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The following is a report on a workshop on Subtle Energy

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 02, 2005 3:22 am    Post subject: The following is a report on a workshop on Subtle Energy Reply with quote

The following is a report on a workshop on Subtle Energy.
Please note that some of the following might be incorrect either due to an
unclear understanding, misspelling of proper names or incomplete notes.
Today was Saturday, November 5th, 1994. A fellow was in Dallas promoting a
subtle energy workshop based on his researches into the field.

The researcher was Russian scientist Yury Khronos, who told us he had 20 years
experience in laser light interactions or 'non-linear optics'. The field is
also known in Russia as Quantum RadioPhysics. He said he'd worked with and
been in contact with many top paranormal researchers, psychics and scientists.
For most of his 20 years, he was a theoretician and longed for a chance to
implement his ideas and discoveries into devices that could be used as tools
to use the subtle energy.

Yury was sincere, entertaining and provided many examples and correlations of
his subtle energy experiences and experiments with those of other researchers.
The following are notes taken from that workshop which others might find
interesting or of use.

What causes changes in non-directly connected acupuncture points? Since the
subtle energy which flows through and creates the points cannot be measured
DIRECTLY using EM (electro-magnetic) energy, we can only percieve the subtle
energy as secondary EM effects.

Russian researcher Yury Guliev was known for his discoveries in sound and its
properties. One of the experiments carried out by Guliev and his team was in
trying to determine the nature of the energy projected and used by psychics.

One of their better psychics was Nina (I could not understand if this was
Kulagina) who had an exceptional psycho-kinetic skill (the ability to move or
influence matter at a distance through force of will).

An experiment was setup using 2 microphones spaced apart from each other.
Each microphone was connected to one channel of a dual trace oscilloscope.
The idea was that the psychic force might be picked up as sound waves by the

The first experiment resulted in immediate destruction of the microphones due
to the intensity of the psychic energy striking the lower quality microphones
and rupturing the membrane. A higher quality mic was then used and it was
found that the psychic energy could indeed be sensed by the microphones as
detected on the dual trace oscilloscope. In fact, the psychic could influence
the energy to strike both microphones simultaneously or at any time interval
she chose.

It was decided that the energy could propagate more easily through a denser
substance, other than air (index of refraction) and in the next experiment, it
was decided to use an artificially grown ruby crystal.

This crystal was fed on one end by a high frequency generator and that signal
was picked up on the other end by a receiver. Nina was asked to influence the
crystal by projecting her energy.

While the sound was being passed and received through the crystal, Nina put
out a burst of energy which caused the sound to disappear at the receiver.
Although the sound was still being applied, it could not pass through the
crystal due to 'something' happening to the crystal. (Was this a phase
conjugation by 180 degrees to cancel out the signal, Yury says no, but it is
suspect in my opinion...>>> Jerry)

After about 2 minutes, the blockage dissolved and the receiver once again
picked up the transmission. This experiment was repeated many times, always
with the same result. It is believed the structure of the crystal was changed
to prevent the flow of sound.

The lesson from these experiments indicated that the subtle energy could
influence the properties of matter.

Another psychic, Rosa Kulashova, was known for her ability to 'guess' Zener
cards. The cards were mixed up in random patterns and placed in a sealed
envelope. Rosa could discern the cards through the envelope with almost 100%

In 1982, at the famous Lebedev Institute, Academician Kubrazov presented a
dissertation on the many precise experiments carried out with Rosa and the
Zener cards. Out of all the attendees, no one said a thing. They could not
disprove the experiments because they were rigorously carried out and without

Yuri Bareshev wrote an article detailing the experiment which was rejected but
finally published two years later. The article spoke of the Rosa experiments
as a new form of communication.

A combination engineer, doctor and psychic became a friend and mentor to a
small group of researchers including workshop speaker, Yuri. This engineer
gave instructions and guidance to the group, insisting they follow his
directions to the letter if they wanted to understand how to sense and measure
subtle energy.

He told them they must meditate for two hours each day using a mantram (a
repetative chant), beginning at 5AM. This was to be combined with a 10 day
fast, followed by a 15 day break and continuing the pattern for as long as
instructed. From October until March, this regimen was followed by all in the
group. During the month of March, they carried out a 28 day water fast.

(Further indications of how to induce psychic or altered states comes from
phone conversations with an anonymous party, who claims that fasting, in
conjuction with 2 to 4 hours of strenous exercise, followed by mild
hallucinogenic drugs will induce various paranormal episodes...>>> Jerry)

Within the first 2 weeks, one of the participants began having psychic
experiences in the form of astral projection. For the others, it took
slightly longer. During this period, all participants eventually became
psychic and were instructed to give weekly reports to their mentor of anything
out of the ordinary which they might experience.

