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The Philosophers Stone (Transmuting lead into gold)

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 30, 2009 5:06 pm    Post subject: The Philosophers Stone (Transmuting lead into gold) Reply with quote

This account is somewhat lengthy with local jargon and replete with background and details. Another magical reminiscent experience. Trust and acceptance is key here as it was in my narrative “The Portal”.

Alchemy, the modern day word for Al-Kem, is translated from Egyptian. It means "black sand.” Centuries ago alchemy was known as the study and practice of chemistry and magic. Many alchemists spent their entire lives searching for the formula to change lead into gold.

One day while reading a fantasy novel, I came upon a chapter which depicted a wizard transforming lead into gold. I had often heard the legends of alchemists trying to produce this metal from various minerals, but had little interest in that phenomenon. This time however, it was de-javu.

With my interest peaked, I searched for books on alchemy in the library and book stores. I found many interesting writings by the "masters" but, nothing useful in my pursuit of the Philosophers Stone.

One day I went to visit Jerry, a friend whom I had not seen for some time. We spent most of the day reminiscing old times. Late that afternoon and old acquaintance of his, named Gus, stopped by just to chat. Being an old prospector, Jerry eventually brought up the subject of gold mining. Old Gus' eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. Jerry had told me that he was a chemist years ago, but a little eccentric now. I knew something strange was about to happen.

Gus put his finger to his lips indicating he was about to divulge a big secret. " What I'm about to tell you is the God's truth," he said. "A couple months ago I was in Arizona checkin out something my buddy told me. He said someone bought several acres of black sand, tailings from an old mining outfit, and was truckin it out. I used to be an assayer in Nevada and knew what precious metals was left in them piles was practically worthless. I thought it real strange somebody wanted that much black sand. Only thing it's good for is paper weight."

"Well,” he said, "I drove around the backside of the hill from where the sand piles were and watched em fill the truck, then followed em to an old military Quonset hut in the hills, about five miles from town. When it got dark I moved in real close and looked through a side window. It was pretty much smoked up, but I could see what they were doin. All of a sudden lots of thick black smoke come rollin out the chimney. It went everywhere. It was so thick I couldn't hardly see ten feet. I thought the place was burnin up. After about ten minutes the smoke cleared up and some men came outside. I hightailed it to my truck, went back to town and got me a motel for the night.”

"Next mornin I went around town askin questions about what these guys were doin up in the hills. Nobody seemed to know, or weren’t tellin. That night I went back to the hut and looked in the window again. I saw twenty smelters and maybe thirty small furnaces, stacks of cupels and all kinds of powder in white buckets. One of the men was mixin powder with lead and cinders, it looked like. I didn't know what that was about, but he poured it into one of the smelters. The operation looked like some kind of refinery. Near as I could figure, they was tryin to make somethin out of black sand!"

Old Gus left shortly after relating his tale. I thought it just the rambling of an old man, but Jerry being involved in mining all his life thought Gus may be on to something. "Got a beer?” Jerry asked. "Yeah, in the frig,” I replied. "Get me one too,” I said. After relaxing a few minutes in the recliner, Jerry asked. "What do you make of all this?" Sounds kind of far out at this point,” He said. "Well Jerry,” I replied, while researching alchemic processes, I ran across something very curious. It didn't seem feasible at the time and I dismissed it, but now I can see some merit in what I read.”

Black sand! The words kept repeating over and over in my mind. The next day I began to research in earnest, trying to find some clues alluding to the process he had described. Although I found more notations regarding a particular process, they just didn't feel right.

According to some article, a metallurgist in 1936 said he and several of his research team, experimented with black sand to see if it was possible to transmute this crude mineral complex into Precious Metals. They were successful at times, but only produced minute amounts. The process also produced radiation, and a short time later everyone involved in the experiments died of cancer. The articles gave no information regarding processes or mineral content. Another scientist in Washington related a similar story. Using black sand as a base he had produced a small amount of gold and silver. We must surely be on to something.

I spent most of the day picking up tidbits of information here and there. That night I had a feeling of being led to something that would make sense to me. Morning came and It was back to the library. I researched all day knowing I was close to something tangible. After thumbing through my notes I found it! The metallurgist had talked about eruptions and voluminous smoke just as Gus had described.

