard, it just takes some effort and awareness and practice. It's not excuse that you can't see it so you are not responsible for it. Your energy is effected, and even controlled by your intent. So if your intent is to learn to clear it and stop throwing energy or accepting energy thrown at you... to stop allowing anyone to suck your energy (like a psychic vampire) then it will happen.

How many of you suffer from terrible headaches with no known cause? Or perhaps aches and pains that come and go for no reason?
Are Doctors unable to help you?

Help yourself! It's not hard to do... you just have to DO it.

Sensitive people often have strange symptoms that clear up when they learn to take care of their subtle energies. Learn to clear your energy and learn to protect yourself from outside influences.

Illnesses (dis-ease) start in the energy field first.
No, you probably can't 'fix' every single physical problem. But this will not hurt you and it will help you. Some things are going to "go wrong" no matter what. That's another story... Meanwhile, it can't hurt for you to take some responsibility for clearing and cleaning your own energy.

Do you have a relationship that you are struggling with? Learn to clear your energy and cut the inappropriate ties. Allow them their freedom - and allow yourself that freedom.

Detachment doesn't mean that you don't care, it means that you let go of your expectations of what something SHOULD be like. How that person should act, how things ought to be.

The most important technique that I use -- daily -- and share with whom ever is interested, are the ones dealing with protection and detachment. The basics of the "eggshell exercise" was one of the first spiritual exercises that I was taught, nearly 34 years ago. Over time, I have refined it, and added tings to it which work extremely well for anyone who uses it. It has proved to be invaluable.

I often ask people "What workshop information made the most difference to you, in your everyday life?"

The answer is nearly always "the information about spiritual protection."

In ages past, this information was reserved for people who spent their lives preparing to make use of it. Times have changed. We no longer live in a society where we have the option of spending most of the hours of each day in meditation, contemplation or inactivity. We have to adapt to the changes in this world.

Outside spirit influences – ghosts, entities, etc.

Some people have had a disturbing paranormal experience that "sours" them on or frightens them from exploring their psychic and spiritual nature. When you work with some of the simple exercise found on this web site, you will begin to develop more assurance and confidence. Learning to work with the highest intent you are capable of, is the way to begin.

Ouija boards and automatic writing are two of the most widely discussed danger zones for people are are being haunted or attacked by entities or ghosts. Much of the information people wish to receive from these spirits starts out as information (or gossip!) about other people. Using any kind of activity to spy on or pry into another person's life or space is is unethical and against spiritual Law. I suggest that most people stay away from them, just because they do not attract the highest spiritual energies or Beings.

IF one is grounded, clear, and asking for protection from God, there is probably little danger in these activities - that is IF you are not asking improper questions about other people to manipulate them or otherwise get the "upper hand."

Just remember, Angels and Masters will not come through a Ouija board. A spirit may claim to be an Angel, but ask yourself, why would an Angel need to use a Oujia board? The spirits that work through them are, at best, dead people. They have only a little more information than they did when they were alive. If your "Aunt Pearl" was controlling and meddling in life, what has happened to change her after she passed? There are always bored spirits hanging around willing to play with you... there are always nasty spirits hanging around willing to play with you, too... Be cautious and think before you start.

Although some of these exercises may seem silly, try them anyway. In the world of the spirit, your thoughts and visualizations are powerful.

Be definite and set your boundaries about what kind of Being you are willing to receive Guidance from. I am willing to work with only angels or masters, period.

One of the most common messages that people will get from a spirit is this:
"You are a very evolved Soul. "You are a spiritual Master."
If you are really evolved spiritually...if you are really a spiritual Master, then you will not need a Spirit to tell you this!
Be VERY suspicious of anyone or anything that tells you something likes this. They are lying to you and playing on your ego!
A true Master does not need to be told they are a Master AND a true Master will not tell someone else this.