Eastern Indians teach that specific mantras can be uttered to stimulate the
chakras. Experiments using these mantras found them to be approximately 99%
accurate. A subject was asked to meditate for a 15 minute period while
chanting a mantra said to affect a specific chakra.

People sensitive to the flow of subtle energies were then asked to scan the
spinal column with their open palms and specify which chakras were most
excited. In almost every case, the mantram stimulated exactly the chakra it
was claimed to be designed for.
Vanguard Note

Experiments were done in a similar area several years ago by the ELF Cocoon
group, who worked with Dr. Andrija Puharich. Jewish tradition includes a
prayer method using two leather boxes, one that is strapped to the forehead
and one that is strapped to the upper left arm. The method is called the
TIFELIN (spelling unclear, but I've heard it pronounced TIFLIN and

Inside each of these leather boxes is inserted a scrap of paper bearing
a phrase (any desired phrase, presumably with regard to a question that you
want answered) from the Torah. The leather arm box is folded over the chest
to bring the box closest to the heart during the meditation. It is claimed
that during this time, communication with the Almighty is most easily

The ELF Cocoon group worked with two Russian researchers who used
kinesiology to see if there was any change in the energy of a subject while
using the TIFELIN method of prayer/communication. It was found that the
energy level was very high when a Torah phrase was in the leather boxes but
decreased dramatically when no phrase was present. This information comes
from personal discussion with Dicky Surman of London.

The heart is known to project a magnetic field and it could quite possibly
stimulate and project the Torah phrase after the fashion of a 'magneto-
strictive' oscillator, where a tuning bar is inserted into a coil of wire to
determine the oscillator frequency. In this case, a pattern or signature is
projected reflecting the Torah phrase.
One of Yury's most interesting comments was with regard to work done by the
late Marcel Vogel out in California. Marcel had made a crystal in the shape
of an idealized tornado, a cone with a base that tapers until it comes to a
tip. The cone had 12 facets running from the base to the apice. Around this
cone, was a glass spiral consisting of exactly 4.5 turns.

The spiral was like a spring and not reducing to fit the cone pattern. When
new wine was introduced at the base and allowed to flow to the apice, it
somehow changed to 'aged' wine. If the glass spiral was less than or greater
than 4.5 turns, the effect was decreased or eliminated.

Vogel spent over $14,000 to acquire this transparent natural quartz crystal
and have it precisely cut and polished to his specifications.

Another experiment shown by Vogel to Yury was the creation of light from
water. Some kind of subtle energy was imbued into a glass of water which was
then placed into a machine. The machine was set to produce a charge that
would last for a desired period after a 30 second excitation by the machine.
On removal from the machine, a photo of the water, showed light coming from
the water and it would last as long as the subtle energy charge.

Another researcher is Czech Robert Pavlita and his work with psychotronic
generators. Pavlita was able to collect, dissipate or redirect subtle
energies by use of specific geometries and substances in combination. He was
able to create health giving patterns that were projected from the generator.
In addition, despite the absence of a magnetic source, he could magnetize
objects simply by exposure to one of his generators, even non-ferrous

Discussion then ensued as to the true nature of the universe. Yury said
everything was composed of electrons, protons and neutrons. It was brought up
that quarks were what composed these items at which Yury said quarks and
neutrinos do not interact directly or easily with our universe, instead being
the particles responsible for interactions BETWEEN two universes. (For the
purpose of reference, we here at KeelyNet use the term Hyperspace and 3space
as being two mirror image universes and in which we occupy 3space....Vanguard)

It was claimed that subtle energy is the energy that flows in that 'other'
universe. We are made from not only physical matter but also of other subtle
matter. This subtle matter is slowly coming into the realm of physics and is
referred to as DARK MATTER.

In the June 1993 Smithsonian, there is a superb article on page 27 regarding
Dark Matter. It is claimed that astronomer Fritz Zwieber(sp?) calculated that
of mass, only 3% is VISIBLE and that the rest of it is DARK MATTER.

Energy flowing through our acupuncture channels functions as a catalyst for
our reactions.

Yury recommended studying Qabala, specifically a book called QABALISM,
published in 1926 and written by H.B. Pullen-Burry. From this book, Yury
claims that subtle energy is subject to gravity.

A very long discussion was given on how Qabalah tied in to Yuri's
understanding of the universe and subtle energies.

