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Children & Psychic Abilities - How to Respond as a Conce

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 20, 2009 11:36 pm    Post subject: Children & Psychic Abilities - How to Respond as a Conce Reply with quote

Children & Psychic Abilities - How to Respond as a Concerned Parent
by [url=""]Dr. Theresa M. Kelly[/url]

Suppressing Psychic Abilities as a Child

Through recent researches in psychology, fear has been found to be very common in childhood, especially fears of the unknown. When a certain stimulus is experienced that is not favorable, the child has a tendency to develop a fear regarding that stimulus. In early childhood, specific situational phobias and social phobias develop and collide. This collision can cause a series of mixed emotions and perspectives regarding psychic abilities. At such a young age, a child is incapable of understanding the more simple processes associated with life, let alone the more complex and abstract processes associated with abilities performance and control. With a developing mind and lack of emotional control, a child is also incapable of any level of psychic stability.

Occasionally a trusted adult, particularly parents, out disbelief, negotiates a child into suppression fearing for their child, assuming they are either overly imaginative, which can cause social issues, or mentally unstable, potentially posing many issues immediately and later in life if not properly addressed. I recommend limiting conversations regarding psychic abilities. Keep conversations vague and never use associated terminology. Children remember a great deal and are likely to take newfound knowledge onto the playground and into the classroom. In almost all cases, it is best to promote suppression in younger children.

Suppressing an Out-of-Control Psychic Ability

Sometimes suppression is not addressed until after the ability is seemingly or obviously out of control. Signs of an out of control ability are not limited to sporadic and potentially dangerous psychic events. A professional child psychologist should immediately address emotional issues. I suggest limiting the information provided to the psychologist to social issues and problems at home. Divulging to much information regarding your child’s out of control ability can result in severely compromising the child’s care and recovery. Today many households resort to family meditation and even yoga to teach their children mental and physical discipline.

Child psychologists also promote and advocate meditation and relaxation as a therapy for troubled, anxious and stressed children. Medication, such as anti-anxiety medication, may not help a child with a psychic ability at the root of their stress and anxieties as their issues are not clinical, rather they are situational. There are also many books tailored towards children that walk parents and children through realistic methods of dealing with and lowering stress. It is crucial for parents too regularly let their gifted child know that they are loved and accepted.

Suppressing a Psychic Ability Due to a Fear of Persecution

Children who fear persecution either disassociate from peers and teachers to hide their psychic ability or are teased because of events resulting from their ability. Teasing is nearly impossible to prevent or cease even with the help of parents and teachers. A parent cannot protect a child from these hurtful situations any more then they can protect a child from their ability, but with professional direction, they can teach their child methods to deal with social conflicts. Children will also tease for attention and peer acceptance, but in any case, if the parent over reacts in these matters the child is more likely too over react as well. Parents should remind the child that they are strong, smart and capable of handling the situation with the proper guidance. Encourage the child to talk about their concerns and remind them of their positive and very normal qualities and that they have a permanent place in the family as they may be feeling alienated on a regular basis.

Suppressing a Psychic Ability Due to a Fear of the Unknown

Whether the fear roots from a parent or the child, these fears are very common and are reasonable. Psychic abilities such as psychokinesis (metaphysical movement of objects) or Mediumship (seeing and or hearing the dead) cannot only be trying and dangerous, but also very frightening to the child, siblings, friends and especially parents. The child will in time turn to the parent for answers, but rarely do parents know how to respond. Upon the child announcing their ability, most parents will go through a stage of denial first, void of concern because they attribute the situation to the child’s vivid imagination. Secondly, anger. After more time has passed, parents tend to attempt to talk their child out of mentioning their ability or in some cases mentioning or using their ability. This is the stage of bargaining.

After bargaining with no results, the parents will find themselves moving into a fourth stage, depression. Acceptance is the final stage, but is limited to those who have thoroughly researched their child’s gift or have succeeded in bargaining the child into suppression until a later age. Acceptance is harder to reach for parents who believe their child is experiencing mental illness instead of experiencing psychic events. If you believe the child is not experiencing psychic events, be sure that the child is not simply looking for attention before subjecting them to counseling.

Side Effects of Suppression

So far, we have covered the results of not suppressing an ability. Now, we will address the side effects associated with suppression. Side effects associated with suppression can vary and manifest due to two main reasons. If the child is experiencing mental or physical side effects from suppression then the child has not correctly suppressed the ability. This can occur if the child has not learned the proper relaxation and mental techniques required to suppress. These side effects initially manifest themselves as emotional issues such as anxiety, depression, rage issues and more. These emotional issues in time will result in physical side effects. These side effects should be treated by a medical professional and taken very seriously as the side effects have the potential to become detrimental the child’s health if left untreated.

Side effects pertaining to psychic events can vary based on the child’s specific ability. Psychokinetic events can become more sporadic and volatile, while children with visual and auditory-based abilities can experience more vivid and disturbing effects. Effects can become very distracting and even frightening to the child resulting in the child acting out, having nightmares or experiencing sudden alterations in their personality. In moments of excitability, the child is exponentially prone to volatile psychic events if their ability is out of control either prior to or as a result of suppression. Relaxation and stress reducing techniques are crucial to reducing these moments. On the other hand, if suppression was successful the child should not be regularly informing the parent of events. Instead, once a year or less the child may mention a minor psychic event, but this is completely normal.

Steps to Address a Psychic Ability

Promoting meditation is the best way to suppress and control a child’s psychic ability. Guided meditation is recommended. Parents can teach three main meditation methods to the child. The first method requires the child to lie down. The second method requires the child to sit instead of lying down. The third method is tailored more for children that have difficulty sitting or laying still. This method consists of the parent taking the child out for a nice walk. Allowing the child to control the conversation will provide better results. Allow the child to ask questions regarding their ability. Parents should keep answers vague and void of terminology. In time the child will reach a relaxed state of mind allowing them to look inwards and “let go” of the ability. As long as a child is fearful and stressed, suppression is impossible. Parents should involve their child in meditation for about ten to twenty minutes once a day, every day. Meditation should continue until suppression is obtained and meditation should always involve one adult to guide the child.

Preparing a Child for Adult Psychic Events

As the child grows, but their ability is suppressed, it is ok to educate the child regarding their ability. It is best to educate the child about their ability through science. For children with suppressed psychokinetic abilities realizing the scientific area to promote is simple, but for more psychical abilities, this can be confusing to the parent. Parents with child empathy should promote learning about emotions and sociology, child telepaths should learn about sociology and telecommunications such as computers and child mediums should learn about history, sociology and medical science. These fields will prepare a child for later years when they may wish to revisit their ability and enhance it in their teen years or adulthood. Parents should research the child’s ability thoroughly so they understand how the ability works. This way, the parent can properly choose fields and study materials that relate to the child’s ability.

With so many children online today, parents should keep an eye on the child’s internet habits to make sure the child is not seeking enhancement through online resources if the parents deem the ability still unstable and unable to be controlled during enhancement. Enhancement with no control can be detrimental and cause life long side effects and hardships. The best age range to pursue abilities is ages eighteen to twenty-two.
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