When you are happy to receive any kind of message from anything that is listening, you are setting yourself up to experience something unpleasant. Some people are excited to have anything weird or unusual happen. Perhaps they desperately want to believe that there is something - anything - that comes after this physical life. Anything dramatic and unexplainable that happens will be some kind of indication that life will go on after death. Unfortunately, when a disembodied spirit latches onto a living person, the results can be terrifying -- and hard to stop. I have met countless people who were fooling around with the occult and had persistent and terrifying experiences that went on for months or years, with no way to stop it. They usually come to someone like me as a last attempt to regain their sanity. Think about how awful it would be to have things happening to you like that-- but no one believes you.

It is not necessary to be terrified of anything "unseen," or to become superstitious, but you do need to be cautious and respectful. Although some of the exercises that I have posted on this site may seem silly, try them anyway. In the world of the spirit, your thoughts and visualizations are powerful. Here in the Earth Plane it is "Thought, Action, Manifest." In other words, we have to work to get our paychecks - we can't just think the money into the bank.
On the Other Side, it is different. Over there, it is "Thought Manifest." The strongest and clearest intents create their own reality. With that in mind, what can it hurt to be prudent?

Psychic Attack

I get a lot of emails from people who feel they are under psychic attack. I usually direct them to this section of the site first, and then tell them to email me back with questions. Far fewer people email me back. Why is that?

I think it's because I ask people to consider their own part in any situation where they are 'under attack.'
Does psychic attack exist? YES.
Can it be countered? YES.

I offer some solid and extremely useful methods and techniques that you can develop to protect yourself. These methods also clear and release emotions and attachments that are interfering with your growth and development.

Psychic attack can be as complex as someone cursing you- using black magic or something similar - or as subtle as living with a spouse or other family member who is angry with you a lot.

Maybe you work with someone who doesn’t like you. There may be no outer show of what they feel, but you 'know' that something is going on. Psychic attack is anything that interferes with and invades your subtle energy field.

How does this happen?

One of the most important things a person must understand about a psychic attack (and other disturbances, such as the headaches I mentioned) is also one of the hardest for many to face.
Each of us bears a share of responsibility for the psychic attack we receive.

Simply put: if you are under an attack from someone or something, it is because you have opened yourself up to it somehow. Sometimes, there is an obvious reason for a situation to exist. In these cases, it is necessary for you to own your share of what is going on. When you do this, the energy behind the attack often reduces significantly.

It's similar to a situation where two people are arguing. If one is willing to say they are sorry for hurting the others' feelings, things will often calm down instead of escalate. When you admit you have some responsibility in a negative situation, it can often effect the outcome in a very healthy and positive way.

Anger towards a person leaves you open. If you are feeling attacked by someone, then you may also feel angry or resentful. If you are angry or resentful with someone, then admit it to yourself. There's no shame to that - it just makes you human. But is is also necessary to take steps to deal with your emotions. Doing these techniques will not stop a psychic attack if you are holding onto intense feelings towards 'the attacker.' There must be detachment from the person who you believe is attacking you. Fear, jealousy, hatred, resentment, lust... all of these emotions, and more, leave us open.

Facing how you feel about a person or situation is not easy; it takes a lifelong commitment to self-mastery. If you are willing to face how you feel and accept that this is where you are right now, then you can begin to move through it. I didn't say "like it," I said accept it. Changing how you feel begins with acceptance of yourself - and of the other person.

If you are unwilling to do this, or unable to do this, at this time, it will still benefit you to do these exercises. Sometimes the willingness to confront your share of a situation will come with time. Time can bring you some detachment and with it, clarity. These exercises will tend to promote clarity. So don't despair or judge yourself. Keep working on it and ask for help from God and from your own guardian angel.

When there seems to be no logical reason why a person is angry with you or trying to harm you, then it is almost certainly coming from something that happened in a past life. This can be hard to understand, especially if you are in a great deal of distress. You feel victimized and picked on. Maybe this is true, for this moment in time, but if you begin to study past lives, the concept of victimization loses it's meaning. Over many lifetimes, you have traded places as the "victim" and "victimizer" again and again.

Here is a simple example:

There was a man who had a wonderful relationship with his wife. She was great at communicating and very open with him.
The problem was her mother, who lives with them. The Mom was very angry and suspicious of the Husband. He felt like she hated him and no matter what he did, over time, there was no lessening of the problem.

