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The House of the Cauldron

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 31, 2006 11:54 pm    Post subject: The House of the Cauldron Reply with quote

Self Initiation of the Cauldron
Required tools
A wooden unpainted bowl large enough to submerge your hands in
A rough staff
A lamp
A towel

Part 1
Kindle a fire kneel before it and say;
“ I have sat so long amid the hum of the spinners I have walked so long in the crowded places my ears have been filled with idle talk that the fire in my heart went out and at last it has gone from my eyes.
I use my staff that has been given to me timidly trying everything tapping a little to right and a little to the left and a little in front timidly one step at a time, take this staff from me for if I am to bring the flame back into my eyes I must not be afraid to walk blindly and to love the unknown things”.
Break the staff and place it in the fire and say; “I break this staff………….
I burn it in the fire for the little safe rules the little comfortable orders that quieted the daring of the mind, the fear that kept my feet from the rough places and putting them away for ever, I have given this staff to the fire that it may begin the work of burning the heavens and the earth that there may be nothing but the soul of man.
Stand up and say;
I have been could from among those who kneel and promise that which connects me to you, knowing that Dagda takes this oath and Lug avenges its breach I promise to keep the secrets of this fellowship for it is in secret that all seeds grow. I promise that I will not through indolence or desire for peace bend my soul to any discipline that it has not made out of itself in its moment of strength, I promise to be a conscientious servant of whatever truth I find in this fellowship and not to end it from the simplicity of its meaning I promise to labour so in faith and courage that I shall be able to speak even the truth without bitterness’.
Through this you have been joined to us the eternal circle has been made.
Part 2
The Voyage
Lie or sit in a conferrable position close your eyes begin four fold breathing.
Make the boat of the dragons bones that it may bring you to the Dragons eye, with the Dragons ribs make the ribs of the boat, Its many coloured scales will keep the water out make the oars of its still beating wings. Step into the boat let the boat take you out over the waters there is a sound it is the splash of the heron snatching at the fish, it is the slash of the fish escaping………………. Further out on the water now there is a sound it is the searching sorrowful cry of the curlew …………..farther out on the water now there is a glad laughing sound it is the welcome given to the Dragon’s wings as they beat through them……………………..all is silent now there is nothing to hear you are in the deep still waters now all is still you are very far from the place you left …………………… look up! The voyage is over there is the light of the Dragons eye you will find there the joyful imperishable thought the last coming to yourself, the truth and beauty that is yours and yours alone, when the Dragon was killed his eye only remained living it lives in the midst of those silent waters,…………… the wings begin to beat once more and you are returned to the shore step out of the boat and open your eyes always remember the truth and beauty that it your and yours alone…….
Part 3

The house of the Cauldron
Place a white cloth on the alter and place the wooden bowl filled with water in the centre place the lamp in the east, Dip your hands into the bowl and say; “ I dip my hands into the water that springs up from under the roots of the green tree I hide them in its life, for who lingers too long in that lonely place, looking on that bright silent eye becomes a part of the dry tree”.
Take your hands out and dry them with the towel lest the abundance of life cling to you and changeableness of life change you until you forget that bright eye.
Hold up the lamp and say;
I hold up before me the lamp of the moon the unwearying maker of images, the passionless giver, that I may come often to the rich quite waters and be filled with there peace. I hold up before me the lamp of the morning and evening star the maker of all desire the ever faltering flying one that I may climb to the high springs of the hurrying rivers and be filled with their joy.
You are now one of those who walk in the strength of their own soul and by the light of the moon and of the morning and evening star.
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