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Ordu Aire Dragan Dearg the God forms

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 14, 2006 1:36 pm    Post subject: Ordu Aire Dragan Dearg the God forms Reply with quote

The Three Bridgets

The Three Bridgets guard the entrance to the land of the Gods. This entrance consists of 3 gateways, formed of heavy beams of wood, inlaid with small ornament of silver and brass.
Bridget the Smith Worker
Stands strong and alert at the left hand gate. She is very dark, with black wiry hair, and restless black eyes. Her tunic is of blue and purple. Her bratta purple; a bronze broach clasps her bratta and on her head is a bronze band; beaten bronze work ornaments her leather belt and sandals. She governs all handiwork and represents the hard, laborious and painful side of life.
Bridget of Medicine
Stands at the right hand gate. She has a fair and gentle face. Her robes are light blue embroidered with silver thread, clasped by a silver winged broach, another winged ornament rests on her head. She represents the happy and sympathetic side of life, and so becomes the healer of that which is bruised and broken by the hammer of the Bridget of smith work.
Bridget of Poetry
Over the central gateway stands Bridget of Poetry, her robes are more sombre, and cloudy. They are of dull blue gray and white; her face is neither fair or dark, she has soft blue eyes which sadly look out upon the world, feeling the joy and sorrows that work there in. She combines the forces of the other two, being both active and passive, receptive of impressions, and possessing the power of producing form.
Her right arm rests upon a silver harp, her left is extended at though to emphasize some spoken words. She says “expand, express, dispose from the centre, then rest and draw in. Old force must be thrown away or it becomes unhealthy. She gives her sign the drawing of the hands inward towards the heart, then throwing them open outwards. While she rests vegetation grows; She blows the blast from her trumpet during the dead of winter. The waves of the sea flow towards her when she is at rest, and are driven back when she becomes active.
Behind the posts of the gateway are two hounds, that on the side of Bridget the smith worker is black, the other is white. They represent Life and Death, Joy and Sorrow. Whosoever would enter through this gateway should know of the secret of one of these hounds, for a battle takes place between them and that hound which is known grows stronger through that knowledge, and when the stronger has devoured the weaker, it becomes the servant of him that knows its nature.

Ogma comes dancing a curious barbaric measure in which he gesticulates much. He is naked and carries under his left arm a bunch of fruit, in his right hand he waves an apple bough. Laying down the fruit, forming figures of intricate circles, playing meanwhile weird wild music on his flute. He represents the natural impulse in action, as opposed to any art expression.

This is the form of a beautiful warrioress, strong in her own strength. Her face is strong and ruddy brown, her eyes green and fascinating. Her beauty is more that of expression than feature. She wears a short green tunic be gemmed with rubies emeralds and diamonds; these jewels also stud her bratta and form a crown on her head. Over her breast she wears a leathern breastplate in which are set two large emeralds and rubies. In her right hand she holds a curious duplicated cup countless shadows are seen to circle, and then they are gradually drawn into the lower most bowl in which they are transformed and become the spirit of the strong wine, which fills the upper bowl. Into this wine Etaine gazes, and as she looks the form of a young warrior rises and passes away. Still she watches and then comes the image of an old and infirm man, who moves as if with labour and difficulty, at the sight of which she turns impetuously away.

Entering into the presence of Lug it is impossible for some time to discern any distinct form, because of the dazzling light, which proceeds from him, but after a little while, the light becomes less overpowering. His hair is like yellow wool, his eyes red, revolving with a terrible rapidity; above his head are radiations of light in the colours of the prism. His under robe is red, his mantle yellow. From his eyes, mouth, and hands pour streams of light.

This is a tall commanding figure, robed in black with a white border, and a winged silver broach; his under tunic is in black and white stripes. His hair is black and curly, his eyes dark, and legs bare. He moves with a firm and martial step. When contemplative he holds a silver harp, which he casts aside when he enters into action. His mind is deep and he sees far ahead, laying deep and subtle plans. The Mercurial element is largely mixed with the saturnian in his temperament.

This figure is that of a youthful and active warrior much on the alert and ever ready to dart into action. He is fair and handsome; he wears a blue tunic and purple bratta; by his side hangs the silver glove which imparts magical power when drawn on; the power lies in this then being able to hold back all his own forces. He wears yellow skin belt and sandals, and his bratta is clasped by a silver broach.

Bove Derg
Is represented in a chariot, driving furiously with upraised whip. He wears scarlet and crimson robes much blown by the wind. His leather belt is studded with nails in a device which acts as a spell, this spell is also inscribed on the band around his head; it has the effect of drawing all fiery driving currents towards him, and he appears more as the agent of these powers, than one with purposed will.

A dark figure rising from gray waters, a white bird on his lifted hand. The form is veiled and face quite covered. All is blue gray colour. He never shows himself. A circle of white swans surrounds him. These swans keep his force concentrated; the bird on his hand carries it forth.

First is seen as a tall fair young goddess, whose robes are made of branches of young green leaves so that she appears as a spirit of youth and spring. Her girdle and crown are of roses, and roses border her robe. She weaves a garland of flowers as she passes, singing a sweet song. Then the aspect changes and the great mother appears throned in the midst of a thick wood, She represents maturity, and her colouring, and that of her robes, is full and rich, nut-brown, crimson, and deep yellow. Children gather round her, young animals lie at her feet, above her head birds gather in the tree branches. She appears as the mother of the year; and the children whom she sends forth are the seasons.
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