Every time he was near the mother, he had headaches and felt ill. He talked to his wife about it and she believed him. She had seen the problem for herself. Both were unsure of what to do. They called me and told me their predicament. I suspected that there was an intense past life connection between the Mother and the Husband. She was psychically attacking him - sometimes unconsciously and sometimes on purpose.

At their request, we did a past life regression and a reading on the situation. Putting it all together, we came up with this information:

In a previous incarnation, the Mother and the Husband had been involved in a love triangle with the Wife. The Husband had killed the Mother in that life. In another life, he had ruined her life by kidnapping her, raping her and selling her into slavery. In still another life, they had been warriors on opposite sides, who killed one other. I could mention many other lives, but I think you get the picture.

The Husband and Wife left the session with new understanding. They wanted to resolve this old Karma with the Mother. They tried to talk to the Mother about their experiences and some of the possibilities, but she was not open to it. In fact, the very idea of past lives offended her. She was very upset by the notion. The only positive thing that they could point to from their 'talk' was that the Mother was very slightly open to the idea that they recognized that she felt like the Husband was the enemy. Things did not noticeably improve around the house, however.

The next time I saw the couple, I took them through the "Eggshell exercise," paying close attention to the "cord cutting" part. They released the ties between all of them, leaving in place only the "ties of the highest love" - "what ever was appropriate, natural and correct at that time."

Afterwards, the man "saw" the Mother come to stand in front of him, in his mind's eye. He asked her high self what he could do to improve the situation. He felt that she was telling him to ignore her when she acted nasty or condescending. Her high self asked him to forgive her. He decided to give it a try.

The couple felt that the technique was successful and they, at least, felt clearer and lighter. They decided to do their best to accept the situation, "as-is." This was where the Mother was at, at that point in time.

The first thing that was apparent after they got home was the lack of something. The husband had no headache. Within the next few weeks, he quit getting headaches around the mother and felt much less irritation with her. They would have been very happy at that point, if this was the final result. But things got more interesting.

About a month later, the mother approached the man and reminded him of "that conversation they'd had about the past lives."
She said that she had been having some incredibly vivid dreams about the "lives" that the couple had mentioned. She said that she had never believed in anything like that, and still didn't. However, the dreams were so real to her, that they opened up some possibilities. She had to admit that she had also treated him like he was the enemy. She realized that her behavior was not "Christian" so she vowed to try harder to get along.

Things did not get perfect in that house, but they did learn to be kind to one another an. There were fewer problems and they resolved fairly quickly. The three of them lived together, until the Mother's death a few years later.

If a problem does stem from a past life, it is my experience that it will start to clear up fairly quickly when the life/lives are brought into the conscious mind. It is not at all necessary to believe that it is a past life. It is only necessary to look at the situation and relationship with the person, in terms of the information received.

Subtle Energy exchanges make the world go round…
The exchange is just that: an exchange of energy.

Co-mingling or sharing Subtle Energy

Sharing subtle energies in some way is the basis of human interaction. People need to share energy with other beings. If they don’t, it’s like a plant that doesn’t enough water. First it withers, and eventually, it dies. People are the same.

Sharing love and compassion is the nicest way to share, but people who are desperate will share in any way that they can. It’s best if you can have reciprocal relationships. Freely sharing and able to be open.

People can easily share their energy with pets - and you will get a very high quality of energy from them. They have no expectations or judgments. No hidden agendas.

You can also share with plants and rocks, to a different degree and in a different manner.

Throwing energy

If you are angry and feel like smacking someone, it’s quite likely that a little piece of your energy will shoot off from yours and smack them. Maybe it looks like and arrow, or a ball of fire, bolt of lightening… well, you get the idea. There are too many ways to ever list.

There is no good reason to throw energy, even if they do it to you first.

Every time you throw something, you are that much more open to getting attacked by someone else, or an entity, or depleted in some way. Eventually this WILL have physical consequences.

Someone cut you off in traffic? It's very common to react by throwing a little zinger at that rude person.
Think you will teach them a lesson?
Think again. They will feel it all right, but it won't teach them anything you want to teach them - and it will leave you open to having energy thrown at you.

