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Non-Hindu Mantras

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 04, 2008 5:45 am    Post subject: Non-Hindu Mantras Reply with quote

I came across this just today, and I was wondering if anybody has tried them or has any information about them, heres the site:
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PostPosted: Sun Apr 27, 2008 2:06 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

They kind of worked, but regular manifestation was much more effective. I wouldn't bother buying a book on the subject just to be able to do something that is already relatively simple.
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 07, 2012 5:38 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

These words have to be chanted or repeated 52 times for 7-10 days for them to work.

How do you pronounce these words?

Sumerian Chants

1. TIGRIS- Overall success.
2. HUYUK- Induce astral travel.
3. AEUNN- Gain the love of a specific person.
4. ENLIL- Financial gain.
5. ZIGGURATS- Heal a barren womb.
6. NIKIL-Gain clairvoyant abilities.
7. LUGAL-Detect lost objects.
8. URUK- Win games where luck is involved.
9. NINKILIM- Remove any type of phobia.
10. UMMIA- Rid any unwanted person.
11. NANNAIYA- Boost sex drive.
12. NINGAL- Heal both mental and physical ailments.
13. URNAMMU- Induce lucidity in a dream.
14. SHULGI- Gain recognition in one's life.
15. LAZULI- Boost your physical strength.
16. NIMKACY- Gain telekinetic abilities.
17. EUTRUSCAN- Good visualization abilities.
18. NINGRISU-Strengthen your memory.
19. ZAGGRO- Gain control of people's thoughts.
20. LUGALLASAGESI- Render any enemy harmless.
21. AKKAK- Telepathic communication.
22. ISHTAAR- Improve predictive abilities.
23. HAMMURABY- Ensure a balance state of mind.
24. CEREPLUX- General happiness.
25. TECCAS- Psychic protection.
26. BITTATY- Rid any addiction.
27. AKABIYAN- Detect any enemies.
28. SHUSHU- Gain mediumistic abilities.
29 GESHTYN- Attract desired employment.
30. ATTRAHASIS- Physical protection.
31. NEPHERAPHI- Overcome shyness.
32. AMMUNN- Direct communication with God.
33. HELPHTAFMANNY- Control weather patterns.
34. ASHKKEENUTT- Gain respect of employers.
35. NETCHERGAMU- Repell Negative spell.
36. HALUGANCHY- Gain invisibility from chosen persons.
37. PETTATRION- Succeed in any legal dispute.
38. GEDBEGURU- For meditating(still the mind)
39. SOBEKTI- Turn an enemy into a friend.
40. DJERGU- Summon your guardian angel.(Use when necessary)
41. GARNOPIC- Induce levitation of the body.
42. VASTABA- Clairaudient abilities. (Hear spirits and angels.)
43. ZAQGURRA- Regress into past lives.
44. RARIT- Help with artistic pursuits.
45. EKFAPHRATYNE- Ensure protection of material objects.
46. KATEMU- Longevity(Increase life-span of everything alive)
47. TOWFAROT- Bestow virility
48. KILCOTH- SUCCESS in sponsoring activity.
49. MAATT- Receive anyting that is owed to you.
50. MEKERETRE- Cure male and female sterility.
51. PTHOPTECK- Gain entry into Akashic library.
52. BYBLOSTYIOUS- Ability to read human aura.
53. PUABY-Gain info about future incarnations.
54. KHUFTU-Prevent others from locking into your thoughts.

Health Chants

1. SWAFTIF- Heal arthritis
2. ZASSU-Heal lung disorder.
3. ASUAN- Heal bladder infections.
4. MINNAK- heal skin iriitations.
5 MYCENNO- Heal headaches.
6. OMPEDMI- Heal open wounds.
7. CHETHURUK- Heal stomach complaints.
8. TALLNYET- Heal influenza.
9. KEPURUTH- Prevent hair-loss.
10. PSAZTHYRE-Heal ear infections.
11. GALIPAL- Prevent tooth decay.
12. ELYSIAD- Heal torn muscles or tissues.
13. SHEEKAP- Heal sexual transmitted diseases.
14. LIAZUSU- Ease heart palpitations.
15. GANHAL- Heal sore gums
16. TYFHAIIA- Overcome agoraphobia.
17. KURUCK- Overcome claustrophobia.
18. PWANABAL- Reverse any swelling.
19. PAPURJAMA- Overcome general nervousness.
20. YANCKABAN- Lower high blood pressure.