It was now four O’clock and I called Jerry. "Jerry", I said. "Cross your fingers old buddy. This could be it. I may have found what we’re looking for." Come on over in the morning and we will take this thing apart."
At eight o'clock sharp, Jerry banged on my door. I made coffee and we sat down to discuss my findings. “Jerry, you're an old mining engineer. What compounds would cause a reaction like Gus was relating?" I asked. He thought for a minute, then said, "potassium nitrate! We used it all the time in our operation." "Does potassium cause black smoke," I asked. "No," Jerry said, “but charcoal does."

We sat there quietly. Suddenly, Jerry jumped out of his chair and declared, "We can do this! I know where we can get all the black sand we want. The mining outfit down the road will give us some potassium. I know their mining engineer. We can burn small quantities of different formulae and have them assayed. It won't cost much and we will soon know if it’s worth the effort. Let's get some black sand from Shifty Creek and potassium nitrate. I have some old coffee cans and charcoal in the garage we can use for the burns. I know of a place in the country where we won't be bothered. It should only take a couple of hours to set up some formulations and burn them. "Let's do it Jerry."

Later that day we arrived at an old farm house in the country whose owners were on vacation. We unloaded a bucket of black sand from Shifty Creek, potassium, charcoal and five coffee cans from Jerry’s garage. We began spooning sand, potassium and charcoal into the cans careful to keep precise notes on what we used. In about an hour we had five formulations ready to burn. An inch of material in each can is all we needed.

After placing the cans about five feet apart, I lit the first one. In a few seconds the contents began to boil and erupt like a small volcano emitting a plume of black smoke. The burn lasted several seconds. I lit the rest of the cans. When the material cooled down, we bagged the cinders. We also made a bag of raw black sand for assay to confirm the mineral base, tagged them and drove to the assayers office.

The results would be ready tomorrow. That night I asked my Source what this was all about. They said I was to discover something very important to my spiritual growth and was shown complex visions. I didn’t understand them, but would be shown more later. Desire was the key to finding what I needed.

The following afternoon, Jerry and I drove back to the assay office. The technician came in with the reports. "Well boys", he said, looking a bit bewildered. "I'll go over these reports with you. They are a bit unusual." He picked up the report labeled black sand and said. "Here is the list of minerals in the sand. It contains everything except precious metals. This report labeled number one contains various minerals, including precious metals.” Unwilling to wait for more of his explanations, I asked for the rest of the reports and we left the office.

We could hardly wait to analyze the other reports ourselves. I turned into the nearest pub where we got a beer and sat down at a table. We read the reports in total amazement. “Look at these figures!” said Jerry. We’re gonna be rich! He spilled his drink as he began jumping up and down with excitement.

Neither Jerry nor I could sleep that night. He must have called three times and was banging on my door at eight o'clock the next morning. Over some coffee we made plans for our refining operation. We could set up shop in a deserted lab owned by the mining company just down the road. Used smelters, ovens and other equipment and supplies could be purchased for very little. We could be in business for twelve thousand dollars. We decided to give it a shot.

The next two days were filled with excitement as we ironed out details of our new venture. It was so easy. Were we the only ones who could do this? It didn't seem reasonable. Some very learned men had devoted their entire lives to finding the Philosophers Stone. Was this somehow just a fluke. After finalizing our numbers we met with Jerry’s engineer friend Robert about leasing the lab and procuring equipment and supplies we needed. It all fell effortlessly into place. Without telling him exactly what we did, Jerry showed him our burn results. The man was so impressed, he wanted us to meet with the company president and comptroller that afternoon to consider a possible offer.

We walked into the presidents office at three PM. Robert, the comptroller, and John, the president were waiting for us. As we sat down John spoke. “Robert has been explaining to us what you two have discovered. According to these assay reports, you can produce a significant quantity of gold and silver from a ton of black sand. I don't know how you do it. We processed all precious metals out of that sand years ago and only extracted an ounce of gold per ton."

“I would like to make you a proposition of mutual benefit,” said John. I will double your request and provide two experienced men to help. My comptroller says we can give you a budget of twenty five thousand dollars per month for three months. After that, we would expect the operation to stand on it's own with a substantial monthly profit. We will also refurbish and equip the lab, all at our expense. We will provide this for forty percent of the monthly profits. The details are here in this folder. Take it with you and get back to me with your decision."

We drove back to my apartment to evaluate our situation. Jerry got a beer from the frig and we prepared to burn the midnight oil. We stayed up most of the night calculating and recalculating our numbers. Utilizing the two men John had offered, and working two ten hour shifts, five days a week, Jerry and I could realize an extraordinary amount of money. We would contemplate everything tomorrow after a good nights sleep, then finalize our decision.