NEVER throw energy at anyone. That is a Psychic Attack and has serious side effects and consequences for the person who does it. The point is to protect yourself, not to violate anyone else. Any time you use energy for your own selfish use, it is wrong and there are consequences.


Yes, there are psychic vampires. On the physical plane, they are the people who leave you feeling drained, or with a headache after you leave them. Maybe they touch you a lot and it doesn’t feel nice.
Touch can facilitate the sharing – or stealing – of energy.
It can be difficult to protect yourself from someone who is constantly touching you to suck your energy or to poke at you. It’s similar when someone gets very close to you, invading your personal space. That’s what it can be – an invasion.

We all know someone who is so lonely that they don’t want to let you off the phone, or to say goodbye. They are desperate to share energy with someone and if you won’t share willingly, then they may try and take it.

It’s not done out of meanness, it’s done out of survival. But it’s still an invasion.

Ever buy something that you didn't really want? Some sales people will surround you with their energy and soon you are agreeing with them. And it's not just sales people who do this.
Intimate connections

When you have intimate sexual relations with someone, you have co-mingled your energy with them on a deep level. This can be a strong and positive connection – or not. Sharing energy at this level is something that gives another person an almost open door into your subtle energy. When you have intense fantasies about another person, you have also, likely interacted with their energy.
It can take many months to clear it out of your aura.
You can and will also share entities and other energy formations.
Be very cautious who you connect to in this way, as it’s not that simple to clear the energy, once you have co-mingled.


You can’t fool that higher part of yourself. It KNOWS what your intent is.

You may not be able to see what you are doing, but you can still learn to control it, with your intent.

And control it you must, if you want to get anywhere spiritually.

Although some of these exercises may seem silly, try them anyway. In the world of the spirit, your intent, thoughts and visualizations are powerful.

What Interferes with Your Clarity?

Fear and desire interferes and distorts.

Your own desires or fears get in the way of your spiritual, mental and emotional growth, AND they may allow a way into your personal space. All of the strong emotions that follow fear or desire gives outside energies a place to attach to you.

This is why is it so important to clear yourself, cut the ties, remove the implants, etc., consciously, before you begin to receive any answers to questions you may ask of your Guides.

Other Spiritual Techniques and a few thoughts...

These simple techniques and exercises are useful and will work, if you simply take a few moments every day, or as often as you can to practice. These things seem so simple that is hard to believe that they could work, but give it a chance and you will see for yourself.


When making use of these techniques, you only need to act "as if"... meaning you pretend that this is all true - whether or not it is something that you fully believe at this point. Just go ahead and act like you know what you are doing! Set aside your disbeliefs for the time being. What can that hurt? You can always pick them back up later.

You can't see what is happening to your energy as you are doing the exercises, but something IS happening to you.

If nothing else, just the act of calming yourself and closing your eyes begins to change your physiology and brain chemistry.
Use your imagination with these exercises. If you don't think you have an imagination, just close your eyes and take a moment to think about your bathroom at home. Do you know where the toilet paper is found in that bathroom? Of course you do! See, you can use you imagination afte rall!

So just pretend that something is happening. Something IS happening, even if you don't understand it or believe it.

PRAYER: Never underestimate the power of prayer!
Scientists are now experimenting with the power of prayer and the results are amazing. This energy works very well on people, which is astonishing enough, but it also works on a cellular level on red blood cells in petrie dishes, water molecules and experiments using fungus.

Prayer effects everything. And if you pray for a selfish or negative thing to happen, this is a real energy also.

Some might call this misuse of prayer "cursing" or Black magic."
Whatever it is called, praying for someone to do something that you want them to is a misuse of the power and is a form of psychic attack.
This fundamental misuse of the Holy energy creates intense Karma for the individual who does it.

We have a very limited perspective and cannot foresee the problems that can be associated with a specific prayer. I personally am very careful what I pray for and about. I am concerned with the highest uses of Prayer.

Perhaps it is a good idea to pray for God's Will to be done, not our own.