Plasma was then brought up as being the ideal bridge for subtle energy from
the 'other' universe to our 3 space because it was the closest to being a non-
physical mass. (This is also claimed by Bearden to be the best 'scalar'
detector material....Vanguard)

Experiments were then performed using a variety of fluorescent tubes, black
light, a peach color and a green color. The tubes were driven by a computer
generated set of signals (I saw four sets of numbers something like 437, 13,
188, 1Cool fed into a custom electronic circuit (on the case, it had input,
output, bias and gain adjustments) and from the custom box into another custom
box on which was attached a multiple outlet. From that outlet the fluorescent
lamp was driven.

As Yury adjusted the gain and bias controls, the lamp sometimes increased in
brightness or color variations. In some cases, there was no perceptible
visual change.

After about 7 minutes of meditation while trying to sense feelings or changes
in the body, for each experiment, he solicited comments from the audience.
Very few if any of the comments correlated with each other and Yuri did not
dispute anything that was said. Later personal questioning on this point was
answered with "each person responds differently to the stimulus." I then
asked how it could be classed as a specific treatment or influence if each
person would get a different response. No response, but deflection to another
Vanguard Note

It is interesting to note that experiments carried out by Rick Sheppard and
his partners back in the late 1980's in Dallas, found that RIFE frequencies
modulated onto UV via mercury vapor lamps found them to be excellent
carriers of the frequencies, to the point of destroying paramecium.

Later experiments for 'broadcasting' used Citizen Band radio to irradiate a
very large area with RIFE frequencies, with excellent results.
The correspondences of various elements with the Qabalistic Tree of Life led
Yury to derive a formula (which he won't reveal) applicable to the entire
table of the elements. The frequency(ies) correlate to subtle energy
vibrations which can then be stored in magnetic carriers for irradiation of
the body. The same vibrations can be projected through the fluorescent tubes
(excited plasma).

The claim is that each specific effect is the result of a 'word' or program
consisting of a complex of vibrations based on the elements in combination.
We here at KeelyNet and those who study radionics, refer to this 'word' as a
signature or virtual state pattern. A snapshot of a repeating cycle of

This Word directly produces effects in matter by altering the subtle energy in
matter. Use of such a Word can create or alter matter. Various words and how
they affect people are tested using sensitives (psychics).

When asked how he tests for energy changes in a subject, Yury showed what he
called a 'brain-map'. This was a colored contour map of a skull showing scans
at various bands, i.e. beta, alpha, theta. The theta map was quite pronounced
indicating high energy levels. I could not understand how this applied to
overall system energy, and later questions revealed that it did not, though in
a group setting, he said that it did, probably my misunderstanding.

The Theta band (beta 12up, alpha 8-11, theta 4-7, delta 1-3) stimulates the
Crown chakra and indicated high energy.

With regard to energy enhancement, the Qabalah shows Gevurah (#5 on the tree),
synonymous with WILL, to be ruled by the planet Mars, which is ruled by iron.
Based on this, Yury made a tape which he calls FERRIC WIND and which contains
the subtle energy vibration for iron, when played, it is claimed to evoke
energy in the system.

It was also discovered somewhere in these researches that magnetic fields were
the best carriers of subtle energy. (Later clarification by Yury stated that
the audio tapes they sold carrying specific 'programs' of subtle energy
captured by magnetized ferrous oxide, could project the desired pattern, much
like sound waves, because when the magnetic flux dissipated, the subtle energy
pattern was then thrown out to be absorbed by the body).

Yury and his group found that subtle energy vibrations recorded on magnetic
tape were very weak. Further research found a way to increase the
concentration of subtle energy on magnetized ferrous oxide particles by 85%.

Further experiments were carried out to see if substances could be charged
with subtle energy or patterns consisting of subtle energy. Essential oils
were found to be excellent subtle energy carriers as well as crystals.

It was also found that the audio tapes containing the subtle energy patterns
could be played in the presence of food, water, oil or whatever one wished to
be 'charged' and it worked. Radio broadcast and telephone lines also could be
used to transmit the subtle energy.

Other experiments involved the use of distilled de-ionized water which has an
absorption spectra in the range of 29 micro meters. When this water was
charged with subtle energy patterns, the absorption spectra changed and
remained as long as the subtle energy charge persisted.

The water would revert to the 29 micro meter spectra with the dissipation of
the charge, just as the ruby crystal blockage dissipated after 2 minutes.

When asked by a member of the workshop how long the charge lasted in the
essential oils, however, it was answered as 6 months or more. Since the
application of subtle energy to mass changes the structure of physical matter,
the question arises, would a longer exposure to the biasing field of the
subtle energy cause permanent changes?