Upon awakening the next morning I remembered something Source had told me during the night, "You do not understand the intent". I didn't understand what they meant, but Jerry was knocking on the door and I had to get up. It was ten o'clock and we needed to make a decision. According to the contract, we had no liability except to provide John forty percent of the profits. "How can you beat a deal like that", I said. "No loans to pay back, nothing. He’s taking all the risk." We accepted John's offer. A few days later the lab was cleaned up, our equipment installed and the supplies were on the shelves.

Early Monday morning Jerry and I arrived at the lab. I logged the inventory in my computer, which included tons of black sand and a scrubber to filter the smoke when burning the formulations. It rendered the exhaust clean and invisible. I would take care of the formulations and books, Jerry would manage the shop details. We agreed to rotate shifts every two weeks with Jerry starting night shift and I the day shift. Our help would be here in the morning and show us how to run the operation in an efficient manner then revert to our respective shifts.

Tuesday morning we arrived at the lab to find our helpers, Jim and Eric waiting for us. We spent the entire morning going over details of the operation. They obviously knew their stuff and were ready to get started. After a short break we fired up the eight smelters. It would take about two hours for them to reach the correct working temperature then we would begin with the formulations having the most potential. Upon splitting the eight different formulations between us we began mixing the ingredients.

Jerry switched on the scrubber and poured the first formulation into an iron pot placed just below the scrubber inlet which sucked up the smoke from the burn. I lit the formula and in seconds smoke and sparks went up the pipe. The burn lasted about thirty seconds, then it was done. We burned another pot with a different formulation under the pipe and continued till we completed the eight. We added this material to the other ingredients and were now ready for smelting. By the time we readied all eight formulas, the smelters had reached optimum temperature and we placed the mixtures inside. The process finalized in about two hours.

After smelting, we pour the contents into smaller iron pots allowing the material to cool and form lead bars which housed any precious metals present. Next, we cut the lead bars into small pieces and placed them onto cupels. Cupels are five inches round, two inches thick with a concave top. They are made of a material which absorbs the lead and impurities when placed into a small furnace. Two hours later we should find a gold button about the size of a half dollar in each, weighing approximately one half ounce. Each smelter produces enough material for twelve cupels.

Times up! We poured the smelter contents into the iron pots and would wait till morning after they cooled to cut the lead bars.

It’s now seven AM and I am on my way to the lab. Jerry had already arrived, turned on the small furnaces and was cleaning the lead bars. Within minutes Jim and Eric joined us. Shortly thereafter we all began cleaning the lead bars and cut them into small pieces and placed on the cupels. Thirty minutes later the furnaces were up to speed and we placed the cupels inside. They would have to cook for about two more hours.

Two hours seemed like two days, but now it was time. We carefully removed the cupels from the furnaces and placed them on bricks. We stood back to admire our handiwork. It was fantastic! The buttons ranged in size from a quarter inch to two inches in diameter. Some were gold in color, some were silver and others were silver and grey.

An assay was of course required to know exactly what we had. Taking one button from each batch and carefully labeling each one, we placed them in containers. I had Jim run them over to Robert, the engineer for priority assay. Three hours later Jim came running in all excited. As Jerry and I read the reports we knew why.

The gold color buttons were half gold and silver. The silver buttons were over 75% silver and the rest, gold. The silver grey ones were gold, silver and platinum group metals. From the ninety-six cupels we had extracted about 80oz of PMs worth approximately $20,000 dollars. The intuition used in creating the formulations paid off big time, but I knew we could quadruple the amount of precious metals. We quit early that day and went home to contemplate our next move. After talking with Source that night I decided to once again adjust the formulations .

Next day I talked to Jerry about my ideas regarding the formulations. They were drastic changes. He had a difficult time dealing with them, but Jerry ultimately had faith in my judgement. He left my office while I reworked the formulations for our next batch. They were ready in a very short time. We mixed and burned the materials then placed them in the smelters. Within three hours we poured them into the iron pots. It took six hours for the material to cool enough to cut the lead bars. We then loaded the cupels and placed them in the furnaces.

Two hours later Jerry motioned to me that the cupels were ready to remove. As we extracted them from the furnaces the sight was incredible. The smallest button was no less than one half inch in diameter. The colors ranged from golden to grey once again, with much more grey than the first batch. I gathered and labeled two buttons from each batch this time and had Jim take them to Robert for another priority assay. Robert put all his people on this project and three hours later he called me. “Do you have a wizard working for you?” He asked. “Your latest batch is worth more than $30,000."

