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Manifesting two lives in the one body

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 09, 2008 4:46 am    Post subject: Manifesting two lives in the one body Reply with quote

Human beings are unique in the way we have two personalities residing in the one body. The first part of our nature is instinct, while the second is our soul. The soul is eternal and collects information from one lifetime to the next. Our survival instinct is a program given to us by nature to ensure we have the best chance of longevity.

The survival instinct is different from the soul in the sense that it does not think. The survival instinct reacts to stress and danger which is triggered by energy levels. This means the more stressed we are or the more exhausted, we move from our soul and rational mind into the program of emotional instinct.

In this state we compete with others and treat them like they are the enemy rather than our friends and family. Only by increasing our energy levels can we begin to become whole again.

The survival instinct is a program based on the collective dangers of the past. In this way nature can protect us against the most likely and common threats to our life. As far as nature is concerned the more consistent a threat was in the past – the greater the likelihood of it reappearing in the present.

In order to fully understand ourselves we must know what instinct and memories lay within us, which is possible and easy to do. Only then can life begin to make sense because we finally see our actions and behaviour in a more cohesive light.
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