Another audience question regarding the use of the audio tape was whether a
decrease in volume would produce a decrease in the effect of the subtle
energy. The answer was one which conflicted with the earlier claim that the
energy was carried by a magnetic field. Since the field coil of a speaker
does not radiate a magnetic field an appreciable distanced (6" to 18"), it did
not make sense to claim magnetism as the carrier.

However, in a later private clarification by Yuri, he says the magnetic field
dissipates, allowing the full release of the subtle energy pattern.
The entire workshop was most interesting, however, the lack of proof beyond
just 'feelings' on the part of audience members, many of whom were obvious New
Agers, notorious for having a penchant to buy into anything, was a bit

An example is being included from one of the best workshops I ever attended
and which shows how to build trust and confidence in a rational audience where
the claims are a bit far-fetched and particularly where something is being
sold based on private research where the protocols are kept secret or not
available for duplication, publication or independent analysis.

It was at a World Health Federation workshop by Pat Flanagan many years ago in
Dallas (somewhere around 1986)

Flanagan had a device lying on a table which had an analog scale and a probe
with a steel tip. He did not say what the device was, but instead called for
volunteers from the audience. He used a chart, on which were arrayed slots
for each organ and system of the body as well as other information such as
general vitality, etc..

Since acupuncture meridians manifest globally on the body, but also have
concentrated maps in the feet, the hands and the ears, he used the hands of
the volunteers to take a set of measurements that were recorded on the chart.

He then had each volunteer sit down and stare at the fluorescent lamps in the
ceiling. After about 1 minute, he called them again to the podium and re-
measured the hand points. They were SIGNIFICANTLY lower. What he was
demonstrating was that the fluorescent lights detrimentally affected the
energy of the body. Two other similar tests were carried out with other
substances which I can't recall at this late date, all with similar energy
draining characteristics.

He then brought out his PHI pattern etched on a metal coin. This was placed
in the hand of each of the volunteers and their hands re-measured. The
readings went far beyond the ORIGINAL high measurements.

The point was he demonstrated a before and after quantitative measurement
without bias by contamination of the volunteers by telling them what was
'expected' of them.

There were 3 volunteers, two of which I knew and all had identical responses.
I was amazed and honored to witness such a test and verification of what
Flanagan later claimed regarding his PHI pattern. Of course, I bought one,
mounted it on a belt buckle and have worn it almost daily for about 18 years
now. No negative results and the only time I ever get sick is for flu around
XMAS, and that has been resolved by taking the Betaine with HCL tablets
whenever I get the beginnings of a cold.

What he then explained in great detail was that an acupuncture treatment was
worthless in our modern world. You could get a treatment, walk outside and
someone honk their horn at you, which would almost completely cancel the
positive effects of the treatment.

Even something as common as fluorescent lights, man-made fibers, and other
energy draining exposures would destroy your attempt to rebalance. Use of the
PHI kept the energy level up to its highest possible level. Proven, signed,
sealed and delivered.

The bottomline here is 'does it work for you?'. When you can prove with
instruments that something is really happening, before, during and after,
you've got a winning proposition. But to make claims with the intention of
selling something based on 'secretive' research and without being able to back
them up on the spot is a bit risque'. Where is the documentation of the
experiments that are being claimed as the basis for the product being a valid

Yury has a solid background and a logical approach, and we could best help by
trying to design and build a portable and economical device to sense changes
in the subtle energy fields. To that end, my lunch hour was spent in making a
disk containing not only the AURA viewing experiments of Chuck Shramek but
also other magnetic and field images with a view to helping Yury in his
research. It is hoped he will share his research protocols and techniques
with others in the spirit of openness and duplication.

Only with such devices, that actually measure the fields on the spot, can we
SEE actual changes, without the tainting by our ideas of what is supposed to
happen. It is easy to delude yourself or to be deluded by a persuasive
speaker, particularly a 'credentialled' speaker.

When we finally figure out how to build such an instrument, once and for all,
we will be able to weed out the flakes, frauds, conmen and charlatans because
anyone will be able to measure the changes. This includes psychics, healers
and others who claim special powers that are too conveniently un-verifiable.

This approach is not accusatory, defaming, or meant to be suppressive of
anyones intentions. It simply follows that we would logically NEED to be able
to PROVE the effect as real and not the result of fraud or delusion.

All we can do is cross-correlate, question, ask for proof and work on ways to
not only sense the presence of, but measure the quantity of, these subtle
energy fields.
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