As a tool for positive change and growth, Prayer can remove spiritual clouds from your aura field. It directly effects the energies that lead to physical illness. This Prayer energy, when done with a sincere heart and not for selfish purposes, is aligned with God and the Highest Energies. This alignment also helps the HIGH SELF to act more directly and unimpeded. Prayer acts directly on the emotional (astral), causal, mental and etheric bodies. This in turn effects the physical.

Prayer helps us to focus the energy of the Universe so that we can make use of that unlimited power. Again, Prayer energy should not be used selfishly or carelessly.

I do pray for people. I pray carefully. I pray that God's Will - not mine - be done for a person. I pray that they will have the strength to handle whatever that turns out to be. I fill myself with Love from God and I send it out to that person, with no expectations. They are free to accept or reject it as they wish.

Prayer helps us to open to the higher energies so that we can make adjustments. The exchange is just that: an exchange.

A simple sincere request for assistance is enough. There is no need for fancy words or rituals. It is the request of your heart and your intent that is answered, not the words. It is only necessary to be clear and genuine.

Insert: Some people like have been doing it for a long time with a great track record for others so check that out.


You can receive help from Guardians and Masters if you only ask. It is a violation of your free will for them to do anything unless you ask for the help. There is nothing difficult about asking for help. You must mean it with all of your heart, however. There is no fooling around.

Guides, Angels and Masters can only focus the energy for what they have been asked to do. The person can only receive that which they are in resonance with and what they allow. Angels and Guides can never interfere, or initiate. They must be asked.
But be very careful about what you ask for.

You often get exactly what you ask for. Are you wise enough to know what is good for you? I'm not!

"Healing" someone might be an invitation to Psychic attack.

I know that this will make people upset with me, but take a deep breath and think about this idea for a minute.

Healers do not heal someone. They can only facilitate in that person's healing.

I think that many, if not most, people involved in a Healing Art would agree with that. They are the tool or channel, in one way or another, for the healing to take place.

Responsible Healers working with spiritual energies are very careful when trying to figure out what is "best" for a person. They do the best that can and then let God and the Higher Energies take over.

It is quite appropriate to ask for any suitable help to be offered to the person, as it fits in with God's Will for them.

If we are arrogant enough to believe that we can "clear someone of their Karma," "blow away their blocks", "clear their negativity", "heal them of their illness" - or whatever - we are opening ourselves up to receiving their problems.

We are interfering with their spiritual growth and there is a price to pay for that.

The Healing work needs to be done with compassionate detachment.
The type of detachment that I speak of is done with love and compassion, understanding that each person has their own challenges, problems and pain in their life, depending on their degree of self-love, attachment, etc. They are doing the best that they can do. I make every effort possible to be compassionate and kind. Sometimes that is all that you can do for a person.

Insert: Healers in groups who have been doing it for a long time have racked up alot of experence in dealing with a wide range of issues: see

Remember, NEVER throw energy at anyone. That is a Psychic Attack and has serious side effects for the person who does it. The point is to protect yourself, not violate anyone else. Any time you use this energy for your own selfish use, it is wrong and there will be consequences.
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 11, 2008 5:43 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

d_redant wrote:
Spiritual Protection, Clearing & Releasing
*Spiritual Protection from Psychic Attack
*Clearing and Releasing Old Ties and Attachments

Wow, good job! Just add a few of those techniques and you have a manual ready! I wish I could write that easily... Crying or Very sad
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PostPosted: Sat Sep 20, 2008 5:46 pm    Post subject: Psychic protection Reply with quote

I thoroughly enjoyed your perspectives and the information you've presented here. As a newly awakening person, developing her psychic senses and connection to spirit, I am learning that as a Reiki practitioner, I need to protect myself as part of my daily ritual, and be mindful of the energy I am working with. I forget to ask my guides, Spirit and angels for the help I need, so used to "going it alone" am I! LOL! Thanks again, for some wonderful ideas, perspectives and real techniques to try. I am enjoying my spiritual awakening, though it has not always been easy, or
necessarily "pleasant" in every sense. None-the-less, I am grateful for the opportunity to grow and understand that all experiences have purpose for me. Blessings to you.
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I also forget from time to time to ask the Angels & my Guides for help but I try to keep connected and talking to them mentally as much as I can daily.