Robert told me earlier that John wanted to install several more smelters and furnaces as everything was way beyond their expectations. The potential for Jerry and I would be over $250,000,000 each, per year. Oh my!

Upon retiring for the night, I felt an urgency to speak with Source about our endeavor at the lab. I had the feeling I was really missing the point. Previously, they had told me I did not understand the intent. Thinking I would hear something that would burst my bubble, I dismissed the comment. Now, however, I had a strong feeling to take notice and discuss it with them.

We had a long discussion. Although I wanted to protest, I knew what they had said was true. At first I was very disappointed but, after contemplating their words I knew what must be done. According to Source, any new batches run through the smelters would be fruitless.

I was told that I encountered this eventuality to prove to myself that I could still transmute metals as I had done in other lifetimes. Once this was accomplished, my prior agreement with Source would be effectuated. They would make sure I would continue to move on to my real purpose for human existence, which was not the pursuit of riches. I had experienced a similar situation earlier in my spiritual development which would have brought a fortune to my door, but Source stepped in then as they have now, bringing me back to my intended purpose.

They said we could run new batches to validate their words and not simply take them at face value. Although trusting Source is not an issue, I would do as they suggested tomorrow. I would now have to tell everyone involved with the operation, that it has ended. It wouldn’t be a pleasant task.

Morning arrived with the sun shining brightly through the curtains. It was already eight AM. I dressed hurriedly and drove to the lab where everyone was busy placing materials into the smelters. How do I tell them we are about to close down our operation, Source? I need your help.

When we were finished I asked Jerry into my office as I had something important to tell him. I could tell by the look on his face that he knew something was amiss. I began explaining to him what Source had told me. When I related that the operation was to be shut down he was totally shocked and didn’t say anything for a long time. I knew exactly how he felt.

At last Jerry spoke. “How can this be?” he asked. “We have only begun this project. There is so much more.” “I know Jerry, but it is what it is,” I replied. “If the universe doesn’t want it to happen, it won’t. Lets take it one step at a time.

About two hours later we poured the smelters and waited for the material to cool. This batch would validate what Source had told me. I called Jim and Eric into the office and told them that I didn’t expect this batch to produce anything, and be prepared to close the lab. They didn’t understand, but accepted my explanation. We cleaned up the lab and just coasted for a few hours. Telling John and Robert was going to be a delicate matter.

Finally the lead bars were cooled. We cut them up, put them on the cupels and into the furnaces. We would soon know the results of the last run. I went to my office and began to pack my belongings. Some time later Jerry called me.

Upon entering the lab I saw the look of disappointment on everyone’s face. “What seems to be the problem,” I asked. “Come take a look,” Jerry replied. I immediately saw what I had expected. Source was true to their word. Eighty cupels with little more than a pinhead size gold button on top, basically worthless. “Well,” I said. “Are you really surprised? I explained it yesterday.” “I know, said Jerry, but it was still a shock. I don’t think I actually believed what you said.”

Now that it was a reality, I had to tell John and Robert the news. I called John and said I was on my way to talk to him. When I walked into his office, he began with congratulations and lavished me with compliments. This may be more difficult than I thought. When he had finished, I began telling him the story and that there would be no more batches run through the smelters.

He was speechless. He called in Robert and I repeated what I had told John. Neither of them knew what to say. Finally, John said. “If that is your decision, then I want to buy the rights to your formulations and pay you royalties. They may work for us.” I called Jerry and asked him to come over to John’s office to hear a proposal from him. After discussing John’s offer, we both accepted. We would receive a lump sum and ten percent of anything they produced. Source never said it wouldn’t work for someone else and John would not hear otherwise.

With nothing but time and money and everything turned over to John, Jerry and I went on an extended trip across the country. I am eternally grateful for that experience and the opportunity to remember more of who I am.

Copyright: Rev Lenred Cool
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 19, 2011 6:33 pm    Post subject: Fasinating Reply with quote

Well now that is really interesting ive heard of the philosophers stone that is said to be able to transmute lead into gold ive researched it but ive never heard of a record about it actually being produce its very to that its a type of chemistry and it is true that youll find very few records of it actually being made but hearing this is definitely new however making a philosophers stone isnt something you can just come up with in thin air they were really close to completing one but it was a failure like everyone before him still its good to know that theres some truth to the legends out there and who knows there maybe a time were the world will be ready for the stone.
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 19, 2011 8:52 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Access to particular incarnational memories may be provided by your Source if that desire is present, as it can stimulate one's spiritual progression and provide pointed validity to those thoughts.
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