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y we havent made a stand

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 20, 2006 4:09 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

for most anyone at least in north and south america we have had monotheism forced down our throates for longer then we can remember...everything from catholicism to monarchy stresses monotheism or the existence of a supreme ruling consciousness....this of course is not the path to evoloution....the path is collective.....throughout time we have evolved from a unified energy mass to the individual disconnected lives we live now.....however physically our universe has already peaked out as far as the energy to matter ratio is concerened and we have begun the regression back towards a singularity or a unified existence just as we this regression takes place the energy to matter ratio is diminished and thusly this has dramatic influences on both the physical and astral components of our individual build ups.
The indavidual consciousness' that are in power like the rest of the human race feed of fear and power....they don't want the masses to realise the inaffectiveness of individuality (not as physical self expression but as components of a species with an evolutionary purpose)...for if we did that those individual consciousnesses that do have power now would of course have less especially in these end times when the probability and laws of chaos and possibility are being strengthened everyday.
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