I find that when I do keep a regular 'communication' with them things do seem to work out as if like Magic!

You can be specific with them or be general..

Remember they provide non-physical help for us.. and they are always working for us.. A little thank you to them now and then will go a very long way..

Archangel Michael is legendary for protection
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White Light Shields

INTRODUCTION -BY the Wanderling

In things Shaman the ultimate definition of the term "White Light" refers to "a protective shield manifested from the innate universal energies and Power of the Shaman, to encompass himself and the immediate environment in order to ward off predatory inorganic and other negatives." However, the term is forever being misinterpeted by new-agers and core shamanists to mean any number of things, usually higher in their meaning but actually much less in reality.

Before moving on, a quick clarification as to the "white" in White Light. It is not white say as in the white of a white sheet of typing paper, it is closer to the meaning of "white" like in the light radiated from a white light bulb. The light bulb is white, but the light coming from it is not tinted by the white like one might see radiating from a red or blue bulb, but is instead, "transparent."

What is called "light" is another term for electromagnetic radiation. White light is the combination of the frequencies within the visible light spectrum of electromagnetic radiation. Black is the lack or absence of those frequencies. What is confusing is, with a physical object, a green plant for example, even though it may appear green, it is not actually green but a combination of all the colors BUT green...that is, the only light frequency NOT being absorbed by the plant is the frequency we see as green. It is actually being refected BACK to our eyes so we see the plant as green. On the other hand, when we see an object as the "color" black it is the absorption of all colors, while white reflects back all colors. All conditions being equal a white surface would be "cooler" than a black surface because the white surface is not aborbing energy while the black surface is, hence, with the additional engery, it would be warmer. Not only does the White Light have the energy come to it's surface, it also radiates basically the same energy back. So not keeping it, reletively speaking there is TWICE as much engergy AROUND the white surface than on it. That is the secret to White Light, the twice as much energy AROUND the object. So said, however, that is NOT to confuse the "power" of whitelight with electromagnetic radiation. Although it is possible to draw and analogy between the two in a verbal sense, they are not equivalent per se' in the actual sense. For further clarification see: Siddhi,


Now, on to the White Light question: if by 'white light' 'visualized white light,' [which is a popular visualization technique used---visualization being more accurately described as imagination---to visualize white light as in surrounding yourself as a protective measure] is meant, then the end result of that is that you are in fact, surrounding an imaginary version of yourself with imaginary white light within your mind's eye...with all the connotations implied by the word 'imaginary'. You are not actually 'calling down' any kind of magical force or energy powerful enough to protect you from negative invasion. If you believe you have succeeded at doing this, I suggest the supposed results were coincidental with perceived outcomes; as hard experience tells me otherwise. To my way of thinking the visualized white light self-defense method is more placebo than anything else. This is much like how children ease their fear of darkness by hiding under their bed covers: it doesn't make their room any lighter, but it makes them feel better anyway.

The White Light refered to in the title, the White Light Shield, most definitely does exist. But this is generally only perceived after long term spiritual development. And while this light does begin to surround you (in a sense) in the astral once you attain a certain level of development, it is not a force, per se, that can be 'called down' or used or manipulated in any direct way. It can though, manifest more strongly (albeit temporarily) during mystical experiences, if you can connect strongly enough with your higher-self. This in effect raises your vibrations to a higher level, a level where the White Light can be perceived as a tangible and visible force.

Under this circumstance White Light will most definitely offer an effective defensive shield: totally impenetrable. It can be said when the White light is perceived within your mind's eye as flooding down from above, that your vibrations have been raised to a level where negatives cannot directly affect you; with there being way too much positive energy surrounding and permeating your being to offer any exposed portion that can be taken advantage of by negative inorganic beings of any caliber.

The difficulty here, of course, is with holding a vibrational / mystical state of purity strongly enough, and for long enough, to be effective. In most cases once your guard drops the attack simply begins anew. And if the negatives cannot get at you directly, they will try and get at you through all the people around you. They will use them to cause upset and disharmony in your life until they pull you down off your high horse (your vibrational level) to a point where you are once more exposed to the unkind ministrations of the negatives.

