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How Psychic Abilities Work

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 20, 2009 11:33 pm    Post subject: How Psychic Abilities Work Reply with quote

How Psychic Abilities Work - The Biological System of Communication and Psychic Phenomena
by Dr. Theresa M. Kelly

The Biological System of Communication – Impulses and Currents

The human brain controls, regulates and governs sensibly every aspect of the body and mental activities including thought and reason. The neocortex of the human brain is vastly larger than that of other animals enabling unique mental capacities including our unique sense of consciousness. The brains computational ability is like that of a calculator or computer. Such comparisons are continually subject to philosophical debate among scholars and scientists.

Our neural circuits are not digital like some electronic devices we compare the brain to and are not carried out on static inputs, but rather on functions of time according to Alan Turing who is often considered to be the father of modern computer science. Computers were never created to be models of the brain, rather to excel where our brain falls short while still remaining inferior to other unique mental capacities such as our cognitive capabilities. On the other hand, though the brain is mediated by chemical processes, unlike computers, and analog processes, familiar yet more complex than that of our modern computers, they do have a few elements and aspect in common. One in particular is the way the brain sends and receives electrical signals throughout the body and itself.

Just as the activity in our computers can be comprehended on multiple levels, from sole transistors to the functions of various applications, likewise can the electrical activities of the human brain on a relatively small scale through devices like the Electroencephalography (EEG). These electrical signals work as a complex biological system of communication. This system governs aspects of the human body and brain as mentioned above along with cellular activities and chemical processes. The body and mind are able to interpret these electric and chemical signals and correctly respond to the body needs.

Neurons are electrically excitable cells that process vital information and transmit vital information. They are the core elements of the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves. There are a number of neurons types including sensory neurons that respond to touch, sound, light and other stimuli and send signals the spinal cord and brain. While the human brain is far more complex and fluid then our modern day computers, they do have this like system of communication in common.

The Biological System of Communication – Electromagnetic Waves

The human body/brain communication system has a strong relation to the communication systems of telephones, radios, televisions, computers and cell phones. While the brain/body functions through the transmission and reception of signals which are information traveling along micro-electrical-currents similar to that of computers and the like, the body also emits and absorbs signals of information that travel in the form of electromagnetic waves. Because the human brain/body is not considered and electrical system, as this is still an area of controversy, no innovations have been made to isolate these transmissions and receptions and interpret them. The bottom line is that information travels through electrical currents and electromagnetic waves and the client technology to capture, interpret, write and transmit these biological signals do not yet exist.

While we do not have the capabilities to process these signals as to analyze them and distinguish if the actually do act as a biological system of communication with our surroundings, there is also no immediate reason why these electric signals would not hold some form of instruction or information.

The Biological System of Communication – Psychic Phenomena

All psychic and psychokinetic phenomenons are the direct result of the biological system of communication. The external and internal transmissions of electrical signals by the brain/body send and receive information an instructions within and outside of the human body. These internal electrical signals are interpretable by the brain/body while the external electrical signals are interpretable by specific objects in our surroundings. Similar to asking a computer to change the name or location of computer file, the psychic is asking the natural system to change the state of the object by requesting the alteration of the current information known to the natural system. The natural system is an intangible platform that allows the biological system of communication to function in this manor.

The signals are transmitted with specific protocols and languages tailored to each specific object in which the psychic intends to alter. Objects can include emotions, thoughts, electrons and physical objects. The biological system of communication is not only used by human beings, but by many forms of life. Many animals have sensitivities to sound, light, touch and vibrations which they have developed through evolution, but for a human to posses any of these sensitivities that human is considered unique and the sensitivity is unexplainable. In the end there are only a few slight genetic differences between us and the rest of the animal kingdom, so this shows us that even a simple and single gene alteration in humans could result in a variety of unpredictable results either sending us back a step in evolution or forwards.

Intuition is best described as the capability of being able to receive random information from the natural system via a subconscious request through the biological system of communication. Many have speculated and theorized where nature itself store the history, current state and possible future trajectories of objects. The majority of scientists agree that the fourth dimension might be the answer. This theory suggests that the fourth dimension is time, rather, recorded time.

The Biological System of Communication - Researching and Tapping

A small psychical research group in Charleston, South Carolina is developing a strategy to harness the potential of the biological system of communication and the natural system, also coined the Universal Information Aggregation. They propose that a form of client technology, electronic device, can be designed to receive, interpret and perhaps even send electrical signals mimicking the bioelectrical signals emitted by psychics and psychokinetics to the universal information aggregation. Such a device would provide intelligence and predictive capabilities beyond any modern day device. They propose that client technology devices similar to personal computers, through proper instruction and preparedness, can be observers capable of unerringly interpreting and simulating universal language, protocols and other connection requirements currently only available to psychics who are limited by the unreliability of human perception and mortality. Psychics that over use and try to over enhance their capabilities can fall victim to an extensive range of illnesses and some can prove fatal due to the electrical excitability and stimulation produced by performing their capabilities.

The research group, known as Quantum Psychics Psychical Research (QPPResearch, Inc.) suggests that harnessing the full potential of the universal information aggregation will require the use of electrical devices not psychics as electrical devices are not subject to the same limitations as humans such as life span and electrical sensitivity. Because an electronic device can always be fixed or rebuilt the progression and continued innovation surrounding the client technology can be continuous for years to come. QPPR intends on creating this client based device and connection to the universal information aggregation through discovering the psychic signatures associated with each type of psychic capability which are based on slightly different frequencies, protocols and languages.
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