Special Mantras

1. BAEL- Make yourself or objects invisible.
2. AGARES- Produce activity where there is stagnation.
3. VASSAGO- Psychic and physical protection.
4. SAMIGINA- Correct mistakes; Stop bad feelings.
5. MARBAS- Pass exams; good for school work.
6. VALEFOR- Inner workings such as pathworking.
7. AMON- Any legal disputes.
8. BARBATOS- Remove any spellcast or you or friends.
9. PAIMON-Remove anything unwanted.
10. BUER- Heal any ailments.
11. GUSION- Receive any secret information.
12. SITRI- Gain sex drive.
13. BELETH- Gain love of someone special.
14. LERAJE- Cure headaches.
15. ELIGOS- Inner strength and positively.
16. ZEPAR- Ensure conception.
17. BOTIS- Tranquility and general happiness.
18. BATHIN- Separate consciousness ; project on astral plane.
19. SALLOS- Became at-one with all of creation.
20. PURSON- Successful interviews, ads and blind dates.
21. MARAX- Clear and Mature thinking.
22. IPOS- Overcome any kind of phobia.
23. AIM- Easier breathing, excellent for asthma
24. NABERIOUS- Communicate with spirits and angels.
25. GLASYALABOLAS- Dissolve any unwanted situation.
26. BUNE- Gain large amounts of money.
27. RONOVE- General stability.
28. BERITH- Gain recognition.
29. ASTAROTH- Overall success.
30. FORNEUS- Gain fame in a chosen career.
31. FORAS- Good health and a longlife.
32. ASMODAY- Abstain spirit help and guidance.
33. GAAP- Keep secrets hidden from.
34. FURFUR- Keep tempers cool; good for calmness.
35. MARCHOSIAS- Summon your personal guardian angel.
36. STOLAS- For practicality.
37. PHENEX- General happiness and tranquility.
38. HALPHAS- Self-esteem and moral strength.
39. MALPHAS- When feeling down, this mantra will pick you up.
40. RAUM- Receive vision of lost objects and where they will be.
41. FOCALOR- Return negative spells back to the sender.
42. VEPAR- Prevents storm from breaking down summer weather.
43. SABNOCK- Send telepathic messages.
44. SHAX- Keep enemies at bay, protection.
45. VINE- Desire to formulate rituals and spells of yours.
46. BIFRONS- Strengthen your will-power.
47. VUAL- Psychometric abilities; read and interpret vibrations in objects.
48. HAAGENTI- Transform your life from old habits to new adventures.
49. CROCELL- General happiness.
50. FURCAS- Clairvoyant abilities.(divine future)
51. BALAM- Communicate with spirit masters
52. ALLOCES- Gain wisdom directly from spirit- source.
53. CAMIO- Good intuitive abilities.
54. MURMUR- Induce total calmness of body and miind.
55. OROBAS- Induce projection; travel anywhere in astral plane.
56. GREMORY- See with clairvoyant sight.
57. OSE- Gain telekinetic abilities.
58. AMY- Gain ability to interpret the message of dreams.
59. ORIAS- Control weather patterns as you choose.
60. VAPULA- Produce divine sounds within your place of abode.
61. ZAGAN- Gain mediumship abilities.
62. VALAC- Gain entry into Elysian Fields. ( The land where the god of ancient Greece reside).
63. ANDRAS- Release negative thoughts from mind.
64. HAURES- Creative abilites(art, writing, and music)
65. ANDREALPHUS- Summon the salamander spirits.
66. CIMEJES- Insure against theft and fire.
67. AMDUSIAS- Come see the human aura.
68. BELIAL- Raise kundalini spirit outside the physical body to travel at will.
69. DECARABIA- dissovle negative thought patterns.
70. SEERE- Obtain info on previous lives.
71. DANTALION- Gain visions of hereafter.
72. ANDROMALIUS- Deep meditational work.

Mantras to waking the Ckakras.

1. Bottom of Spine.
2. Stomach
3. Chest
4. HEart
5. Throat
6. Center of Forehead
7. The Crown (top head facing the sky.)

Sunday Mantra: Muladhara
Monday Mantra: Svadhistana
Tuesday Mantra: Manipura
Wednesday Mantra: Anahat
Thursday Mantra: Vishuda
Friday Mantra: Ahna
Saturday Mantra: Sahasrara

The Lost word of power mantra:

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