And to make matters even more difficult, the more pure and spiritually developed a person is (especially if they are actively working towards real spiritual advancement) the more attention they will attract from the negatives to pull them down. In other words, the potential of any aspirant generates their level of negative opposition, plus their level of positive assistance, as set by Karmic Law. This is the natural way of things, and is part of the reason why real long-term spiritual development is so difficult. And this is also why those that achieve any significant level of spiritual / psychic development usually live fairly difficult lives, or have a painful past.

Purity of spirit on its own does not offer any realistic measure of defense. Purity in an adult, however (an extremely rare thing indeed) does offer some measure of defense as it raises certain Belief System Shields that denies the existence of negative inorganic beings. Purity also raises the vibrations of adults, making it even more difficult for the negatives to gain access to them. In a nutshell: purity of body, mind and spirit in individuals does not provide the negatives with any significant amount of raw material to work with, psychologically speaking. Purity and spiritual development does not provide any internal 'shadows' that negatives can use to attach, hide and exist within a person's mind.

In a similar fashion, total ignorance and disbelief of all things metaphysical will offer a reasonable belief system type of defense, effectively working against (or unmaking) negative energies as they try and manifest. This is why more scientific, skeptical types of people tend to experience far less by way of paranormal manifestations than do more open minded believers.

Both the above types of defensive aspects (ignorance and purity), however, offer only limited defense against direct incursions by low order negatives and their manifestations, i.e., the more brutal and unsophisticated types of inorganic beings. More intelligent negative types, however, get around these fairly easily if the intelligence and metaphysical knowledge of victims are not combined with at least some measure of spiritual purity; developed or natural.

Long-term psychological conditioning is the general method employed by negatives, although an experienced negative can make a great deal of headway (conditioning a new subject/victim) in a very short time indeed, by directly implanting control devices in their mind. Controlled ego and purity (the very best you can do and can be) plus knowledge and intuition, when combined, offer formidable barriers. This is, of course, as long as persons concerned were not previously conditioned by negatives during their childhood. In a way, once persons have been cracked open and invaded by negatives, instructions on how to gain access to that person are tagged onto their aura; for any interested negative to read. This last does not prohibit personal security nor the use of effective self-defense measures: it just makes things a little more difficult.

By large, if victims lack experience and knowledge, attacks by negatives must be weathered and endured until they run out of steam; which they usually do after a few weeks. Although with wisdom gained most attacks can be fought and their duration significantly shortened; until enough experience and knowledge is gained to offer more effective shielding. There are some effective ways to defend yourself which are not commonly known today. And weathering attacks also causes forced bio-energetic development; which in a way grows etheric callouses around one. Experience also promotes the development of wisdom, through necessity, which can lead you to the gleaning of inspirational occult knowledge from within.

All knowledge rests within us, not without. You only have to look within and ask the right questions and the answers will be given. This is providing that all things are equal, and that an aspirant's foundation belief system will allow the internal manifestation of the necessary occult knowledge. Unfortunately, it is my observation that most people today blind themselves to this inner wisdom by constructing overly-elaborate foundation belief systems that are not based on personal experience, logic and reason.

In closing, Sheridan Hill, writing of Suzanne Segal and what happened to her in relation to her Awakening experience, offers in essence, something similar to the following:

"Several things must be put in place to protect our own spirit being: we must ask for a Shield of Light to protect that makes it clear to other spirit beings that even though we are traveling in spirit realms, we remain the "owner" of our bodies. I know this will strike some people as just too fantastic, but imagine my surprise when I discovered that there are spirit beings all around us all the time."
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They way I protect myself is imagine my spirit mentor (an old and wise Chinese man) guarding my back with a sword. Together we create a shield of light, and not let anything through. All in all, its your choice how to protect yourself. I found this way by experimenting and seeing what works.

written by: skye
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I am very interested in the energy Vampire relief I have 2 in my life right now and some days i am with both of them together and it is nearly impossible to not become drained.
They are close family members so I do have to see them.
Great articles though.
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